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RebeccaRebecca (1439)

Hey, I'm Rebecca! I'm a writer, an avid hiker, and rock climber. I love writing, from PJM posts to stories. Anything you want to know, just ask.

Percy Jackson MoviesPercy Jackson Movies (222) is the best place to find the latest and greatest news on the Percy Jackson movies along with anything to do with the world of demigods and monsters.

Kitkatgirl200Kitkatgirl200 (34)

Enthusiastic reader, writer, and Percy Jackson fan. Yes, read 'enthusiastic' as 'insane'. I don't like writing about myself, and when I do, it's a mess, and I always regret it later. My favorite books include: to many to count. Favorite way to pass time: I can't pass time, it runs much faster than me. Style of humor: See last sentence. Final note: Whether you're being chased by lamas or about to read one of my posts, I have one word of advise...Run.

Nic727Nic727 (29)

True Percy Jackson fans.
Being a demigod is dangerous, but with all of the demigods on this website, we can't be more happy. :D


Hey Demigods! I'm MAC.

A Student.Writer.Listener.Friend.Fan.Follower.

You're best friend in CHB.

twitter: @markjohnaguirre

livelysparrow97livelysparrow97 (26)

Hey! I'm a writer for as well as a fanfiction writer for I'm a devoted Percy Jackson and Lord of the Rings fan as well as enthusiastic about their film adaptions. I'm very devoted to my dog and I love the bright sunny countryside of Ohio!

Stump_CStump_C (25)

Hi I'm an aspiring film maker and dancer who just loves PJO and anyone else that does...this fandom is lonely in the UK. But HEY! that's what the internet is for right? So yeah if you like small Asian guys with British accents then you should check out , if you do then I'll give you the highest of virtual fives. Also if anyone is reading this and from the UK then finish off this in the comments "OLLI OLLI OLLI" (football one, not the rude rhyme ;P)

KadenKaden (18)

My name is Kaden. I am a devoted Demigod, and a teenage writer and tech designer (I created the new background for Percy Jackson Movies). I love to read, and some of my favorite series are Michael Vey, Fablehaven, Beyonders, The 13th Reality, and of course PERCY JACKSON! I have also been following the production of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters since mid 2011, which only adds to my status as a true Demigod. I also enjoy making YouTube videos, dream movie casts for books in particular. (Also, if you have any questions about books you should read or authors you should meet or actors you should stalk, I'm the guy to ask.)

Kara Acosta (Mrs. Percy Jackson)Kara Acosta (Mrs. Percy Jackson) (11)

My name is Kara Acosta(obviously) and I am a HUGE fan of the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus series. I'm currently a rising freshman and my hobbies are playing video games, writing, and reading. Percy Jackson is my all-time favorite series for so many reasons. A lot of it is Percabeth... I would probably rather live in a hole than live without Percabeth (Agh! Mark of Athena :/). It's also just an overall amazing series because it's got a little bit of everything for readers of all ages and it proves that there is a little hero in all of us. Glad to be part of the family! ^.^

Seaweed Brain AtomSeaweed Brain Atom (10)

Hi! I am Atom! I am one of the biggest fans of Percy Jackson (both books and films). I hope you would want to read my writings about Percy and the other demigods. I see myself in the future as a Math professor, an author of a fantasy book (I'm writing in right now) and a filmmaker. That's it, demigods! Enjoy reading! :)))

Follow me on twitter: @DemigodWizard12. I'm Mr. Indivisible. That is the meaning of my name, which has a Greek origin. :)

DilipDilip (9)

Hi everyone, I'm Dilip, a 24yr old dude from india. What interests me? Well, reading novels (only fantasy), watching movies, listening to music and chatting with facebook friends. I have been a huge PJ fan since last one year... Yeah you can call me a late lathif. It was on 11/9/2011 that i saw Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, and got hooked on to it, only then i started reading the books. Looking forward to writing articles here, hope you all like it.

musicluvrmusicluvr (8)

Hey! I'm Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena (also known as MUSICLUVR) and I love Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus because they help me escape everyday stress...and make me laugh...and cry too...I have been reading these books since I was in 4th grade (I'm in 11th this year) and reread and reread these books! I guess you could say I eat sleep and dream Percy Jackson! I recently found PJM and have loved it (so far) I try to comment on the new posts as soon as I can...but hey being busy is being busy...there's nothing you can do about it! Anyways I also love Gymnastics, school, reading (duh), art, music and learning new things!! I can't wait to begin be prepared to laugh and recognize yourselves in my posts!

MikeMike (6)

I like Percy Jackson because its full of fantasy myths and I've been reading the books and I've watched to movie,and that's why i like Percy Jackson(books and movies).follow me on twitter

PatricierPatricier (4)

Patrick J. McKenna. An outgoing, inquisitive guy with big aspirations and an even bigger imagination.

NeigesTheSnowGodNeigesTheSnowGod (1)

Hi there! I'm Neiges, the newest Author for PJM. A Rock Afire Explosion fan from the U.S.A. Go Rolfe and Earl! @thesnowgod1 (twitter)





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