Bad Jokes, Lame Theories, and Whole Lot of Squeeing (Or some other word…Bickering maybe?): A Closer Look at Trailer 2.0 (Part 1)

Bad Jokes, Lame Theories, and Whole Lot of Squeeing (Or some other word…Bickering maybe?): A Closer Look at Trailer 2.0 (Part 1)

If you haven’t seen the second Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters trailer yet, go to to view it or you can watch it at the bottom of this page. Here Part 1 of our group commentary of the second trailer by Kitkatgirl200, LivelySparrow97, and Rebecca King. At the end, we would love to hear your opinion. If you wanted to, you could open up a word or notepad and take notes on your thoughts as you read the commentary. The picture numbers refer to the pictures from the trailer screen capture page. Get ready to laugh, this was a lot of fun to write and we hope you enjoy it just as much as we did…

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Trailer 2 Screen Captures (2)Picture 2 (Riptide)

Kitkatgirl200: So this sword is glowing. What do we think of that? I’m wondering if it’s connected to what’s being said…

LivelySparrow97: It almost looks like something is breathing on it. Some kind of magical wind. Maybe not, or it could be Kronos slowing time. Gold is kind of his thing. I did notice that we never got a close look at Riptide in the first movie, so I’m pleased we are getting these nice shots.

Kitkatgirl200: Magical wind, Louis? And you’re right about Riptide, we’ve gotten to see a lot of it just from this trailer.

Rebecca King: Percy does look almost surprised to see Riptide doing that, so maybe it is Kronos or some other force controlling it.

LivelySparrow97: Surprised for sure, maybe even scared.

Kitkatgirl200: Or missing his best friend’s wedding… Sorry, inside joke. One thing I’ve noticed is that the cinematography seems better in this movie than the last.

Rebecca: In The Lightning Thief, Riptide was described as “a shimmering bronze sword with a double-edged blade, a leather-wrapped grip and a flat hilt riveted with gold studs”. I think they really captured this.

Picture 5 (Chiron and Percy)

Kitkatgirl200: PRETTY FLOWERS. Ehem, sorry. This looks like a stable to me. Guys?

Rebecca: Could be… Might also be the Big House.

LivelySparrow97: I like the restyling of Camp Half-Blood, very pleasing to the eye. Thor Freudenthal has a very artistic vision of CHB, which I appreciate. And I love the fountain watering the flowers too.

Rebecca: I was at first like NO! when Pierce Brosnan didn’t want to do the second one, but when I heard Anthony Head was replacing him, I was excited. I really like him as an actor.

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Trailer 2 Screen Captures (6) Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Trailer 2 Screen Captures (8)Pictures 6/8 (Colchis Bulls)

LivelySparrow97: Well I didn’t picture the magical barrier/border to shatter like glass, but it is a neat effect.

Kitkatgirl200: Yeah, it’s a nice way to visualize it. I was so happy when I saw the bulls, ‘cause I never had a good idea of what they looked like, then I saw them and I was like “Yes that’s what they should look like!”

Rebecca: I thought it was a pretty good idea so you can see it. Otherwise a bull just charging towards them wouldn’t add as much of a sense of danger.

LivelySparrow97: True. The explosion heightened the excitement level.

Kitkatgirl200: Are we gonna talk about the camper getting thrown into the air? That would not be a nice way to start the morning…

LivelySparrow97: Haha, let’s just hope he survived.

Rebecca: Poor guy! I hope they show how the other demigods use their skills too.

LivelySparrow97: Yeah, I hope its not just Percy fighting the bulls. I want to see Annabeth fight too.

Kitkatgirl200: Possibly our first chance to see Clarisse in action?

Rebecca: Yes, that would be very cool! Do you think this will happen before or after the tower race?

LivelySparrow97: I’m guessing before.

Kitkatgirl200: I’m voting for after.

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Trailer 2 Screen Captures (10)Picture 10 (Thalia’s Tree)

LivelySparrow97: I’ve deduced that this happens as Clarisse places the Fleece on the tree. The magical barrier seems to jump back to life.

