A Switch in the Plan: Part Two

A Switch in the Plan: Part Two

This is part of the Rivalry Scars Series. To read them all, head to our Fan Fiction page.

A Switch in the Plan: Part Two
Rivalry Scars Series

Written by Jojo

Canoe at Camp Half-BloodJojo stared blankly at the deep waters, and then paddled some more. For the past hour, she has sat here, relaxing and forgetting about the world.

Her reflection blinked back at her, and Jojo skipped a rock across the water. It bounced four steps, then sunk. The reflection rippled.

Suddenly, the canoe started moving forcefully towards the shore, without Jojo paddling or anything. Cursed canoe! She thought automatically and frantically started rowing towards the middle of the lake. But instead, the water current shifted and pulled her towards the sand.

“Eh,” she muttered. “I gotta get to archery anyways.” She lifted herself up from the canoe. Then, she spotted a girl sitting next to her. Sierra.

“Hey,” Sierra gasped, breathless. She wiped her brow with her sleeve. “Phew! Some exercise!” It came to Jojo that it was Sierra that pushed her to shore. Then, after a few gulps of lake water, she pulled herself up and faced Jojo, who was angry, confused, and curious.

“Listen up, Jojo,” Sierra said, and looked at her in the eye. “We’re all real sorry for yesterday. Including Gavin. And…um…” she stammered for her words. “He kinda wants to get revenge on someone…so…he’s helping us get revenge on the others.”

Jojo narrowed her eyes. “All of this is TRUE?” she asked. “You expect me to believe this?” she scoffed angrily and kicked the canoe so hard that it slid off the land and floated into the water, eroding some sand away with it.

Sierra pressed a Bluetooth with blue outlining to her ear. “Yes. Yep, I got her. Anything else? Yeah, she doesn’t believe me,” there was silence for a while, then Sierra took off the Bluetooth, and Gavin’s voice came from it.

“Oh…hey Jojo. Look, we’ve got James and a random girl from Ares…but we still gotta get Nate, the rest of the Ares Cabin and Hades Cabin.” He reported. “We got the Ares girl,” Sierra added proudly, and Jojo nodded, impressed. It was one thing to knock someone out, but knocking an ARES camper out? That was another.

“So you weren’t kidding,” Jojo said slowly.

She imagined Gavin shaking his head. “Nope. I wasn’t. Now, Sierra, meet me!”

And the Bluetooth shut off.


Jojo rushed up to Gavin, armed. Her golden bow was slung across her shoulder, with the ole leather quiver of arrows on her back. Her bracelet glowed ever-so-slightly, and the dagger Gavin gave her hung on her belt, with no bloodstains.

“Never expected to be working together,” Jojo told him. Gavin nodded in agreement, and pointed to the sword fighting arena.

“The Ares kids are in there. I think…you would like to get Raph,” he says, and stares at the bruises on her face.

Jojo looks down, and nods. “Yeah, I want him. Prove to him that I will not be beaten, you know?”

“Oh first, you gotta have this,” he includes, and hands her a Bluetooth with gold outlining. “Apollo kids got gold, I have black, and Poseidon kids have blue,” he explains. “You’ve got every contact on your team, courtesy of Jason, and his fellow Hermes cabin. They stole these Bluetooths from who knows where!” he adds, and Jojo grins. She loved the fact that the Hermes Cabin could steal things with no trouble at all.

“Okay, I take them from the right, you from the left. Got it?” he asked, and Jojo nodded. The battle has just begun.


Jojo crouched down and peeked through the window. Ashe was in the center, giving loud instructions. All the Ares campers were lined up shoulder-to-shoulder. She spotted Gavin in the other window, and Gavin pointed to Ashe. He would battle her.

Leaving Jojo to the other campers. ‘No,’ she told herself. ‘I’ve got others’. Jojo pressed the Bluetooth to her ear.

“More help with Ares! They’re all packed inside!”

“I’ll help,” Evan’s voice came through.

“Alright. They’re at swordplay practice. Hurry! We’re going in!”

She saw Evan walking through the other campers casually, and then Evan disappeared to Gavin’s side; the side that has the door.

“Alright, we’re gonna attack!” Gavin cried, and threw the door open.

“Gavin?” Jojo heard Ashe’s astonished voice. “Would you like a demo or something?”

“No,” he flatly replied. “I want revenge.”

Jojo heard swords clinking together, and a groan. She winced, and ran through the door.

