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Welcome to Team A! This page is only for Team A members only. If you are participating in The Arena and want to talk or taunt other Arena fighters, head to The Arena Chatter where you can do this in the comments.

Hey Team, feel free to remain your team as long as it corresponds with the letter. Make it Greek and fun then let Rebecca know and she’ll change it.

Two of the players will write out a fight against the other. The third player will judge the stories. Each of the three players will get a chance to fight each other. The player with the most wins will move on to face other winners from the other teams. The two players who didn’t move on will become judges. The amount of teams depends on how many join.

With your fighting story, it must take place in The Arena (it will be like the Colosseum, but with the terrains differing depending on what the judge wants) and you must write the other player realistically. The other player can’t suddenly be a mindless dummy running into a trap when they are a child of Athena. If you’re not sure how to write how the other player would react then ask your teammates for help. Even though you will be fighting (or judging) them, also make them your friends and have fun! Make sense?

Now, you will have time to write the stories. Your fight can be super short or super long, it depends on what you want to do. You will have 2 weeks to write it. So if you write only seventy words per day, you’ll end up with a 1,000 words which is awesome!

Have questions? You can always email Rebecca at!

For example stories, here are two fighting stories from Capture the Flag by Rebecca and Jason: Jason vs. Rebecca.

Email your story to with your name, team, and who you were facing.

Team Members

Parent: Hermes
Weapons/Magical Items: Celestial Bronze Katana, Winged Shoes, Handheld Crossbow
Abilities: Short distance teleports (only within eyesight), enhanced agility
Other: Hermes is the god of merchants, therefore I was able to barter with the with the Hephaestus cabin to make me some chameleon armour, although not as strong as normal armour it is able to change colour to the background, which combined with my high speed makes me a hard target.

Parent: Athena
Weapons/Magical Items:Invisibility Cap, Bow & arrows, Knife

Rebecca King
Parent: Nike
Weapons/Magical Items: Celestial Bronze Club, 2 Celestial bronze throwing knives
Abilities: Can climb anything, athletic, fast
Other: Competitive

Fighting Schedule

Connor VS. Hannah
Judge: Rebecca
Deadline For Fight: February 17th, Monday
Deadline for Judging: February 21st, Friday
Winner: Connor

Rebecca VS. Connor
Judge: Hannah
Deadline For Fight: March 7th, Friday
Deadline For Judging: March 11th, Tuesday
Winner: Rebecca

Hannah VS. Rebecca
Judge: Connor
Deadline For Fight: March 25th, Tuesday
Deadline For Judging: March 29th, Saturday
Winner: Hannah

Team G vs. Team A
Winner: Team A

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  1. Hannah - March 29, 2014

    Argh, come on Connor! The suspense is killing me!! ;)

  2. Stump_C - March 11, 2014

    Ok so I thought very long an hard, at first I thought, Castle..damp,dark and very haunting then I watched Top Gear and thought Chernobyl, an abandoned city, plagued with radiation. But then it came to me, abandoned, post-apocalyptic Secondary school/High School. Modern, concrete, urban environment. Loads of thing to interact with and hallways and corridors to make a daring escape. Have fun ;)

  3. Hannah - February 19, 2014

    So, the enviroment for you guys…I’ve thought long and hard about what it should be – a jungle/rainforest? Nah, too similar to a swamp, what with all the humidity and water. Then I thought maybe a desert – hot and dry, with sand which gets everywhere (I mean, EVERYWHERE). Then I just came to a logical conclusion (like a true daughter of Athena).
    Your enviroment is….*drumroll* Arctic Tundra – the exact opposite of a swampland. Cold, icy and snowy. Tundras can vary, but this one is in full winter mode, with layers of snow everywhere ;) Good luck

  4. Hannah - February 14, 2014

    I’ll have mine sent tomorrow! I’m pretty proud of it! :)

  5. Rebecca King - February 3, 2014

    So for the environment for you two to fight in! A swamp sounds like a challenge. Cloudy water, thick mud, hot, humid, and those all so cool mangrove trees.

  6. Hannah - February 3, 2014

    Hey! This is gunna be awesome! ;)

  7. Rebecca King - February 3, 2014

    Oh and since I’m the first judge I get to pick the environment of inside of the Arena! Hmm….

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