I don’t think this fanfiction is quite as good as the stories I did for PJM’s Capture the Flag segment, but I thought I’d post it! I hope all you demigods like it!

Chapter One

Capture the Flag was the favorite game of all the demigods at Camp Half-Blood. Tonight though, was going to be the biggest game yet. This was going to be the first game in nearly eight months. Preparation was moving swiftly, as everyone (even the Aphrodite cabin) was excited. This time was different though. There were new demigods of different godly parentage. Plus, it was summer now and the Olympian gods has kept their promise. The demigods equaled nearly two hundred and tonight they were all going to fight. It would prove to be thrilling.

Throughout the warm July day, the Ares cabin stockpiled various weapons inside their cabin: grenades, missiles, javelins, poison darts, and celestial bronze swords. They cheerily promised a heck (they used a slightly stronger word) of a game tonight. The Apollo campers took a similar approach by sharpening their arrows and tightening their bow strings. Even the Aphrodite cabin was preparing. They spent their day checking their reflections in the swords they were polishing.

Another important thing happening between and during preparation was the creation of alliances. Through underhanded and lucrative deals as well as trade-offs and a fair amount of bribery the teams began to form. By noon, the Poseidon cabin (blue team) allied itself with Athena, Hephaestus, Hermes, and Apollo. The red team consisted of the rest led by the Ares cabin: Demeter, Aphrodite, and Dionysius. The minor gods’ cabins had not made any alliances yet though.

The silk Athena banner snapped in the wind high above the command tent of the blue team. The grey tent lay in the picturesque hidden valley of Camp Half-Blood. The air smelled of ripening strawberries and salty ocean waters and sounded of reed pipes being played thoughtfully by satyrs. Beneath the owl flag, Annabeth finished laying out a strategy to her teammates which combined the best abilities of the five cabins. For now, they had a strong advantage of numbers and fighting ability.

“Malcolm,” Annabeth explained to her second-in-command, “You’ll lead the right flank of the Athena squad.” She turned to Leo Valdez of Hephaestus, “Your cabin will be our flag’s defense, do anything to repel them.” After another moment of calculating her plans again, she handed a signaling horn to Travis Stoll of Hermes, “You and Connor will divide your cabin and go straight through the center. An Will…,” she stared at the head counselor of the Apollo, “Your cabin is on sniper duty, both offensive and defensive.” Annabeth asked somewhat exhaustedly, “Are we clear everyone?” The cabin counselors nodded excitedly in agreement. The Poseidon and Athena cabins already knew that, for now, they were responsible for capturing the flag.

Percy Jackson, Annabeth’s boyfriend and hero of Olympus, put his arm around her and said, “Since we’re clear, you can..uh..clear out.” Annabeth rolled her eyes and brushed his arm away as the other four counselors walked off in a hurry to continue preparation.
She grabbed his arm back and dragged him towards the outer edge of the cabins, “Come on Percy, let’s go see if we can make some more alliances,” she said.

Until last summer, the cabin had only been a “U” shape, but now it was nearly a complete rectangle. The new cabins were for the children of the minor gods (with the exception of Hades, who was NOT a minor god as he insisted).

Annabeth marched Percy to those very cabins. Percy expected her to go the Hades cabin since he was a major god, but instead she headed in a different direction, to Cabin Seventeen. The cabin itself was impressive: all glass and steel with various colored banners lining the sides. A rubber running track surrounded the cabin and about twenty mountain bikes were parked in the artificial turf yard beside it. A large steel structure stood beside the cabin and contained every sports item a person could want. There also seemed to be an abundance of Nike shoes laying around. Weightlifting, running on the track, and obsessively exercising all around the cabin were the children of Nike. The twenty-three most athletic, competitive, and fitness oriented teenagers a person could ever see. Perfect for capture the flag. Percy smiled, they didn’t call the children of Athena wise for nothing. The Nike cabin would be a valuable asset for the team tonight. Then he frowned, the Ares cabin knows a good alliance when they see it too. The war god’s children may have beaten them to it.

