An Interrupted Vacation: Louis vs Hannah Part 1

An Interrupted Vacation: Louis vs Hannah Part 1

Somewhere in the Caribbean Sea, a small island lay. The geography was built to buffer the strong waves of the sea. On the west side, there was a small gravel beach in front of a large rock wall dotted with palm trees on the top. The east side of the island was a tropical paradise. Three acres of soft grass with palm trees and colorful flowers. A white sand beach completed the bliss oasis. The soft dazzlingly clear water gently flowed into the protected cove. Against the rock wall at the back of the island on slightly higher plot of land overlooking the lush island  stood a surreal Mediterranean mansion decked out with numerous arches and terraces. This was the Poseidon kids’ private retreat.

Playing a giddy game of beach volleyball were Louis (the son of the goddess Tyche) and his mortal siblings, Melanie and Vincent. They were spending the warm July week there because the ever generous Poseidon kids had decided to spend their vacation at their father’s undersea palace. A vacant island (supposedly accessible by labyrinth only) meant Louis could spend his vacation in peace with his brother and sister.

“I win again!” Vincent yelled out. This was his third game in a row. Melanie and Louis were doing their best to defeat him, but it wasn’t working out.

Melanie yanked her brother aside and whispered, “Any chance that luck magic you have will kick in?”

Louis shook his head, “I have no idea.”



Meanwhile, on the other side of the island amidst the crashing waves, a shining blue Greek Delta appeared in the water. It exploded with a geyser-like spray of water sending mist onto the craggy beach. Emerging from the water was new demigod, armed for combat.


“Finally!” Melanie yelled, pumping her fist into the air. “Victory is ours!” She and Louis began to dosey-doe on the white sand. With a glance up to the hot sun, Melanie said, “Alright, who is up for some lemonade?” Louis and Vince both nodded eagerly, four games of volleyball takes out a lot of energy. Melanie began to make her way to the mansion.

Just as she passed by Vince, an unnatural sound met the ears of three siblings. To Louis it sounded like a faint whistle, but to Melanie and Vincent it was something much worse. They clutched their head and then their stomach. Louis rushed over to help them, but it was too late, they fell unconscious into the sand.

“Um Poseidon…or mom….a little help,” Louis said checking the pulses of his siblings. They were okay, thank the gods. Suddenly, something moved in his peripheral vision. He stood watching a new figure appear on the rock wall. “I hope this is help,” he said.

The lithe figure rappelled down from the rock wall, her brown hair in a side ponytail. The girl’s outfit was a tight leather jacket with a short black pleated skirt. A silver necklace hung from her neck with an owl dangling from the center. Louis noted that she had a gun strapped to her right thigh and a knife hilt was poking out from each of her heeled leather boots. The heels glinted silver in the bright sun. Dagger boots, Louis thought, decidedly not help then.

The girl landed on the sand and dusted herself off. “What did you do to them?” Louis snarled. His hand was reached inside his pocket, ready to send a lethal surprise.

Her lips curled into a murderous grin, “I just threw off their weak mortal equilibriums. Nothing to worry about.”

Louis furrowed his brow, “And why did you do that to them?”

“We can’t have mortals getting in our way, can we?

“In the way of what?”

The girl removed her overly large sunglasses to reveal her face.

Louis recognized her from camp, “Hannah, isn’t it?”

She smirked, “Ah… agent Hannah to you, master assassin and cryptographer for the Scotland Yard, daughter of Athena, and trained in Olympic level athletics and marksmanship.”

“Impressive credentials.”

“More impressive than your…nonexistent list.”

“Ha, don’t be jealous just because you never won a game of Blackjack.”

Hannah blinked, “I’m not.” As she pocketed her sunglasses into her jacket, she responded in a light British accent, “Its such a lovely day for a swim.” A buzzing interrupted their conversation and she pulled out her iPhone and began typing away.

Louis narrowed his eyes, “Don’t be coy. What are you doing here.”

“Getting testy, aren’t we?” She said raising her eyebrows, not looking up her iPhone.

Louis bit his lip and forced a smile. “Hannah, we’ve never been on the best of terms.”

“Figure that out by yourself, Captain Obvious?”

“Don’t do anything that would make our situation worse,” Louis said warily.

Hannah slid her phone behind her abnormally large belt that met at the horizon line between skirt and shirt. She clasped her hands, “I believe you have a key.”

Louis narrowed his eyes. “What key?”

“The key to Jason’s cage. We want it back…preferably peacefully.”

Louis shook his head and gave a little laugh, “Go find Armita or Ashe. They probably have it.”

Hannah took a step forward. Her hand was beginning to hover near her gun. She explained, “Don’t be a liar Louis, the key has a tracking signal. And coincidently it’s coming from this island.”

