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Welcome to Team F! This page is only for Team F members only. If you are participating in The Arena and want to talk or taunt other Arena fighters, head to The Arena Chatter where you can do this in the comments.

Hey Team, feel free to remain your team as long as it corresponds with the letter. Make it Greek and fun then let Rebecca know and she’ll change it.

Two of the players will write out a fight against the other. The third player will judge the stories. Each of the three players will get a chance to fight each other. The player with the most wins will move on to face other winners from the other teams. The two players who didn’t move on will become judges. The amount of teams depends on how many join.

With your fighting story, it must take place in The Arena (it will be like the Colosseum, but with the terrains differing depending on what the judge wants) and you must write the other player realistically. The other player can’t suddenly be a mindless dummy running into a trap when they are a child of Athena. If you’re not sure how to write how the other player would react then ask your teammates for help. Even though you will be fighting (or judging) them, also make them your friends and have fun! Make sense?

Now, you will have time to write the stories. Your fight can be super short or super long, it depends on what you want to do. You will have 2 weeks to write it. So if you write only seventy words per day, you’ll end up with a 1,000 words which is awesome!

Have questions? You can always email Rebecca at!

For example stories, here are two fighting stories from Capture the Flag by Rebecca and Jason: Jason vs. Rebecca.

Email your story to with your name, team, and who you were facing.

Team Members

Parent: Apollo
Weapons/Magical Items: Golden bow & arrows, Invisibility ring (like the Ring of Gyges)
Abilities: Ability to bring a sudden plague upon someone or lift any sickness.
Other: I have long dark hair, hazel eyes and pale skin.

Parent: Athena
Weapons/Magical Items: Celestial Bronze Sword, Invisible Yankee Cap, Pepper spray bottle shield
Abilities: Super smart

Parent: Athena
Weapons/Magical Items: short sword, tiny shield, sack of small bombs which when it explodes turn into flour
Abilities: Quite good with a sword, fast reflexes, good with battle strategies & agile

Fighting Schedule

Nicole VS. Elena
Judge: Wendy
Deadline For Fight: February 17th, Monday
Deadline for Judging: February 21st, Friday
Winner: Elena

Wendy VS. Nicole
Judge: Elena
Deadline For Fight: March 7th, Friday
Deadline For Judging: March 11th, Tuesday
Winner: Wendy

Elena VS. Wendy
Judge: Nicole
Deadline For Fight: March 25th, Tuesday
Deadline For Judging: March 29th, Saturday
Winner: Wendy

When commenting, I suggest you click the “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” box so that you can keep up with your team. You will be first sent a confirmation email! Its a great way to keep up!


  1. Nicole Strain - March 12, 2014

    The terrain is an old abandoned city.

  2. EgoTerreo - March 12, 2014

    Is the setting already known?

  3. athenagirl25 - March 7, 2014

    hey guys have you finished your stories for the second fight yet?

    • Nicole Strain - March 7, 2014

      Hey guys I’m sorry. I talked to Rebecca yesterday because I’ve been really sick the past couple weeks and haven’t been able to concentrate on writing. So congrats to Wendy, she wins. I can’t wait to read your fights :)

      • EgoTerreo - March 8, 2014

        Well, that’s funny, because I was doubting if I had to email Rebecca about me skipping this round because I couldn’t write. But I feel sorry for you that you couldn’t participate. How are you now?

  4. athenagirl25 - February 19, 2014

    Wendy and Nicole, the terrain for the next fight is a tropical rain forest. Good Luck!

  5. athenagirl25 - February 6, 2014

    I thought instead of just it being cold we could do a wintery theme. Like with frozen lakes and stuff like that.

    • EgoTerreo - February 7, 2014

      Fine with me, I don’t know how the other one thinks about it.. Maybe you can also do that it has bin quite rainy the days before, so the ground is frozen. Think you can do quite much with that (:

  6. Rebecca King - February 5, 2014

    Hey Arena Judges,

    Make sure you tell the other fighters what environment the Arena is set as to write in. For example it can be in a forest, dessert, blazing snowstorm, etc. Let them know so they can start writing their fights!


  7. athenagirl25 - February 4, 2014

    wendy, what type of terrian is it supposed to be?

    • EgoTerreo - February 6, 2014

      Just think it’s the easiest to keep it dry and maybe somewhere between the 20-25 degrees.. But if you want something different, maybe a little more interesting, just say it ;p

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