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Welcome to Team C! This page is only for Team C members only. If you are participating in The Arena and want to talk or taunt other Arena fighters, head to The Arena Chatter where you can do this in the comments.

Hey Team, feel free to remain your team as long as it corresponds with the letter. Make it Greek and fun then let Rebecca know and she’ll change it.

Two of the players will write out a fight against the other. The third player will judge the stories. Each of the three players will get a chance to fight each other. The player with the most wins will move on to face other winners from the other teams. The two players who didn’t move on will become judges. The amount of teams depends on how many join.

With your fighting story, it must take place in The Arena (it will be like the Colosseum, but with the terrains differing depending on what the judge wants) and you must write the other player realistically. The other player can’t suddenly be a mindless dummy running into a trap when they are a child of Athena. If you’re not sure how to write how the other player would react then ask your teammates for help. Even though you will be fighting (or judging) them, also make them your friends and have fun! Make sense?

Now, you will have time to write the stories. Your fight can be super short or super long, it depends on what you want to do. You will have 2 weeks to write it. So if you write only seventy words per day, you’ll end up with a 1,000 words which is awesome!

Have questions? You can always email Rebecca at!

For example stories, here are two fighting stories from Capture the Flag by Rebecca and Jason: Jason vs. Rebecca.

Email your story to with your name, team, and who you were facing.

Team Members

David Young
Parent: Apollo
Weapons/Magical Items: Invisible sword Half iron, half bronze shield, Throwing Knife
Abilities: special ability to heal during battle
Other: Armor is made of light iron so I can be a quick 15 year old boy!

Parent: Hecate
Weapons/Magical Items: Staff
Abilities: Magic, control the mist
(Controlled by Rebecca King)

Parent: Hermes
Weapons/Magical Items: Sword that turns into a pencil, Knife, Armband shield
Abilities: Runs really, really, really fast
Other: Small, seems week, but don’t let that fool you

Fighting Schedule

David VS. Rachel
Judge: Sierra
Deadline For Fight: February 17th, Monday
Deadline for Judging: February 21st, Friday
Winner: David

Sierra VS. Rachel
Judge: David
Deadline For Fight: March 7th, Friday
Deadline For Judging: March 11th, Tuesday
Winner: Rachel

David VS. Sierra
Judge: Rachel
Deadline For Fight: March 25th, Tuesday
Deadline For Judging: March 29th, Saturday
Winner: No winner

When commenting, I suggest you click the “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” box so that you can keep up with your team. You will be first sent a confirmation email! Its a great way to keep up!


  1. Rebecca King - March 10, 2014

    For Fight 3 you will fight in a forest. Now a forest fire is approaching from all sides and the longer you take to fight, the more and more it will encroach towards the center to engulf the whole Arena. Good luck!

  2. Rebecca King - February 24, 2014

    Hey Sierra, how does your pencil turn into a sword? Just a short description would be awesome. :) Otherwise, I’m finished with Rachel’s fight against you.

  3. David - February 18, 2014

    The battle will be in a outdoor collieseum during a blizzard

  4. Rebecca King - February 18, 2014

    Good job, David, on the win! What is the terrain like for the next fight?

  5. Rebecca King - February 13, 2014

    I finished writing out my fight from Rachel’s POV. Once David emails his to me, I’ll post it for you to judge, Sierra!

  6. Rebecca King - February 12, 2014

    Hey David,

    Have you begun to write your story for the first fight?

    Rachel was forced to drop out, so I will be taking her place. In order to not mess up your story, I was wondering if you had started to write it with her in it. If not, I’ll be taking her place and will be switching other everything to a new character. If you have started to write, I will simply just write it as her.

    Let me know,
    Rebecca King

  7. Rebecca King - February 8, 2014

    Since there has been some confusion, I’ll pick the environment. It will be set in an underground cave. :) Good luck!

  8. Sierra - February 6, 2014

    sure, no problemo…sounds fun :)

  9. Rebecca King - February 5, 2014

    Hey Arena Judges,

    Make sure you tell the other fighters what environment the Arena is set as to write in. For example it can be in a forest, dessert, blazing snowstorm, etc. Let them know so they can start writing their fights!


  10. David - February 2, 2014

    Can the setting be located in an underground cave like In the battle of the labyrinth book

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