The Arena Winner Announcement!

The Arena Winner Announcement!

21 Fighters, 25 Fights, and it all comes down to the final winner, or shall I say winners, of this years Arena! To keep it in Arena style, I wrote the winners into a story form.

The Arena Winner Announcement

Written by Rebecca King

The Arena was packed with campers as they patiently waited, or not in some cases, for the announcement of  the winner of the Arena. The terrain was set to Mr. D which was a hilly vineyard with rows of grapevines. In the middle was a stadium with the twenty-one fighters gathered around. The three judges, Joshua, Kieran, and Mandy, stood opposite of the final competitors. Only ten fighters were able to make it to the Final Fight and in the end only four were able to compete. Many had dropped out of the Final Fight due to injuries. Connor, Rebecca, Sarianna, and Wendy stood on wine barrels making them taller than Chiron who stood next to Mr. D as he gave his lousy speech. He read off of note cards Rebecca had given him earlier, but he kept skipping around.

Mr. D in Percy Jackson“The Arena was designed to test your abilities, strength, courage, and blah, blah, blah. Four of you – only four! I tell you, they’re lazy! – rose to the top as the best fighters.” Mr. D looked up from the cards before throwing them to the ground. “This speech is too long. Chiron, wrap it up! I have places to be.”

Chiron patiently smiled at the god of wine. His wise eyes moved to study the four competitors on the wine barrels. “I am proud of all of you. Good qualities were shown from each of your fights. We can work to strength these qualities.” His eyes narrowed in on Connor who stood with a relaxed posture. His winged shoes fluttered softly, but did not lift him off the barrel. “Connor, son of Hermes, you showed loyalty to your friends as you fought against and with your fellow demigods. Loyalty is a good quality to take into the future as in order to survive we must rely on friendship and bonds to get us through the toughest of times. For your results…”

He waved a hand at the judges and Kieran was the one to stand first. “I rate Connor’s as a 7. He did a FANTASTIC job.”

Joshua stood next. “10 for Connor. Good job.”

“I give him a 10. I liked his fight the most,” Mandy said last.

Applause rose around the Arena, mainly coming from the Hermes cabin. A firework was shot out of the stand and exploded above the heads of the fighters. Connor straightened up and looked proud. Twenty-seven was an excellent score.

Chiron (2)Chiron looked to the next competitor, Rebecca. She fidgeted as she awaited her scores, eager for a victory. “Rebecca, daughter of Nike, you showed determination as you conquered the obstacles to achieve your goal. This quality will be needed as you go out into the world and face difficult and new challenges. Your results…”

“10, it was AMAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZING,” Kieran said.

“10. Good job,” Joshua said.

“I give you an 8 as there were other ways than killing your opponents,” Mandy said.

Rebecca grinned as her score was one point more than Connor’s which put her in the lead. The campers cheered her on, including the small amount of Nike’s kids.

“Sarianna, daughter of Apollo,” Chiron said. Sarianna was beaming, literally beaming with sunshine. “You adapted to each challenge you faced. This ability to change to whatever challenge you face will be a great advantage to you. Your results are…”

“I rate Sarriana’s fight as a 10, it’s easy to tell that she worked really hard, her effort shows,” Kieran said.

“9. Good job,” Joshua said.

“9 as well,” Mandy rated.

“Yes,” Sarianna said as this put her tied with Rebecca. However, Wendy could still win. The crowd clapped their hands and the Apollo cabin grew blinding bright until it shinned out of the Camp like a beacon.

Chiron looked to the last competitor. “Wendy, daughter of Athena, you showed strength as you fought your fellow campers in order to reach your goal. Strength in power and strength in character. Continue on this path of strength and you will become a fine warrior. For your results…”

“I rate Wendy’s story as a 9. She did a wonderful job, and she deserves it,” Kieran said with a smile.

“I give you a 10. Good job,” Joshua said.

“I give you a 7. Your fight was good,” Mandy said.

That meant her score was a twenty-six, putting her in last place. Nevertheless, the Athena cabin went wild with their sister’s success.

“I think we all here can do the math,” Chiron said, “which means there is a tie. Two winners, Rebecca and Sarianna, have succeeded in winning, however all of you were winners today!”

Mr. D brought forth four laurel wreaths Rebecca had created. The leaves were dyed gold, silver, bronze, and white for each place.

“Uh, I didn’t think about a tie,” Rebecca said. “I could go dye the one real quick.”

“I’ve got it,” Rachel, daughter of Hecate said, stepping up onto the stage. She took the white wreath from Mr. D and waved her staff across the top of it. “Aurum.” The wreath shook and the leaves faded from white until they were a sparkling gold. She walked over to Sarianna and placed the gold laurel wreath on her head. “Good job. You deserve it.”

Chiron placed the other gold wreath on Rebecca’s head. Mr. D tossed the silver laurel wreath to Connor and Kieran placed the bronze laurel wreath on her half-sister’s head.

“Congratulations, fighters!” Chiron announced.

The Arena exploded into cheers with confetti raining down on the winners. Connor grabbed a hold of his fellow winners and pulled them into a hug while Mr. D tried to steal a glass of wine glued to the stage. The rest of the fighters came over to congratulate them.

“I’m glad its over,” Connor said with relief. “My fight ended a little too freaky.”

“What do you mean?” Elena asked. “Ever since the Arena started, I keep having weird dreams. Someone was speaking to me. I don’t know who though.”

A couple other demigods shyly nodded, mumbling they had dreams that were similar. Rebecca sighed heavily. For once could the gods not just leave them alone?

“We’ll celebrate first,” she said, keeping her voice low so Mr. D and Chiron could not hear her. “But after, meet me at my cabin. I have a feeling that something is coming.”

Hey, I'm Rebecca! I'm a writer, an avid hiker, and rock climber. I love writing, from PJM posts to stories. Anything you want to know, just ask.

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  1. wisegirl127 - May 9, 2014

    Congrats everybody!! You all did an AMAZING job!!

  2. Hannah - May 6, 2014

    Congrats, everyone! Again, wish I could have entered that last fight, but *shrugs* :)

  3. EgoTerreo - May 6, 2014

    Aww, Connor coming in second, didn’t expect that (Yeah, got to admit that I was secretly a fan of his work ;3) But congrats to Rebecca and Serianna, they’ve done a wonderful job and really deserved it to win (:

  4. Kieran - May 5, 2014

    Congrats! You all did wonderfully!
    Also, thanks for quoting our words Rebecca!

  5. Sarianna - May 5, 2014

    wow congrats to all i cannt believe i tied with rebecca!!! i did not see that coming. I thought for sure she would win

  6. Joshua - May 5, 2014

    Congrats. The stories were amazing

  7. Rebecca King - May 5, 2014

    Congrats, Sarianna on the win! Connor, on taking second, I thought for sure you would win! And Wendy, for third! All your stories were great!

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