Kitkatgirl200: Deduce? Are you Sherlock now? And yeah, isn’t that the Fleece at the base?

Rebecca: You guys crack me up. The fleece is at the base of the tree, so yeah that would be right… Sherlock.

LivelySparrow97: Normally, I would have some witty comment to retort, but I’m not going to. Most likely because I can’t think of one.

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Trailer 2 Screen Captures (11)Picture 11 (Annabeth by Thalia’s Tree)

LivelySparrow97: Annabeth’s disheveled hair and outfit suggest this is directly after the bulls have been destroyed.

Rebecca: But in the last pic with the fleece on the tree, she is wearing the same clothes. I’m assuming that is her standing by Tyson.

LivelySparrow97: She is? Then that girl seriously needs some more outfits. Because in the last trailer she is clearly wearing that outfit, jumping away from the bulls.

Kitkatgirl200: I don’t see Annabeth at all in the last picture, so I agree with Louis. Also, if this was from the ending, the dialogue wouldn’t make much sense.

Rebecca: Fine, you guys are right!

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Trailer 2 Screen Captures (14)Picture 14 (Luke and Percy)

LivelySparrow97: Nice to see Luke visiting his family. Even if his intentions are murderous.

Kitkatgirl200: Something about this scene made me really happy, maybe because it reminds me of the last chapter of The Lightning Theif. Don’t know why. Is this Camp Half-Blood? I’m assuming that this is after the bullfight. It also appears to be the first time Percy has seen Luke since the Empire State building.

Rebecca: Yes, its CHB. I agree. It feels good to see it. Maybe this is when he poisons Thalia’s Tree.

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Trailer 2 Screen Captures (15) Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Trailer 2 Screen Captures (16)Pictures 15 and 16 (Luke’s Magical Item) (Luke’s Magical thing. It’s a thing, Rebecca)

Rebecca: I have so many thoughts with this. Is this a way to replace an Iris Message? Some type of teleport? Reminds me off of Doctor Who with the teleport in the last episode with Rose. Or is it just some type of new magical item? I’m so curious!

Kitkatgirl200: Ooo! Well this ruined my theory. I thought it was some sorta compass…thing that
the grey sisters had given Percy.

LivelySparrow97: I hope the Iris Message hasn’t been replaced! Whatever it is, its not canon. And Kitkat, I thought it was connected to the Grey Sisters too.

Rebecca: I thought so too. Wouldn’t have realized it was Luke’s hand.

Kitkatgirl200: Great minds think alike. Also this is really pretty CGI. I don’t remember, was the CG in the first movie any good?

Rebecca: The CG in the first movie was pretty awesome. Especially with the Hydra and the water on top of the building.

Kitkatgirl200: Oh yes I forgot about that!

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Trailer 2 Screen Captures (18)Picture 18 (Camp Half-Blood)

LivelySparrow97: Ah, cabins! No more tents! How lovely to see picturesque (and oddly mountainous) Long Island! Though there are some changes, it seems that everything is largely the same as the book.

Rebecca: Just more proof that they actually read the book this time around!

Kitkatgirl200: PRETTY. I can’t think of anything else to say.

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Trailer 2 Screen Captures (23)Picture 23 (Sea Coordinations)

Rebecca: I’m assuming this is showing how Percy sees the ocean of how he can easily navigate the waters. Its cool.

Kitkatgirl200: Yeah that’s what I thought, maybe he’s seeing latitude and longitude, like on a map.

LivelySparrow97: I agree with both of you gals.

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Trailer 2 Screen Captures (27)Picture 27 (Clarisse on the CSS Birmingham)

LivelySparrow97: I like the feel of this shot. The atmosphere of the old ship, the rain, the sea, the light, and the zombie all ties together nicely with the daughter of Ares. Everytime I see Leven Rambin as Clarisse, I grow more and more confident that she was the right actress choice.

kitkatgirl200: ZOMBIE. Louis I can’t follow up from that.

