Camp Half-Blood: Part 2 of The God of Snow

Camp Half-Blood: Part 2 of The God of Snow

This is written by Neiges and is split into four parts! After you read, tell him what you think in the comments! For Part 1: Nick.

Chapter 2

So Grover took me to the place called ‘Camp Half-Blood’. It was in a valley and it looked like a regular farm. But when I stepped inside the so-called ‘magical boundaries’, the place twisted a little bit and when it untwisted I saw the most weird sight in the world. A huge sky-blue 4-story building with white trim stood in the middle of the valley. An open-air dining… What do you call it? A pavilion. That’s it. A dining pavilion stood in the middle of lots of the weirdest looking cabins. A climbing wall (if you could call it a climbing wall) stood like a mountain not far from a stables with horses and the horses had.. No, I told myself. It must be a hallucination. The horses couldn’t have wings.

‘Well, then why are some flying?’ I told myself. An amphitheater was next to the cabins.

“Come on, Nick. I’ll give you the tour,” said Grover.

The tour was a blur. The cabins each represented a god. Zeus and Hera were at the front. On the male side were Poseidon, Ares, Hephaestus, Dionysus, Hermes and Apollo. On the girl side, there was Aphrodite, Demeter, Artemis, and Athena. There was also Hades, and a lot of minor gods that would be to long to list. Nick was undetermined, so he would be in the Hermes cabin. Next they went to the climbing wall. It spouted lava and released avalanches. Plus, if you didn’t get to the top fast enough, the two walls crashed together. Also there: an amphitheater, a racing track, an arena, and of course the house which Grover said was the Big House. It was pretty cool. There were some nice kids there. Percy Jackson, from Poseidon. Annabeth Chase, from Athena. Thaila, from Zeus, to name a few. Chiron was activities director. And of course there was the boring camp director Dionysus. It was awesome.

That night, as everyone went to bed, Nick was brushing his teeth.

His toothbrush froze.

The next morning, he heard a call of “ATTACK!”

And he thought it would be normal, because this was a camp for heroes. But there were campers who looked worried. I asked them what was up and why they were so nervous. They said the camp had magical boundaries and no monsters could get in. He was starting to get a little worried himself, when he saw the monster that was there.

“OH MY GODS!!!!” Someone screamed. Nick went from worried to completely terrified in a split second.

The monster that was invading was Typhon.

Continue onto Part 3: The Attack

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