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We are down to the last round, the Final Fights!

The Arena Winner Announcement

And the winnner is…

Final Fights

Rebecca’s Final Fight

Sarianna’s Final Fight: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Connor’s Final Fight

Wendy’s Final Fight

JUDGES: You will rate each submitted story from 1 to 10 then your scores will be combined from each judge to reveal the Arena winner! You can do short explanations of what you loved about each story or you can do a long explanation. Its up to you. Judging is due by May 3rd, Saturday. Email me your results to!

About the Game

Hey Arena fighters, welcome! This is how we play… Two of the players will write out a fight against the other. The third player will judge the stories. Each of the three players will get a chance to fight each other. The player with the most wins will move on to face other winners from the other teams. The two players who didn’t move on will become judges. The amount of teams depends on how many join.

With your fighting story, it must take place in The Arena (it will be like the Colosseum, but with the terrains differing depending on what the judge wants) and you must write the other player realistically. The other player can’t suddenly be a mindless dummy running into a trap when they are a child of Athena. If you’re not sure how to write how the other player would react then ask your teammates for help. Even though you will be fighting (or judging) them, also make them your friends and have fun! Make sense?

Now, you will have time to write the stories. Your fight can be super short or super long, it depends on what you want to do. You will have 2 weeks to write it. So if you write only seventy words per day, you’ll end up with a 1,000 words which is awesome! Email your story to with your name, team, and who you were facing.

Have questions? You can always email Rebecca at!

For example stories, here are two fighting stories from Capture the Flag by Rebecca and Jason: Jason vs. Rebecca.

Have questions? Comment below!

If you are participating in The Arena and want to talk or taunt other Arena fighters, head to The Arena Chatter where you can do this in the comments.

HEY! Here’s is a challenge for you if you’re waiting to judge or have already submitted your story:


Team A: Connor, Hannah, Rebecca King

Team B: Kieran, Dory, Sarianna

Team C: David Young, Rachel, Sierra

Team D: Kit, TheAnonymosChipmunk (Bub), Jane Dome

Team E: April, Gavin, Jojo

Team F: Nicole, Elena, Wendy

Team G: Ari Jackson, Musicluvr, Joshua


Deadline For Fight: February 17th, Monday
Deadline for Judging: February 21st, Friday

Deadline For Fight: March 7th, Friday
Deadline For Judging: March 11th, Tuesday

Deadline For Fight: March 25th, Tuesday
Deadline For Judging: March 29th, Saturday

Final Fight

Below are the winners for each of the teams! Team A and C had multiple winners, but all the winners will get to move on to the next round where eventually only one winner will rise to the top! Now if you’ve won, you don’t have to move forward. You can leave it at these fights and you’re still very much a winner! Read the winners then scroll down for more info on the next fight! If you didn’t win and aren’t moving on, there is still more you can participate in, so also scroll down!

Connor, son of Hermes
Original Team: A
Weapons/Magical Items: Celestial Bronze Katana, Winged Shoes, Handheld Crossbow
Abilities: Short distance teleports (only within eyesight), enhanced agility
Other: Hermes is the god of merchants, therefore I was able to barter with the with the Hephaestus cabin to make me some chameleon armour, although not as strong as normal armour it is able to change colour to the background, which combined with my high speed makes me a hard target.

Hannah, daughter of Athena
Original Team: A
Weapons/Magical Items:Invisibility Cap, Bow & arrows, Knife

Rebecca King, daughter of Nike
Original Team: A
Weapons/Magical Items: Celestial Bronze Club, 2 Celestial bronze throwing knives
Abilities: Can climb anything, athletic, fast
Other: Competitive

Sarianna, daughter of Apollo
Original Team: B
Weapons/Magical Items: Bow and Arrows, Celestial Bronze Dagger, Celestial Bronze Sword
Abilities: Ace with a bow, good with sword/dagger, Can play any instrument & uses singing to enchant monsters (not fellow campers)
Other: The only Armor i have is a special silvery fabric(Like Mithril from Lord of the rings but it can be penetrated) made into a knee length shirt with leggings and knee high white boots.

David Young, son of Apollo
Original Team: C
Weapons/Magical Items: Invisible sword Half iron, half bronze shield, Throwing Knife
Abilities: special ability to heal during battle
Other: Armor is made of light iron so I can be a quick 15 year old boy!

