Attack of the Evil Cupcakes by Sarah Lynn

Attack of the Evil Cupcakes by Sarah Lynn

Sarah Lynn wrote this for a school assignment and since it is PJ themed wanted to share it with all of us!

Attack of the Evil Cupcakes

It was a clear cool night on the Argo II everything was peaceful. No monsters were attacking. The sails were down and filling with the breeze. Festus, the dragon figurehead, was keeping watch. All the demigods were sleeping below in their cabins; Coach Hedge had just made his rounds checking on them.  So now he too was sleeping peacefully. It was such a beautiful night. The stars were glittering in the clear dark sky; the moon shone brightly illuminating the deck of the ship with a soft glow. Waves gently rocked the Argo II. Suddenly, the peace and quiet was interrupted by a loud high-pitched sound like a mixer. Festus roared in alarm. Coach Hedge bolted out of bed and grabbed his baseball bat. He raced up the stairs as fast as his furry goat legs would carry him up onto the deck. He looked up into the sky then stared at the water around him looking for something to beat with his awesome moves. He saw nothing. Coach Hedge started toward the side of the Argo II and peered down into the water. He saw nothing again. He continued to stare deep into the water willing for something to appear. After a few minutes the ocean started to bubble and huge waves started rocking the ship madly from side to side.

Coach Hedge picked up his baseball bat waving it in the air screaming at the top of his lungs “DIE!!!!!!!”

At that moment the waves stopped pounding the ship and the ocean stopped bubbling. Coach Hedge looked at the ocean smugly.

“Yeah that’s right I’m the boss.”

Then he began to do a victory dance waving his baseball bat in the air yelling, “Eat this Ocean.”

In reply there was a loud groan.  Then storm clouds covered the sky and it started raining. It was raining cupcakes. Coach Hedge stood there in shock with his mouth hanging open. His eyes started to water.

A single tear slipped down his face and he wiped it away saying, “It’s so beautiful.”

He stood there for a few minutes just staring in shock at all the cupcakes piling up on the deck then he realized what was happening. He picked one up, looked at it then was about to put it into his mouth when suddenly it grew legs. Coach Hedge screamed and dropped the cupcake. All around him cupcakes were growing legs and opening their eyes, the sprinkles were the eyes. They started to run around shooting out webs of ooey gooey icing. Coach Hedge couldn’t believe what he was seeing so he did the one thing he knew best.

He yelled, ”DIE EVIL CUPCAKES!!!” then charged.

He smashed cupcakes left and right showing no mercy to the poor little cupcakes. Some of the cupcakes went down the stairs to get the demigods. There were loud cries of surprise and terror as the cupcakes captured the seven demigods. About 10 minutes later they were all tied to the mast but Coach Hedge. Who was still running around waving his baseball bat and Karate chopping cupcakes. This lasted for oh about another 30 seconds then he too was trapped and tied to the mast with the others. The demigods were all unconscious because they had gotten injected with a fluid that knocked them out. It seems pretty bad but more was coming. Suddenly the ocean started to churn, a ginormous Whale Shark swam toward the ship pulling a giant circular pan with the Mother cupcake in it. There were smaller cupcake trays attached to the back for her babies to ride in. The Demigods were taken and tied down in one of the cupcake places then the rest of the cupcakes jumped into their spots. The whale shark turned around sharply and they headed out to sea. After 2 Hours of sailing Coach Hedge saw a huge island in the shape of a cupcake.

“Holy Cupcake,” Coach Hedge said awestruck.

He stared at it for a long time trying to believe what he saw then noticed a stream of smoke coming out the top of the Cupcake Island. It was a volcano. Once they reached shore the seven demigods were put in a giant mixing bowl with Coach Hedge and carried up to the top of the volcano. At the top of the Volcano they were set down, tons of chocolate was poured into the bowl and some very large sticks of butter were added. They were going to be melted down into chocolate!!! The bowl was knocked into the lava and the chocolate started to melt as well as the butter. All the cupcakes started to do a weird dance while the Mother Queen Cupcake grabbed a stirring stick. Then mixed together the demigods, Coach Hedge, the Chocolate and the butter. It started to get really hot. Just when Coach Hedge started to feel lots of pain he started screaming in anguish then woke up in his cabin drenched in sweat. He was panting hard trying to catch his breath when suddenly Percy, Annabeth, Frank, Leo, Piper, Hazel and Jason slammed the door open.

“What is it?” They asked in unison.

“It was just a Dream” Coach Hedge said. “Just a Dream.”

The End

Hey, I'm Rebecca! I'm a writer, an avid hiker, and rock climber. I love writing, from PJM posts to stories. Anything you want to know, just ask.

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  1. Gabby - October 28, 2014

    “The fall of the sun, the final verse.”
    The Sword of Summer in one of my theories, Sun=summer
    Leo had control of fire, fire=sun
    Final Theory: remember how Apollo’s punishment was never revealed? Apollo=sun or Apollo=god of poetry=final verse.
    I will bring this up until something is said about it. FIGHT THE POWER!!!!!!!
    You have been warned. :)

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