Can a MINI Cooper tow a Hummer? Red Team in the Junkyard of the Gods Part 2

Can a MINI Cooper tow a Hummer? Red Team in the Junkyard of the Gods Part 2

“This is bad,” Ashe said grimacing, “Everyone is unconscious.” She turned to Louis, “Quick, we have to give ambrosia and nectar to Cate!”

After Cate regained some of her strength, she shakily stood. “I’m okay,” she said.

“Look!” Louis exclaimed. The golden light created by the dice blew back around them, then dissipated into the remains of the mound Talos punched.

“What?” Ashe asked, “Was that supposed to mean something?”

Louis nodded excitedly, “You never know with my mother.” The three demigods made sure the other six were stable enough (albeit unconscious) to be left alone. Ashe, Cate, and Louis nearly swam over to the pile in the neck deep trash.

The light was now concentrated in one specific location. It was swirling around a pile of incredibly lifelike stone statues and Hermes’ multivitamin bottles.

Cate’s eyes were wide, “Could it be under them.” She tapped a statue of a dog with its ears down and tail between its legs as if it was frightened.

Ashe shrugged, “Even if it was, we would need a way to lift these statues out of the way.”

Cate picked up a price tag dangling off the dog statue, she read, “An Original Fido by Madame M. 20,000 Δρ (Drachmas) / $666.67.”

“In the market for garden statues?” Louis inquired. Cate laughed as she shook her head.

Ashe smacked her forehead. “Duh!” She exclaimed, “I know how we can move these statues.”

She reached into her shorts’ pocket and fished out her keys. The circular disk had the classic MINI logo on the top, while on the bottom a wild boar was pictured in from of two crossing spears. She waved her hand over the top and a screen popped out from the side. Ashe punched in a code then slid her keys back into her pocket. “Wait for it,” she said, smiling.

BOOM. Back towards the junkyard entrance, something had gone off.

Cate looked horrified, she yelled, “What did you do?”

Ashe grinned and pointed. In the sky, a missile had been launched and was blasting upwards. It began to angle off and alter course…right to the three demigods.

Ashe bit her lip, “Oh, we might want to get out of the way.”

Louis yelled, “Hit the deck.” The three demigods did a sprint/jump combination, as the missile made impact. Another explosion rocked the world. Quite literally, as the whole junkyard shifted from the blast.

Where the statues and bottles had once been, a crater lay. In the center of it, isolated from the rest of the junk, was the dilapidated body of an axle-less Hummer H1, complete with a peeling red paint job as well as flame decals.

Ashe swept her arms around as the trio approached the center of the crater. She announced, “Behold! The Ares-mobile!” As she said it, the windshield shattered.

Cate observed sarcastically, “It seems to be in good repair.”

“It’s been used well, World War One I think,” Ashe explained.

“The Hummer is that old? I believe it.” Louis said, noting the general lack of wheels. Ashe shrugged in answer. The trio descended the steep crater sides.

Louis gestured towards the Hummer, “Ashe, seeing that you’re a daughter of Ares, I believe you should approach it first.”

Ashe nodded and slowly made her way to the driver’s seat. She wrenched open the door with her spear and hopped inside. Despite being the war god’s car, it was pretty old compared to her souped up Mini. She could still sense of all of the bullets, grenades, guns, and flamethrowers stashed in it though.  The daughter would have liked to drive the Hummer out of the junkyard and back to Camp Half-Blood in a blaze of glory, but the missing axle was a slight problem. The crater in which it sat was also a problem.

She stepped out and called to her teammates, “All clear!” Cate and Louis were at Ashe’s side in seconds. She told them, “To move this, we’re going to need some help.”

The sun had just begun to set in the sky, but the trio was making progress. Ashe had blasted through the junk with numerous missiles to create a road, capable of supporting her limousine. The endless barrage of explosions, wracked the eardrums of the daughter of Poseidon and son of Tyche. Finally, the road was ready.

Ashe sprinted into her car and revved up. The Cooper zoomed towards the crater as astonishing speed. The car swerved and spun so the rear end faced the crater. Working like automatons, Louis and Cate tied a rope (from Medea’s 2005 Camping Collection) on the trailer hitch of the MINI and to the front of the Hummer. Louis smirked, “You do realize Cate that we’re praying that a MINI Cooper can tow a Hummer.” He then gave a thumbs up to Ashe’s reflection in the Cooper’s mirrors. The daughter of Ares gunned the engine, pulling the Hummer about an inch.

Cate screamed over the roar of the Cooper, “Give it all you got!!” Ashe floored the pedal and the engine redlined. The Hummer began to slide forward until it reached the near 90° angle of the crater’s sides.

Ashe’s voice boomed across the junkyard on her car’s PA system, “PUSH!”

Cate looked at Louis in disbelief, “Its like 6000 pounds! How can we push it?!” Louis grabbed Cate’s arm anyway and dragged her over to the Hummer. The two demigods heaved and hoed on the Hummer’s back. Another pair of shoulders joined them, Atom and Thuthu. Soon, Mark John and Dilip, then Armita and Dimitris joined and they all began to push as a unified team.

The gods must have looked with favor upon their children, because the Hummer began to slide upwards. Ten minutes flew by as mere seconds, as the Red Team pushed and drove their way to success. Another ten minutes found the team gathered outside the junkyard.

Dimitris looked around and questioned their next move, “What now?”

Ashe smiled, “We’re going to buy this thing a new axle.”


Hours later…..


Ashe’s MINI Cooper pulled into Camp Half-Blood’s strawberry field lined driveway, with Louis driving. Behind it, the Hummer H1 pulled in, Ashe at the wheel. Headlights shined over the Big House. Louis signaled Ashe and at the same time they both shifted into neutral and revved the engine. The roar awoke the entire camp. Lights appeared in the windows of the Big House. Shortly, Chiron clomped out, curlers in tail, and a robe on his human upper body. Soon the entire camp had emptied out the cabins and surrounded the new vehicles. The Red Team piled out of the cars and held in laughs at two hundred plus demigods and a centaur in pajamas.

“Well done demigods,” Chiron said grumbling in a sleepy voice, “You managed to break curfew for all us.” He glanced momentarily at the Hummer then spoke in a just slightly clearer voice,  “We’ll talk more in the morning. Everybody to bed.”

The two hundred demigods filed back into their cabins eager and anxious for the results of the judge.

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