A Switch in the Plan: Part One

A Switch in the Plan: Part One

If you haven’t been following the Rivalry Scars Series then you can catch up by reading them on our Fan Fiction Page! Anyone can join into the series, so if you would like to write a part, let us know!

A Switch in the Plan: Part One
Rivalry Scars Series

Written by Jojo

The sun was shining down on Camp Half-Blood, as usual. The sound of metal clinking, and people chatting filled the camp, as usual. And the Hades kids trudged around depressingly, as usual. But what was not usual was Jojo, in the Apollo, lying in bed and staring blankly at the ceiling. Usually, she would be out enjoying the sun like the other kids, but not today.

Finally, Jojo got up. But, unusually, she yelped and automatically fell back down. The right side of her body ached. Possibly because of Raph. Jojo groaned and, gritting her teeth, rolled over and stood up. She examined herself in the mirror to see if she had other injuries, and gasped when she did.

Her right cheek was swollen, bruised jaw, and numerous minor cuts were on her legs. Jojo winced, and realized if you know the pain is there, it hurts a heck lot harder. She reluctantly changed into shorts and her Camp Half-Blood tee. Then, after putting on flip flops, she grabbed Gavin’s shield that she had won from the battle they recently had and flung open the door.

The Hephaestus Cabin. Jojo had visited it very often, checking often for her dagger. Nyssa and the rest of the Hephaestus Cabin will not be very happy after they find out that Gavin had already gave her one. But oh well; he did. And she’ll definitely use it against him. Jojo knocked on the metal door thrice, and the door opened to reveal a newcomer to Bunker 9.

“Um…” he furrowed his eyebrows. “Do you need any help?” he asked.

“Yep, kind of…,” Jojo started and handed him the Stygian Iron shield gingerly. “Tell Nyssa to keep making the dagger, but I got a new one, and…,” she pointed at the shield, “burn that ‘till it melts. And when it does, please put it in a jar and give it to the Apollo Cabin, ‘kay?” she asked, and the dude nodded.

“Alright, I’ll be busy. Bye!” he slammed the door in her face, but Jojo didn’t notice because she was already headed to the dining pavilion with a slight limp.


Camp Half-Blood Dinning Hall for the movie Percy Jackson Sea of MonstersJojo noticed everyone staring at her when she reached the dining pavilion. Raph was snickering. Gavin was too, along with the entire Hades Cabin. Jojo couldn’t help but shout out:


Now, everyone shot dirty looks at the Hades Cabin, and Jojo was satisfied. The Poseidon Cabin stared at Jojo sadly and then at their plates. Jojo raised her eyebrows at them, as if to say: Oh, NOW you’re sorry?

“You’re gonna get revenge, aren’t you?” Miya asked. Jojo shrugged, which hurt her shoulders. “I dunno, too tired,” she replied and stuffed a sugar cookie in her mouth.

“Oh…” Em winced at a distant thing, and Jojo glanced over her shoulder. There was Gavin, who can’t contain his laughs.

“You’re not in the best mood!” he remarked.

“What did you think?” she snapped.

“I was thinking you were happy to plot your revenge on me,” he replied coolly.

“Well GUESS WHAT?” She raised her eyebrows. “I’m not!”

“You’re not?” he sounded suspicious.

“Nope. Too tired,” Jojo said, and rubbed her side. “Too tired,” she repeated.

Gavin shared the same astonished expression of the Apollo Cabin. “Soo…this alliance thing,” He said slowly, stretching each and every syllable. “It’s…real?”

Jojo nodded and checked the watch on her wrist. “Gotta go canoeing,” she muttered and walked off into the distance, leaving everyone gawking. Now THAT was what they called unusual.


“I don’t know what got into her!” Angelina cried and kicked the ground, sending a cloud of dust into the air.

“Me either,” Evan said grimly. “That Red Team tortured her ‘till she gave up!” He shook his head. “Probably damaged her mentally too…”

“Wait!” Emily pointed to the ground. “What the heck is that?” she exclaimed, and hopped up to examine it.

A glass jar the size of a mayo container sat on the grass, with a thick, black, gooey substance inside. Silver and bronze wisps swirled inside.

“Is this like-“ Emily reached out to touch it, when—

“No! It’s hot!” a camper jumped from the fountain to stop Emily. “Um…let me handle that for you…,” she said, blushing, and a sprout of water erupted from the fountain. Weirdly, the water lifted the jar and carried it to the middle of the Apollo crew. Jk crossed his arms.

“What is that anyways, Poseidon kid? Why can’t I touch it?” he asked coldly and stared at the jar.

“It’s melted Stygian Iron,” the Poseidon girl stated matter-of-factly and pointed to the jar with her chin. “One touch can burn your finger so hard that you’ll go mental.”

Then the rest of the Poseidon Cabin emerged from behind the fountain. Percy came up in front. “We’re…we’re just really sorry for Jojo,” he said and looked hopefully at the Apollo Cabin. “The Hades Cabin promised us custom daggers that fit us most if we helped them tortured her. And…they’ve never given us them…yet. But then again, it’s been a week!” he said, and Sierra, who was behind him, pointed to the jar. “The Hephaestus Cabin was busy…so we carried it for you!”

“We never asked for a jar of melted Stygian Iron…,” Julian said skeptically and the Poseidon girl that jumped up from the fountain first, Maria, pursed her lips.

