BREAKING: Logan Lerman Says ‘Percy Jackson 3’ Is Officially Dead!

BREAKING: Logan Lerman Says ‘Percy Jackson 3’ Is Officially Dead!

BREAKING NEWS! I highlighted in red the main points as he talks about Titan’s Curse being dead. From

Logan Lerman Says ‘Percy Jackson 3’ Is Officially Dead

Official Still: Logan Lerman in Percy Jackson Sea of MonstersLogan Lerman won’t be returning to the role of Percy Jackson in a third film based on the long running YA fantasy series of the same name. In fact, a third movie won’t be happening at all.

“It’s not happening,” Lerman said when MTV News asked about a threequel at the junket for Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming biblical fantasy “Noah.”

Lerman starred as the title character in 2010’s “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief,” as well as last year’s “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.” The first two movies followed the title character, the demigod son of Poseidon as he survived the life of a hero-in-training at Half-Blood Camp while battling the forces of the Titan Kronos.

The award-winning “Percy Jackson: The Titan’s Curse” would have been the next book in the series coming to the big screen — presumably in 2015 or 2016, if the pace of the first two films’ release was continued — following Percy and his allies’ attempts to rescue the goddess Artemis and Percy’s long-time friend Annabeth from the clutches of their kidnappers.

“It’s been a great experience for me,” Lerman said of the role. “It’s opened up a lot of doors for me, but I don’t think it’s happening.” One of those doors is playing the role of Ham, middle son of Noah (Russell Crowe) in Aronofsky’s (“The Fountain”) epic flood fantasy. It was a role that he wasn’t even sure he’d be offered.

“I was interested in this movie before I even knew what it was. I heard that Darren Aronofsky was making a film, and there [were] potentially two roles that I could play, and I was like, ‘I’m in for either one of them.’ ”

Initially, the actor went in to audition for the role of Shem (which would ultimately go to his co-star Douglas Booth), when the director asked him to read for the part of Ham. “It was actually the role I wanted more,” Lerman says. “It’s the role I liked more. There’s a lot of tension between [Ham] and Noah throughout the script and I really responded to that.”

“Noah” will be in theaters March 28th.

So sad to see this! What are your thoughts?

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  1. Debby - February 15, 2015

    Make and release next movie!!!!!

  2. Sami Regague - January 28, 2015

    Percy Jackson 2, used 90 million dollars to make and they got 220 million from it. so… MAKE ANOTHER ONE!!!

  3. daughter of poseidon - August 24, 2014

    Why want everyone chance the actors because they are to old? It is only a number and when they are acting you don’t see how old they are.

    • Christopher - September 29, 2014

      Logan is being a total fool by not wanting to finish his series. I was a HUGE fan of him and that’s now ruined. Thanks a lot Logan! Why can’t you just finish this series?!

  4. ;-) - July 7, 2014

    I’m so shocked! Excuse me, but the two frst Percy Jackson movies have been a HUGE succes! Don’t get me wrong, but if there isn’t a third it would be ridiculous. Nowadays, most of the people prefer watching movies than reading books because they are lazy. If there isn’t a third movie, well the number of people who would buy the Percy Jackson books will not AT ALL be so big and Rick Riordan won’t get the money he earns now!! And I do not want the serie P.J. to disappear like many other books ==> movies. And also, the main cast (Percy, Annabeth, Grover…) want the third movie to exist and of course, want to be in it! If the author of the movie wants to continue being such a hit , so famous well he/she HAS to make a third movie… And quickly! Because after that, people will lose interest in that series and forget about it! It’s the cycle I mentioned before…

    REPLY if you AGREE

    • morgan - September 7, 2014

      i agree but i would write a letter to rick cause he needs to know and if there was a cliff-hanger there has to be another part if logan dosnt want to fine! but wether he likes it or not he is goin to do the role and i can tell rick that if he wants to!

    • Ava - September 29, 2014

      I agree. I am a 62-year-old grandmother and I want to see the rest of the series of books come to life. I thoroughly enjoy watching the first two Percy Jackson movies over and over again. Don’t make the mistake of not making the rest of the series. Quit lollygagging around and get it done!

    • Christopher - September 29, 2014

      I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!! HOW CAN THERE NOT BE A THIRD MOVIE WITHOUT LOGAN IN IT???!!! This is ridiculous. How can they not finish the series. Come on Logan, everybody loves ya! They want you to finish this series. SO DO IT!!!!!

    • aunon - January 26, 2015

      The movies weren’t huge successes and they were awful depictions of the books. The books are widely popular and are one of the most successful series of the last decade. The movies barely made a profit because they were so bad and received such low ratings. There is no doubting, they just don’t want to lose again. I’m for one happy that they won’t do a third movie because they screwed up the first two so badly that it is impossible to recover.

    • kate - March 25, 2015

      yeah i agree totally i love percy jackson so it would be sooo stupid if they dont make it happen it could be the next harry potter movie series !!!!

  5. kirk - April 10, 2014


  6. DJ - March 26, 2014

    He said he doesn’t THINK it will happen, he didn’t say it officially…. still hope??