A Switch in the Plan (3)Gavin was going on a one-and-one battle with Ashe. It must’ve been pretty hard, because every time Ashe threw her spear, it cackled with electricity. Evan notched arrow after arrow, quickly shooting each camper down…but with those arrows that had a rounded tip, so it knocked them unconscious instead of killing them. Jojo shook her wrist and the bracelet enlarged to a perfect shield. She punched a camper aside with the shield, sending him flying into the wall.

Raph recognized Jojo, and lunged at her with his sword. Here it goes. It slashed her forearm, and instead of weakening her, it made her stronger. Jojo’s dagger (which was longer than the one she had before) embedded itself into his armor, probably prickling his arm. He screamed in fury and threw the dagger back at Jojo, but she dodged with quick reflexes. Raph cornered her into a wall, and aimed his sword at her head. Jojo ducked, and the blade flew straight into the wall. She ducked again, this time under his arm, and broke herself free. She thrust her shield forward, pressing him into the broken wall, and knocking him out.

She heard a cry. Gavin was writhing on the floor, pinned under Ashe’s hand.

“Oh no you don’t!”

Jojo threw herself onto Ashe, and tackled her onto the floor. Ashe was years older than her, and punched her stomach. Jojo gritted her teeth, and pressed her foot, with the flip-flop, on her face. She had learned this lesson; the victim is too panicked with the dirty thing in her mouth and spends most time attempting to get it out, rather than defeating the attacker.

“Bind her!” Jojo roared at Gavin and Evan. Evan finished shooting down the last camper, and grabbed a rope from one of them. Gavin started tying her up.

“Hold on,” Jojo commanded Gavin. “Give me your sword.”

Gavin looked hesitant at first, then gingerly handed her his sword. Jojo knocked Ashe’s head with the hilt of his sword, and she fell to the floor, unconscious.

“Oh God,” Evan plopped onto a blue mat. “That. Was. Tiring.” He exclaimed, and opened up a cooler that was sitting in a corner.

“Coke?” he asked, and raised up a bottle of Coca Cola to the rest of the trio.

“Heck yeah!” Jojo and Gavin said in unison.


A Switch in the Plan (1)“For the Blue Team!” Evan and Jojo shouted and raised their Coke bottles. Gavin looked at them, and shook his head.

“No,” he says, and raises his bottle. “For Camp Half-Blood!” he cries instead, and Jojo smiles. “For Camp Half-Blood!”

“For Camp Half-Blood.” Evan grins.


Em frowned at Emily, who was in front of her, and asked: “Hey, is your Bluetooth working very well?” she asked, and shook it.

Emily shook her head. Em scowled, and shook her Bluetooth for the fifth time. What was wrong with it?

Then Em heard rustling above her, and glanced up. The oak tree moved in the breeze; she guessed it was just the leaves.

“RUN!” Jacquiline’s voice shrieked from the other side of the cabin, and Em looked up, skeptical. But it was too late.

A net crashed on top of her, knocking her down with much force. “Ow!” she exclaimed, and sliced the net with her sword.

“Psh. Easy!” she told the no one in particular, and looked around at her siblings, all rising from the net. That wasn’t the problem though.

A dark half-sphere was covering their heads like a bubble. Em saw some Hades kids, walking around the force field, looking at it impressively.

“Well,” Gabe says finally and lays his snickering eyes on the trapped Apollo and Poseidon kids. “You want to mess with us? Yeah, next time, don’t use Bluetooths.” James laughed, and raised his eyebrows at a Poseidon camper. “You asked us for customized daggers…you never realized that Hades never keeps his promises, eh? You didn’t swear on the River Styx, and we won’t.”

“Get us out!” Angelina shrieked at them notched an arrow in her bow, angry and ready to aim.

Em gasped. Gavin was behind a tree, not eager to face his siblings. He caught her eye, and nodded. ‘Just wait,’ he mouthed.

“I mean, Angie, if you shoot that it will rebound! Don’t!” she shouted as a cover-up for her gasp. “Finally,” James snickered. “A smart Apollo kid…finally!”

“You got that right,” Dilip agreed. “Oh, we can spare her. She knows about the Hades powers, mighty Hades! Finally!”

Gavin snuck up sneakily, and punched Dilip in the stomach. Dilip fell to the floor, leaving the rest of the Hades kids astonished. James glared and stepped forward.