She looked around, clearly taking in her surroundings for the first time (or maybe just bothering to mention it), “Classy place. Our database says its the Isle of the Sea Gods. It’s rated #7 in Medea’s “Top 20 Places to See Before You Become Immortal or Get Thrown into Tartarus”.  Poseidon really does spare no expense when it comes to his kids.” She smiled, “Our database also says the water here is spelled protect the children of Poseidon from bodily harm.” She made a look of mock pity, “Unfortunately for you, you’re not a son of Poseidon.” She reached for her gun.

“Take a card! Any card!” Louis swung his arm and seven very deadly bladed cards went soaring through the air. Hannah leapt into the air as graceful as a cat, twisting in midair. One card slashed a strand of hair and another grazed her wrist. The rest sailed harmlessly over her. When the daughter of Athena landed, she had one fist clenched tightly. Louis clenched his fists as well preparing for the encounter.

Hannah growled, “I want that key back.” She slowly began to walk over, confidently, assured of her own victory. “You do know you can never win against a child of Athena,” she said smirking.

Louis snarled, “Tell that to children of Nike.”

Hannah smiled, “We did, after we persuaded them into telling us where the Poseidon kids had a summer island.”

“Friendly persuasion?” The son of Tyche inquired.

“Decidedly not.”

As she got closer, Louis noticed a faint wave of rainbow light shimmering on the sand just a foot behind her. His eyes wandered up to her hand, which was tightly clenched. Just a fist, Louis thought, but the rainbow…

Hannah looked at Louis, studying him. It was almost as if she was preparing to give a eulogy for Louis that read: His attempt at winning was all but victorious, he was good, but not great. His abilities could not hope to match those of a daughter of Athena. Her skill, cunning, and mind led to her ultimate victory. Those Louis failed in life, we have consolation that Hannah will never ever fail in life! Thank you ladies and gentlemen for attending my victory speech….I mean….uh…his funeral. Hannah was ten feet away and getting dangerously closer with each step. Louis slid six cards out from beneath his sleeve and kept them hidden behind his back, just in case.

The daughter of Athena paused for a moment, sending a glance of mock concern to Louis’ mortal siblings. Then she stepped closer to Louis, now only three feet away.

Hannah let a quiet laugh slip out as her fist tilted and twisted and her arm moved upward. The son of Tyche raised his cards. CRRAASSH! Shattered glass materialized around the two demigods. They watched as shards of glass landed around them. Faster than a cheetah, Hannah leapt down and grabbed the largest shard and swung it across Louis’ leg.

“Agh!” He yelled. He swiped at her with his cards, but she backflipped to a (temporally) safe distance.  A little blood dripped from the cut.

Hannah laughed, “Like it? My own personal invention, a glass sword. Nearly invisible to the human eye in full sunlight.” She swept her hand around, “And what place is more sunny than a beach?”

Louis gripped his cards tightly, “Too bad the rainbow gave it away.”

“Oh bother,” Hannah laughed, “I’ll just have to take you out the old fashioned way then.” Speedily, she slid her bow over her shoulder and notched an arrow. She drew back and aimed. She fired, just as Louis sent a volley of cards out. Arrow met card in midair, a match made in Olympus. The cards glinted off the celestial bronze arrowhead, but the arrow was knocked off course and sent flying into the air.

The daughter of Athena dashed forward, knives flashing. Louis took out his own dagger. A ten inch golden blade mated to a hilt that had a emerald four-leaf clover design in the center. If Louis was good, Hannah was superb. The son of Tyche considered himself proficient at knife-fighting and had even bested the Poseidon kids, but Hannah was unnaturally fast. She spun around and knocked Louis’ blade to the side. She brought her hand across the demigod’s face, backhanding him quite hard.

He yelled out, “I’m going to curse your cabin so hard!”

Hey! I'm a writer for as well as a fanfiction writer for I'm a devoted Percy Jackson and Lord of the Rings fan as well as enthusiastic about their film adaptions. I'm very devoted to my dog and I love the bright sunny countryside of Ohio!

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  1. Jojo - April 20, 2013

    if i’m a good writer, you are a superb one, louis. ;)

  2. Kieran - March 10, 2013

    Awesome story by the way….

  3. Kieran - March 10, 2013

    Who’s cabin did you say you were cursing? I thought you said Athena’s cabin, but that can’t be…. Unless of course you want ANOTHER fight.

  4. Rebecca King - March 10, 2013

    Awesome!!!! Cant wait for part 2!! Hannah, you’re awesome! Great writing, Louis!

  5. Jason - March 9, 2013

    Wow :o GO LOUIS!!

  6. Hannah - March 9, 2013

    Wow. Once again, your writing skills are amazing. And once again, I’m gunna have to say: I won’t win. My plot and plans are no where near as creative as this. But–I’ll try

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