“Jojo requested it,” she explained. “I think that it was Gavin…that’s that guy from the Hades Cabin right? The one that led her torture? Yeah…okay anyways, they say that it was Gavin’s old Stygian Iron shield.”

“Well what’s that use to us?” Em asks, and then her face lights up. “Guys…you do know that…Stygian Iron…I got it! We can make weapons out of this, guys!” she says, and examined the jar. “I mean…we’re not Athena’s kids…but who calls for a day at the Hephaestus Cabin, making weapons?” The Apollo Cabin nodded, and they burst into chatter.

“Uhh…where did you get that Stygian Iron?” a familiar voice calls from behind. The campers all turn around, to reveal Gavin, in a black Camp Half-Blood shirt and black jeans. The Apollo campers automatically stood up. One notched his arrow into his bow, ready to aim.

“Hey!” Gavin protested and held his hands up in surrender. “Guys…I want to get revenge.”

“You already got it,” Yasmine said, and Gavin’s eyes narrowed at the Poseidon Cabin.

“Yes. I’ve gone to get revenge…kinda on myself…and on the rest of the Hades cabin, okay?” he admitted and hung his head.

“I’m…sorry…for what I’ve done…to Joanna,” he apologized. “I want to have a taste of my own medicine. I want to know…and I do know what I have flaws. All Hades kids have flaws. Over-shadowed. Unforgiving….can I join your side for a while?”

“We’re not the forgiving type…but you want war? On your own cabin? Why?” Julian asked.

“Yes. I want war, and not just on my own cabin. Ares kids, Nate…all those!” Gavin replied, and looked around, eyes wide. “James betrayed me. And…this is what I want. If you believe it with all your heart…your dark heart…than it’s true. Deal?” he asked.



Gavin pulled the Bluetooth up to his ear. “I’m at Ares cabin, right window one. Someone get the other side. Anyone copy?” he whispered, and Sierra’s voice answered back.

“I copy.”

He heard rustling, and Sierra appeared next to him. “That side?” she whispered, pointing through the wall. “Yep,” Gavin replied, and she was gone. Very nimble.

There was water in the room. He could hear it. Then, a girl screamed and then silence. Gavin broke through the window where Sierra was putting a panicked Ares girl in a headlock. The Ares girl had a wet paper towel on her face, making her suffocate for a while, and making her unconscious. There was no one else in the room, so Gavin freely tied the girl up with a bit of trouble. Sierra knocked her down with the hilt of her sword, and then she fell unconscious.

“The others are near the camp. Wanna get them?” Sierra asked and dropped the girl. Her blonde hair fell like a fan beside her.

“Yeah,” Gavin replied, and flung the window open.


Angelina flattened herself onto the black wall of the Hades Cabin. Green Greek flames brushed her check, and she gritted her teeth. The Hades Cabin kept their Greek fire torches lit 24/7, which was pretty useless. She would bet that they did that just to try to look cool.

“Angelina, go check if anyone inside!” Em’s voice whispered in her Bluetooth.

Angelina rolled her eyes. “There are no windows in the Hades Cabin!” she whispered-snapped, and then she heard the doorknob click.

“Wait! Shh!” Angelina whispered.

James came out, and Angelina was ready. She had a rope in hand, and lunged forward to kick James. Her right leg hit his lower back, making him crack it and fall over. Angelina bent down, and held down his neck with her hand.

“Get. Down. James,” she commanded through clenched teeth. James squirmed, and broke through her grip.

“Help near the front!” Angelina shouted into the Bluetooth, and Em tackled James from behind. It was pretty funny, watching a boy get wrestled to the ground by someone who’s one year younger than him. Angelina tied his arms, and legs, and one blow to the head knocked him out.

“Lesson learned: Never try to tackle a person who’s bigger than you. Alone.” Em smiled, and she high-fived Angelina.

To be continued…

Hey, I'm Rebecca! I'm a writer, an avid hiker, and rock climber. I love writing, from PJM posts to stories. Anything you want to know, just ask.

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  1. JOJO - January 17, 2014

    Reading this story makes me feel…weird. Overuse of the word heck, and in real life, I would go something like: “Oh, I would like to pay great thanks to the opposing team of Capture the Flag for assaulting and forcing me to face my greatest fear when I was just simply trying to boost my self esteem…and you brought it to a hopeless point.” Sarcastic like that…oh well. Reading old writing is like old memories, no matter how flawed.

  2. Underworld Visitor - May 27, 2013

    Oh and the apology Is so wrong. Never gonna happen, but yeah. JAMES!!?!!?!?!?!?!?! TRAITOR!!!
    Lol I love to rage.

  3. Underworld Visitor - May 27, 2013

    1) I seem like a devil. Ok.
    2) BLUETOOTH? We’re not allowed to have any technology at camp.
    3) Die James.
    5) He actually did something horrible.
    6) Good story.
    7) Um… I wouldn’t laugh at anybody’s but Cole’s(and now Name’s) misery.
    8) Lets give others a chance to write some, who wants to do the next?
    9) I’m doing the one after the one who does the one after this.
    10) I just wantd to reach this number. lol

  4. Rebecca King - May 27, 2013

    Great job, Jojo! Cant wait for Part 2!

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