Rachel, daughter of Hecate
Original Team: C
Weapons/Magical Items: Staff
Abilities: Magic, control the mist
(Controlled by Rebecca King)

Kit, daughter of Hermes
Original Team: D
Weapons/Magical Items: Simple dagger, A drum stick that turns into a long bow, Boots that makes your footsteps silent
Abilities: With lots of focus, short range teleportation

Jojo, daughter of Apollo
Original Team: E
Weapons/Magical Items: Golden bow & arrows, Bracelet shield, Small, curved bronze dagger
Abilities: Athletic, musically talented, great eyesight, slightly manipulate light
Other: Can draw well

Wendy, daughter of Athena
Original Team: F
Weapons/Magical Items: short sword, tiny shield, sack of small bombs which when it explodes turn into flour
Abilities: Quite good with a sword, fast reflexes, good with battle strategies & agile

Musicluvr, daughter of Athena
Original Team: G
Weapons/Magical Items: Knife, laptop, my brains
Abilities: Super smart and clever like mom…good with plans

FOR WINNERS: For the final and epic Arena fight all winners will be released into the Arena to fight each other! Kind of like a Hunger Games (minus the killings, or the capital even though Mr. D could be an evil Snow, even though he really is the game host)… Anyway! The story will take place in the Arena where the environment is ever changing. One moment it will be raining and the next you’ll be thrown underground into a system of tunnels. What the environment changes into is up to you! Your goal is to capture all three flags and make your way out of the Arena. The flags are scattered throughout the Arena in various places and not all will just be sitting out in the open.

Since I’m all about teamwork you can make an alliance within your story. But before you write an alliance in your story, you must make it with the other players on the Arena Chatter page. They will have the ability to say “yes” or “no” to your alliance. Also, if say I make an alliance with Rachel, our alliance doesn’t crossover into her story automatically. She must ask me as well for that to happen. Yes, you can make more than one alliance!

If you are on the list of people who are moving on and want to continue on, let me know by either commenting below or email me at!

FOR THE FIGHTERS WHO LOST: There will be more than one judge to pick the winning story! If you lost and didn’t move on, you can now become a judge! If you would like to judge, let me know by either commenting below or email me at!


I’m giving people a lot more time, so alliances can be formed first! But use your time wisely! Also, a week to judge since at most 10 stories will need to be read.

Final Fight Deadline: April 26th, Saturday
Final Fight Judging Deadline: May 3rd, Saturday



  1. Hannah - April 21, 2014

    If a winner decided not to continue and write their’s would it affect everyone else’s writing? I mean would their character-selves still be in the fights? (sounded a lot better in my head…)

  2. JOJO - April 18, 2014

    Sorry, I don’t want to continue. I just thought I would be fighting two people. And with all of the things that I need to finish, I’m afraid…I have to…

    …not continue.

    But, wish me and Gavin luck on finishing a new novel that we’re starting! :D

  3. athenagirl25 - March 11, 2014

    Who is judging Team F’s fight, if Nicole dropped out?

  4. athenagirl25 - February 25, 2014

    Question , how do I get my result to you Rebecca?

  5. Kieran - February 14, 2014

    The Arena is so fun! I’m so glad we’re doing this!

  6. wisegirl127 - February 11, 2014

    Hey Rebecca, I dropped out of the Arena because I don’t have time to write. I was just wondering if their is any extra judging you need someone to do because I would have time for that.

  7. Rebecca King - February 8, 2014

    HEY! Here’s is a challenge for you if you’re waiting to judge or have already submitted your story:

  8. musicluvr (Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena) - February 6, 2014

    Hey Rebecca…..just a side question and comment…Is it possible that the judging could take place earlier if everyone sends in their stories early??…..I am just in suspense…..and want to know who won!!!….I must be patient though! :P
    P.S. – I want to say that you are doing a wonderful job keeping all of us updated and informed!!! I bet it is a LOT of juggling!…..THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!! :D

  9. JOJO - February 3, 2014

    yeah, april and gavin! :D

  10. MissKz7 - January 28, 2014

    I hope mine submitted!

  11. Rebecca King - January 27, 2014


    ATTENTION! If you signed up as Amy please know that your email was invalid. Email me at with a valid email in order to join. Thank you!

  12. EgoTerreo - January 27, 2014

    Does it matter that my English isn’t like perfect? Because I’m Dutch.. :/

  13. Sarianna - January 25, 2014

    Hey Rebecca i forgot to mention when i submitted that i am ace with a bow and almost as good with a sword and dagger but a bow is my speciality

  14. Ali - January 24, 2014

    Do our parents have to be Gods (like can they be Titans)

  15. Hannah - January 23, 2014

    Cool! (I think mine submitted, I did it from my phone and my Internet connection broke, so I’m not sure whether it did or not. If it didn’t I’ll do it again!)

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