Blue Team vs Nemean Lion

Blue Team vs Nemean Lion

The Red Team for Capture the Flag unleashed the Nemean Lion on my team! Here is our battle!

Blue Team
Rebecca, Daughter of Athena (Team Leader)
Hannah, Daughter of Athena
Jk, Son of Apollo
Kieran, Daughter of Athena
Kaila, Daughter of Athena
Nyssa, Daughter of Hephaestus
Rodrigo, Son of Athena
Sky, Daughter of Zeus

About the Nemean Lion:

Blue Team vs Nemean Lion

“Team, this is how we’re going to do it,” Rebecca said looking around at all her teammates. “We’re going to put six archers aiming at this cat. The Nemean Lion’s weakness is its mouth. We cannot hurt it otherwise. Jk, Kieran, and Kaila, you’ll be Sierra One. Hannah, Rodrigo, and Sky, you’ll be Sierra Two. Your job is it aim for its mouth. Nyssa and I will be Delta One. We’ll try our best to get this monster to open his mouth. Sierra One, stay on our left flank. Sierra Two, on our right. Remember, keep your distance from the lion. Your weapons will be useless against it. His claws are so sharp they will slice through your armor. Stick together and protect each other’s backs. Let’s track this beast.”

The three groups separated, but kept in eyeshot of each other. The two flanking groups had arrows notched. Rebecca had her sword sheathed and shield slung across her back, watching the ground and the plants for any activity of a roaming lion. Nyssa had flames at the ready. The team leader could feel the heat coming from the warrior. Rebecca could hear movement up ahead and held up hand to signal everyone to stop. It was something making its way through the bushes. Cautious, stealthy… defiantly a lion. The others heard it too and aimed at the ready for once it revealed itself. Nyssa’s hand burst into flames. Rebecca moved the shield around to hold it in her right hand then drew her sword.

The Nemean lion charged out of the bushes, deeply growling. The lion was massive and rattled the ground. He roared making the ears of the demigods ring. Leaves shook off the trees. Six arrows rapidly shot towards its mouth with a seventh from Jk not far behind. The lion was too wise to be killed so easily. Before the arrows could reach its mouth, he closed it and charged towards Sierra One. Jk, Kieran, and Kaila scrambled away to a nearby tree to take some shelter. The rest of Blue Team ran after it.

Kieran dropped her bow to the ground and pulled off her owl-shaped necklace. She whispered to it and the eyes on the necklace began to glow. The necklace expanded outwards until it was a shield. The wings were no longer tucked, but spread out as if it was going to fly. Orange eyes glared back at the lion. She slipped her hand through the shield strap which had been the necklace cord. She held it in front of her and her two friends to protect them.

The lion didn’t attack, but hesitated at the sight of the shield. He crouched low to the ground and paced back and forth in front of the three. A wall of flames slammed the lion in its rear. Not even fire could harm it. He whirled around and roared at Nyssa and Rebecca. An arrow from behind Delta One caught the lion in the inside of its lips. He snapped his jaw down on the arrow, cutting it in half. Unfortunately, the wound was not enough to kill it.

It lunged at Nyssa and Rebecca rushed forward to meet its claws. The lion raked down the shield. Its sharp claws cut through the metal and into Rebecca’s arm. The weight of the lion was too much and pushed her to the ground. The lion roared down at her face covering her with saliva and terrible breath. Nyssa shot a flame at the lion as it roared. It screamed in pain as the flames licked the inside of its mouth. It backed away from the team’s captain, whimpering in pain. He wasn’t closing his mouth. They had to defeat it now.

“Guys, kill it,” Nyssa yelled.

Hannah, Rodrigo, and Sky shot arrows into its mouth. It screamed in pain and whipped around to run away. Sierra One was waiting for it. Jk, Kieran, and Kaila sent a barrage of arrows into the Nemean lion’s mouth. Jk shot off three times as many. With a mouthful of arrows, the lion collapsed to the forest floor. Its body dissolved until all that was left was a pelt of its weapon-proof fur.

“Who wants it?” Rebecca asked getting to her feet. She threw aside her destroyed sword and looked down at her arm. The slashes were deep. She would have needed stitches in the modern world. Jk handed her a piece of ambrosia. It would help stop the bleeding, but it wouldn’t completely heal for at least a couple of days.

A few of the teammates cheered or patted each other on the back. All of them knew it was not the end of Capture the Flag and couldn’t wait to see what happened next. Rebecca walked over to the pelt and as her hand touched it, it changed into a jacket. She turned to her teammates, smiling, and handed the jacket to Jk.

Hey, I'm Rebecca! I'm a writer, an avid hiker, and rock climber. I love writing, from PJM posts to stories. Anything you want to know, just ask.

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  1. jk - November 1, 2012

    How can you write this?? You are like profecionmal!!nice job and GO BLUE TEAM!!

  2. Hannah - October 29, 2012

    (under LivelySparrow97′ comment)
    *sigh* I wish I could say the same for your team…

  3. LivelySparrow97 - October 28, 2012

    Well done. Congrats Blue Team, I’m glad our monster didn’t pose too much of a challenge for you.

  4. Kitkatgirl200 - October 28, 2012

    I wish I could say something about this, but I decided that I’m going to be all secretive. So really there is no use in commenting. But I’m going to anyway. 0_o

  5. Jason - October 28, 2012

    Hmmmmm i am amused

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