Adidas Winged Shoes

Adidas Winged Shoes

Rick Riordan tweeted this yesterday, “A gift idea for the demigod who has everything” with the link to Adidas’ Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0. Looks like Hermes’ flying shoes! Who wants a pair of these?

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  1. Annabeth - June 26, 2012

    On a completely unrelated note; I saw a: Jason, jason, and jasons who commented.

  2. Jason - June 20, 2012

    Yea it works now thanks and everything is different style completly I kinda like the old version sorry

  3. jason - June 20, 2012

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my pair are gold :-) i wounder if rick has those shoes and i dont like that justin bieber has a pair of shoes like mine well tech his look black, i cant really be mad that he has the shoes people can like shoes all they want but y does it has to be him

    • kaila - June 20, 2012

      justin bieber has a pair? figures. when i was looking through my little brother’s scholastic book order thingy there was a page where a bunch of stars suggested books. and he suggested the lightning thief :/. he doesn’t deserve to be included in our fandom!

      • Rebecca King - June 20, 2012

        Oh really? That’s pretty cool.

        • jason - June 20, 2012

          do u have any celebs on this site…?( hopefully not justine bieber b/c after what i said i think he might be angery :-)

          • Rebecca King - June 20, 2012

            The only celebrity that I knew of that came on here was Maria Olsen who played Mrs. Dodds in the first movie who then we got an interview from, but it wouldn’t surprise me if a few celebs came on to check out what was being said about them.

          • jason - June 20, 2012

            hehehehehehehe…..ok oh meant to ask u so wen u doing the interview with zoe` and also this may just be a problem on my phone but recently wen i get post and i wanna comment it wont let me scroll down or up but it will be allowed on the computer and i tried everything to fix it. so i was woundering is the webiste going under construction or something anything like that? :-\

          • Rebecca King - June 20, 2012

            Zoe will let me know when were doing it. Check if its still doing that on your phone. We had messed around with a few things, but I believe I fixed it. Let me know.

          • jason - June 20, 2012

            ok it was working for a while and the new design is ok i kinda like the old one but it was working now it stoped working are u still going under construction?

          • Rebecca King - June 21, 2012

            I tried it out and all the comments are squished. Is that what you are seeing? I’ll work on fixing it when I get on my computer. Sorry!

          • Jason - June 21, 2012

            Yes… The comments were tightly together or squished an it had like a diff design to it an no problem :-)

          • Rebecca King - June 21, 2012

            Okay. We’re going to fix it. The site’s going to be down and up throughout today, so bear with us.

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