  7. claire geisler - March 26, 2014

    i am looking forward to the remake :)

  8. Fantastic Torch - March 26, 2014

    ‘,’,’,’,’,’,’,’,’,’,’,’,’,’,’,’,) :

  9. SeaweedBrainLuv - March 26, 2014

    What about the Heroes of Olympus series?!?!?!?! I really wanted to see who would play Leo, Piper, Jason, Frank, Hazel, Reyna, and all those people. I even had a imaginary cast in mind!! (ignore that last part)

  10. LivelySparrow97 (Louis, Son of Tyche) - March 26, 2014

    Well, this is sad. Very very sad. I’m disappointed. I do not want animation, the thought makes me shudder. Maybe we’ll get a reboot. I really liked Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson and Alex as Annabeth though. I will say this though, if there ever was to be a reboot: 1) The actors should be similar aged to Logan and co. cast (I know they’re not 12 and all, but it makes it more believable) 2) It MUST follow the book closely. That is all.

  11. Underworld Visitor - March 26, 2014


  12. Laman Zubair (@percysbluecake) - March 26, 2014

    I am hoplessly, iretrivably sad. BUT there has been no official word from FOX so lets just take a step back everyone

  13. Seaweed Brain Atom - March 25, 2014

    If there would be an animation, let Logan and Alexandra and Brandon voice their respective characters. Same goes for the rest of the cast!

  14. hades - March 25, 2014


  15. Yasmine - March 25, 2014

    Are you kidding me! NO!!!!! They have to keep going. I wanted the Dam snack bar scene, even though they messed up the movies otherwise. The actors were sort of PERFECT for the parts (even if they were too old). Tears :'( Our fandom will die with Blood of Olympus! :'(

  16. wisegirl127 - March 25, 2014

    this is so sad! how could they just stop in the middle of the series???!!!!

  17. genevie - March 25, 2014

    Aww I’m sad to I love the book the titans curse it’s awesome I am going to miss seeing Logan lerman acting as Percy Jackson I was so exited for the titans curse movie that sucks because Logan lerman is my favorite actor:-) . But I can’t wait to see him star as ham in the movie Noah:-) :-) . Think he is perfect for that role. I congratulate him.


  18. Gianna - March 25, 2014

    Oh MY GOSH this is sooooooo sad!!!!!!! The Titans Curse was my favorite book why!!!!! Im so sad for PALOMA she was barely geting her start in these films!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOGAN WAS A PERFECT PERCY! WHEN I READ BOOKS I CANT HELP THINK OF PERCY AS HIM!

    POSITIVE: i mean you guys are right, LOTS of things were inacurate since the first film came out. This could let someone else make the films, start from scratch, FIX everything.

    MORE NEGATIVE: but on the other hand who is going to want to take on a project this hard!?!?! People would be even less likely to like the new versions of the movies (even more) because now they WILL have soemthing to compare them to!!!!!! Not like the lame Harry Potter excuse!

  19. Sarianna - March 25, 2014


  20. musicluvr (Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena) - March 25, 2014

    WOW! I and sad and happy about this news….I was hoping they would keep going and the movies would just keep getting better. Logan was a pretty good Percy :( …but on the other hand we could start from scratch with PEOPLE WHO HAVE READ THE BOOKS AND KNOW THE CHARACTERS!!!!! :) Rebecca…..I agree Animation would be very very very cool!!!!! :)

  21. Kieran - March 25, 2014

    This is sad, but, I have to say, this could be a great thing, some company who might have actually read the books could remake them now.

  22. Emily - March 25, 2014

    sighs well I don’t like how he just dropped out in the middle, but I have to say the movies were hopelessly inaccurate. So we should probably just start from scratch.

  23. Kristen Mcshane - March 25, 2014

    Hi Really Upset By This News Sea Of Monsters Was My Fave Movie We Need LOGAN LERMAN & WE NEED TITANS CURSE. They Made All The Harry Potter Films & Hopefully Still Going With Narnia Why Not Percy Jackson? Not Happy Kristen.

  24. SeaweedBrainLuv - March 25, 2014

    No Titan’s Curse?!?!? I might die…

  25. Dory - March 25, 2014

    omg!!!! nooo! this was the worst news I’ve ever got! :(((((((
    omg I can’t imagine anyone else as percy instead of logan :( logan please nooo

  26. EgoTerreo - March 25, 2014

    He’s just joking.. He must be joking. I’m going to make myself believe that he’s joking untill there comes an official note that he isn’t joking.

  27. Rebecca King - March 25, 2014

    Tweet out #WeNeedTitansCurseMovie if you still want Titan’s Curse to happen!

  28. Rebecca King - March 25, 2014

    But on the bright side this may not be exactly true… or this will give us a chance (like Hannah said) at a reboot! I’m hoping for animation!

  29. Rebecca King - March 25, 2014

    As sad as this is, I was afraid this was coming… Just hope we can get an official word from Fox.

  30. Hannah - March 25, 2014

    I’m sad, as Titan’s Curse is my favourite book, but this means that a company could remake them now, maybe more accurately etc

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