Rebecca: Dead sailors! The CSS Birmingham! I think I might drop dead from excitement! And how cool does Clarisse look?! Watching how Clarisse/Leven moves on the trailer in this shot, she looks ready to fight. Or at least is making a jab at Percy. I can’t wait to see her in action!

Kitkatgirl200: She always does. Wait…Are they in a cave?

Rebecca: I think they’re on a sea, in fog possibly.

Kitkatgirl200: Fog, okay. I like fog. Fog is…Cool.

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Trailer 2 Screen Captures (38)Picture 38 (Percy behind bars)

Rebecca: I wonder where he is…

LivelySparrow97: Judging by the seaweed and gray-colored walls, my best/only guess is the CSS Birmingham.

Kitkatgirl200: Sherlock returns, this time stealing my idea. Does that make me Waston? Tell me I don’t have to grow a mustache!

LivelySparrow97: Okay, I’ll admit my idea was Watson’s….ergh…I mean Kit’s idea first.

Rebecca: Oh boy… I think we’ve entered the wrong fandom. :D Back to Percy, I know there was no mention of Ares, but remember in the book he’s spying on Clarisse and her dad on the CSS Birmingham.

Kitkatgirl200: There is also the line here, what was it “You better hang on to something”?

LivelySparrow97: Do his lips match that line? They could have just stitched that line in.

Rebecca: He says, “Hang on to something.” I agree with Louis, his lips don’t match, so its definitely two different scenes.

Kitkatgirl200: Darn it you are Sherlock.

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Trailer 2 Screen Captures (46)Picture 46 (Taxi Cab Ride)

Rebecca: Tyson’s face is priceless!

Kitkatgirl200: So it Percy’s! It’s like “I see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I don’t think we’re gonna make it that far without squashing a cat.”

LivelySparrow97 (Sherlock): I’m just wondering about that blue cloth.

Rebecca: And the playing card? As a son of Tyche, are you curious, Louis if it is more than just a prop?

LivelySparrow97: It could be divine intervention, if you know what I mean ;).


This crazy commentary will be continued in Part 2 is the best place to find the latest and greatest news on the Percy Jackson movies along with anything to do with the world of demigods and monsters.

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  1. neigesthesnowgod - November 8, 2014

    OMG! Wish someone could get sick so I could do commentaries! LOL.

  2. Tratex_X - June 13, 2013

    i think on pic 38 is the first time percy met Blackjack.

  3. Hannah - June 3, 2013

    I keep on rereading #46’s captions X’D What is air? :D ;)

  4. Brownelle - June 3, 2013

    Can’t wait for part two! Well, have you guys noticed Percy and Annabeth’s arms in the last screencaps? :P

  5. João - June 2, 2013

    I need part 2 please!!!!

  6. Loolu - June 1, 2013

    Did anyone notice if Luke had the scar on his face from the first movie? It sucks that they messed up that back story. It gave Luke, in the book, more purpose for him to destroy the Gods.

  7. RELYT - June 1, 2013


    “The park is doubling as the island of Polyphemus, shifting it into modern day,” Freudenthal said by way of explanation. “There were certain encounters in the book where (Percy and his friends) jump from island to island. So we sort of took the essence of the books, which transfers the Greek gods in modern times and modern cultures — that is very much in the spirit of the books.”
    For the film’s purposes, this particular island is also home to the derelict Circeland — a park built by the goddess Circe (and invented for the film) only to be destroyed by the cyclops Polyphemus. For those familiar with Riordan’s story or with Greek mythology, the island is also home to certain key plot elements — as well as the film’s climax.

    • April - June 1, 2013


      • RELYT - June 1, 2013

        THANK YOU

        • João - June 1, 2013

          I don’t think that is Polyphemos because he have only one eye and in the trailer this monster have two eyes! I think that is Khronos (in my opinion, the director wants to show the real vilan of the books, because in the first movie they don’t mensioned kronos, so he decided to ressurect khronos now just to show his power but in a more vulnarable form so Percy will defeat him….. This is my theory! After someone can tell Percy that is not over and Luke will try to ressurect khronos again!! i think that both Polyphemos and Khronos will appear in this movie!

