22 More Days Until The Mark of Athena!

22 More Days Until The Mark of Athena!


You heard it right, we’ve been all anxiously waiting for the past few months but forget your worries, only a few more weeks until Percy is reunited with his friends and family in The Mark of Athena. Are you all planning on buying it on the day of the release or are you willing to wait a few more weeks? I’m anticipating to Percy and Annabeth’s reunion! (There is a inner fan girl screaming inside but you didn’t hear anything ;) ) What are you all looking forward to?

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  1. REYNA - September 12, 2012

    uhh i dont know why but i hate piper

  2. jk - September 11, 2012

    i want to know what hapened to nico.and well…..EVERYTHING!!!!!

  3. seaweedbrainatom - September 11, 2012

    EVERYTHING! Especially the reaction of the Roman demigods! I hope they would be uniting already! Can’t wait! October 2, please come! :)

  4. Annabeth - September 10, 2012


  5. Lucy - September 10, 2012

    WANNA READ IT RIGHT NOW!!! I´ve been waiting a whole year for this! I want to read the reunion of Percabeth!

  6. Sally Sanchez-Silva - September 10, 2012

    Well to be honest pretty much everything written inside the book! I can’t wait any longer for the book. I have been waiting months for this book!.. #SO HAPPY! <3.<3

  7. Jason - September 10, 2012

    Ok this time im looking foward to how percy will reaxt to hera and new friends also whos gonna be on each others team

  8. Cheyann Fisher - September 10, 2012

    I wonder how the reunion between Annabeth and Percy will be. Also I wonder how the meeting will be between the new demigods (Leo and Piper), Jason, and Percy will be. I hope they will like him & be impressed cause I do! And of course I’m excited for the rest. I wonder why he won’t release the second chapter because surely he’s got it done by now??? I’m DYING to read it.

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