Interesting home theater ideas for watching your favorite Percy Jackson movies

A home theater in an apartment or a house is not just a luxury; it has become a part of our life. We equip our dwelling with the latest technologies, gaining comfort and convenience. Here are a few really unusual ideas for a home theater.

1.    The screen on the ceiling

In this installation a specific screen is used. Home Theater Projectorsis installed in the attic. It’s easy to imagine how great it is – absolutely no noise from the projector and after watching the movie you can “turn on” the starry sky and make the most fantastic wishes. Or turn on a video screensaver with your favorite moments from the movie.


2. Home theater in the open air

Home theater in the open air is becoming more and more popular. An interesting combination of a summer cinema and a swimming pool demonstrates an example of installation on the island of Maui, made by the American company Engeneered Enviroments.

The most original element of this cinema, of course, is the screen, which rises up from the bench behind the pool.

The most difficult decision was the positioning of acoustics. In this cinema there are three groups of spectators – at the edge of the pool, inside the building by the pool, at the top of the building on the roof balcony. For all three groups, separate acoustic solutions with 7-channel sound were created.

3. Using multiple projectors for the widest image

The use of several projectors is a very interesting possibility, but the need for it is infrequent. However, I know of two cases when one cannot do without it.

The first case. Imagine that you need to organize a huge screen, for example 20 by 15 meters. The possibilities of even the most modern and most expensive projectors are still not limitless, and such a screen will be normally visible only in good dimming. But to increase the brightness can be quite simple: you need to light the screen with just a few projectors!


And the second case is the “stitching” of images. Projectors do not shine on the whole screen, but everyone on their part.


In this case, you can create video walls of the most insane configuration, including circular or vertical. Most often, this is how bright large-format screens of large size are made, for example, in the entire backdrop of Percy Jackson movies for the whole wall.



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