          • April - June 1, 2013

            truuee… WAIT if that happens then Kronos will seem easier to defeat, and he will seem less threatening to Percy if they make the last book! He will seem like an easier-to-defeat villain! This will probably happen though that’s a good theory :( but I hope it doesn’t Kronos needs to seem more dangerous

  8. Dori - June 1, 2013

    Hahaha! it was really cool! :D
    i’m really sad that the sea of monsters movie official facebook page has 320,434 likes while the mortal instruments page has almost 400.000 likes! :( (not very far) I really don’t like mortal instruments series and I even haven’t read it
    we should make the sea of monsters movie bigger than the mortal instruments movie

  9. Syed Emir Ashman ☪ (@Syed_Emir) - May 31, 2013

    HAHAHA Awesome! Can’t wait for Part 2! I’d like to add that it says “Anaklusmos” on the hilt of Riptide. I’m not sure if it was the same in the first movie, but this might mean that they’ll explain the history of the sword. Just my 2 cents.

  10. Ken - May 31, 2013

    those comments were hilarous.. I just wish I was part of it. lol

  11. musicluvr (Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena) - May 31, 2013

    HAHA!!!!!!…….great job guys!!…….love the jokes….and hilarious comments…….haha……i can’t stop laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………………………….you guys r the 3 Musketeers of Commentary…lol…….I absolutly luved it!!…..can’t wait for part 2!! :P :D :) oh…..and i watched the trailer again….and i agree with evrything u guys thought…….it seems pretty accurate!!…. :) Again……GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. RELYT - May 31, 2013


  13. April - May 31, 2013

    Wait… at 0:46/0:47 where they show Grover a book or something, and at 0:48 they show Tyson something that looks like a pen… could they be related since both are being shown something important and the camera’s facing the same way actually nvm they’re completely different lol…

  14. Hannah - May 31, 2013

    2 things:
    Annabeth by Thalia’s Pine (pic #11) I think may be before the quest etc. When they discover its dying – she says “Who would do this?”
    Pic #14: I think this may be a version if the last scene in the Lightning Thief – Luke transporting out (with a thing, not a motion with his sword)

  15. jason - May 31, 2013

    WOW, u guys sound like the graham Norton show and the talking dead head a baby! , but I cant wait

  16. Hannah - May 31, 2013

    Gods, I re-died! You guys…XD Okay…gotta breath….
    I agree with practically everything!! I would write my opinion, but its written above in the commentry!
    Sherlock! (I wish he would return -.-) Rose! :'(
    Pic #46’s comments made me crack up :D

  17. April - May 31, 2013

    Okay, so did you notice how Percy’s sword was glowing blue in the field guide, and now it’s glowing yellow in pic 2?? And in pic 5 why are the lights inside of that building abnormally bright?? Just to think about…

    Annabeth asked, “why would somebody do this?” meaning they don’t know it’s Luke for pic 14, so it can’t be while he’s poisoning the tree. Also if they knew Luke had visited CHB, they would have expected something to happen (the bulls). I also noticed it’s nighttime for that, if it means anything, and in pic 16 there’s a little statue to the left of Luke that’s really been annoying me idk why…

    In pic 23 – idk i see this long pointed oval thing that doesn’t match up with the coordinate marks, so idk if it could be the coordinate stuff… and cool I never noticed those dead people OMGG!!

    And would there be a way to fit together some scenes from the first one to scenes from the second to make an even larger scene, like jigsaw puzzles, or do they not match up??

  18. Kaden - May 31, 2013

    You guys rock. I never noticed that Percy’s lips don’t match the line in picture 38, but I DID notice how Grover’s lips don’t match up when he says, “You were gonna say that you were going after the fleece!” It looks like he says something about “You want to help.” I can’t wait for part 2!!

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