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  1. Nevaeh - December 26, 2014

    I am a addict to Percy Jackson!! I’m sad I finished both series.

  2. annabeth ...... the wise girl - September 30, 2013

    can anyone tell me when do they have the next capture the flag and how do u know about it

  3. Daughter-of-Athena - September 3, 2012

    I’ve read the books on average about 20 times each – not kidding. The Heores series I’ve only read about 5-7 times each. I’m constantly getting rolling eye, and ‘shut up about Percy Jackson’ s from family and fiends – now I just get ignored :D

  4. lynn - March 17, 2012

    im a percy jackson fanatic. F-A-N-A-T-I-C! im just so happy that they are making the movies i dont what people look like i am just happy they are making the movies

  5. Vanesa(shorty) - February 2, 2012

    i saw ur movie intereeeeeesting!!! i actually loved it<3 i think datz de best movie ive ever seen! keep it up make more ur aweeeesome!!!!

  6. amazing - December 29, 2011

    when the second movie comin out?????

  7. Daisy - October 29, 2011

    the books are soo awesome ok i love them and are reading them for the like 20th time!!!

  8. therasa - September 30, 2011

    i you guys now that girl on the
    homepage well if u do dont you think she should be zoe nightshade in the titans curse.

  9. mimi - February 26, 2011


  10. unknownfool - February 8, 2011

    IDK. But, I don't think it was rated very high. It wasn't that good. =| Everyone knows it's true.

  11. Jeven - August 5, 2010

    Ive also read the whole book serie. I was never so centrated in a collection time ago. (except fer harry Potter, memorias de idhun (a spanish book), el ejercito negro (another spanish book) and dos velas para el diablo (gess what il let you try to gess the language). IIIIII LLLLLOOOOOOVVVVEEEE IIIIIIIITTTTTTTT. The only book Im searching crazily in internet for adobe reader free is the demigod files. I searched EVVVVEEEEEEERRRYYYYYWHHHHEERRRREEEE (not kidding) for it free but finnaly I got the answer. I is illegal to download the demigod filesfree. So know im searching it in spains libraries.
    Would like to seek the secrets of the book, the 3 stories, the interviews aaaaaaa im dreaming with it.
    Jeven Ni Wang 11 (im not english! im spanish)

  12. Kellee Franklin - May 11, 2010

    The movie compared to book kind of stunk >> it was well done and awesome but many of the characters were displayed incorrectly- like Annabeth, with her straight brown hair (what happened there) and Luke, where the heck did his scar go? The plot was a little strange but the books rock and the movie wasn't bad.

  13. hannah russell - April 7, 2010

    they should have included the poodle and the chimera they're awesome . i only have da first 2.i actually saw the movie first . but the book and movie are equally fantabulous. :) :) :) :)

  14. emms - April 3, 2010

    duhh!!!! the bookz r wayyyyyyyy better den da movie!!!!! i read all da books!!!!

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