“I’m getting him,” he declared, and drew a Stygian Iron sword. “What are you doing here, traitor?”

“To come get revenge.”

“Wow…on me?” James mocked looking confused. “I didn’t do anything, did I?” he asked, and raised his new Stygian Iron sword.

“That belongs to me,” Gavin told him. “I told you to go get that for me. But I guess that you kept it to yourself.”

“Well, that’s what Hades is, eh? Greedy, heartless, and untrustworthy.”

“Just because he’s like that doesn’t mean that we have to be,” Gavin replied coldly.

As the argument went on, Em thought to herself, hard. She was the youngest of them, but they all had to admit she was brilliant for her age.

After a few minutes of thinking, she crossed over to Angelina and whispered something in her ear. Angelina nodded happily, and spread the plan.

The Apollo kids stood in a circle. Their hands were pressed in the middle, one on top of the other. Some were murmuring a blessing to Apollo.

“What the heck are they doing?” Armita whispered to Gabe. Gabe shrugged.


An explosion of light burst in the center of the circle, and a pop indicated that they were free of the semi-sphere of darkness.

“WHAT THE HECK?” James shrieked at them. “But…but it was supposed to be indestructible!”

“Light beats darkness!” Angelina trilled jokingly in his ear.


Jojo thrust herself out of the tree she was hiding in, and still couldn’t believe her eyes. All of her siblings have just created an explosion of light! To have light that powerful…to break that force field…it was impossible. Until now.

Nate saw Jojo, and waved his hand nonchalantly at her.

“Good luck with fear.” He laughs.

A wave of hesitation shot through her body. Her muscles stiffened, and her teeth chattered. Nate laughed again.

But now, she felt humiliated. She could not be beat by fear. Unlike other demigods, she wasn’t exactly brave. Now she has to be, or else she’ll go mental.

“Nate,” Jojo said firmly and rushed forward. “Stop being a coward and face me head on, Nate. Go ahead.”

Her voice was so smooth, stern, it was as close as you can get to charmspeak.

However, another rush of fear ran through her body. She remembered darkness, her worst fear, and then drowning in water.

She whipped her head behind her, and sighed of relief. No. There was NOT a Slenderman stalking her.

“You know I’ll beat you.” Nate said.

“Let’s see.”

Jojo lunged forward, and gave him a simple satisfying punch in his temple. He staggered to the side, then slashed Jojo with his knife.

A cut on her arm certainly couldn’t beat her. She shot one of those arrows with a dull point, making him stumble backwards.

Jojo rushed forward and pressed her boot to his chest. She bent down to slam her wrist into his windpipe, and then sat on him, using two hands to restrict his hands from reaching weapons.

Nate broke free his right wrist and punched Jojo in the head. Her temple throbbed, but it made her more hungry for victory…and the thing she had mixed feelings about…revenge.

Out of the blue, a hellhound burst from the forest. It’s yellow eyes settled on Jojo, and bared its teeth.

It was going to tear her to shreds.

And it was not going to happen.

“Kosmima,” Jojo muttered under her breath. “Kosmima…any minute now would be fine.”

A hint of gold crossed the sky; her dragon Kosmima! Kosmima grinned wickedly at the hellhound, and she flexed her sharp, sharp claws.

The hellhound looked up, scared, and Nate stared at Jojo, frustrated. “Hey! That’s not fair!” he whined.

“You were about to kill me,” she replied flatly. “Of course it’s not fair. But now we’re even.”


All she saw was Kosmima’s claws clutch Nate’s hellhound’s side, and take it off to who knows where.

As Nate stared off into the distance, jaw dropping, Jojo notched a Hydra arrow in her bow, and aimed. The arrow wrapped around him, twelve times, and then knotted itself into a bow.

Nate screamed curse words at Jojo, and Jojo smiled satisfyingly.

Everyone stared at her, and Nate. Gavin gave her a thumbs up.

Jojo pressed her boot onto Nate’s chest.

A wave of fear rushed through her, and another until there was so many. Instead of weakening her, she felt a burst of energy during each wave.

“Nate, there’s one thing you should learn.”

“And that is…?” he chokes out, and narrows his eyes at her.

“Fear doesn’t shut you down. In fact, it wakes you up.”

Hey, I'm Rebecca! I'm a writer, an avid hiker, and rock climber. I love writing, from PJM posts to stories. Anything you want to know, just ask.

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