Annabeth pulled a kid about fifteen years old off a treadmill. He yelped as he was nearly thrown backward by the machine. Percy tried to remember his name, Michael? No. Paul? No.

“Sean,” Annabeth said. Percy frowned again, Sean? I don’t remember a guy named Sean.

“Sean,” she continued, “Where’s your head counselor?” Sean was stretching up and down as he listened to Annabeth. He pointed to the cabin then took off running down to the track.

They followed Sean’s directions and walked toward the glass building. “If you ask me,” Annabeth said as walked inside, “Nike’s kids are better fighters than Ares’ kids. The Ares cabin fights to fight, but the Nike cabin fights to win.”

Inside the Nike cabin, was more astounding than the outside. The ground had been dug out beneath the cabin about in about the size of three football fields. The sun filled “space” beneath the glass cube contained an Olympic sized pool, a basketball court, a volleyball court, a tennis court, and multiple other courts, fields, and rings.

“Wow,” Percy said.

“It’s amazing what you can do with so little above-ground space, “ Remarked Annabeth, “Just look at the glass structural support beneath the weight room!”

Percy shook his head grinning, leave it to a child of Athena to be amazed by structural supports beneath a weight room.

After maneuvering their way through a couple regular sports games turned into hardcore exercise programs, they found Brandon Michezo, the head counselor. The son of Poseidon and daughter of Athena watched as Brandon took down two of his siblings in a “mixed martial arts” match.

A short blonde girl walked up to Annabeth and Percy and said, “If you want to talk to Brandon, it will have to be up there.” She gestured to the karate ring, “He doesn’t like to be disturbed when he’s doing that.” She grinned as she saw their faces of disbelief. “Good luck,” she said through a smile. The blonde demigod walked toward the multicolored ring.

Percy looked at Annabeth, “I’ll do it,” he said, “I can beat him.”

“No way, Seaweed Brain!” Annabeth laughed as she playfully punched his arm. “I’ve always wanted to see a fight between a child of victory and a child of war strategy.” Percy glanced between her and Brandon as she talked and he simultaneously took down another two opponents. She continued, “I guess I’ll actually be able to experience it!”

“A real thrill,” Percy said dryly as Brandon slammed the short blonde girl they had just talked to over the side of the ring. But Annabeth was already climbing up the side of the ring. A few of Nike’s children glanced as her in disbelief and others in amazement. Yep, ladies and gentleman, that’s my girlfriend, Percy thought.

Annabeth landed squarely in the ring after she jumped the side. Brandon second glanced her. He stood a few inches above her and had dark short cropped hair. He wore a tight fitting blue muscle shirt that displayed his gigantic muscles. Annabeth wore a simple pink tank top emblazoned with orange sequins and her light blond hair was loosely curled.

“Daughter of Athena,” Brandon exclaimed in a fittingly deep voice , “I respect your cabin greatly, but you’re in my territory now.” He laughed, “I’ll show you no mercy.” He reminded Percy of Clarisse, but more…able to win. Percy shook his head, the cabin, the power of Nike was messing with him. He wanted to think, Annabeth will lose……Nike and her kids…they’ll always win. Percy really hoped Annabeth wasn’t getting the same vibes.

“Less talk Brandon,” smirked Annabeth, “I thought Nike’s kids couldn’t talk so much.”
With that insult (albeit a minor one), Brandon lunged. Annabeth leapt sideways narrowly missing the first attack. Brandon swung his foot around catching Annabeth in the chin. She fell backwards, but quickly regained her footing. She feinted a punch to left, and got a swift side kick in as he dodged right. He swung a controlled fist forward, but Annabeth took it and flipped him over her. He didn’t let go though and kicked backwards hitting Annabeth in the thighs. She released him as she fell. She let out a momentary yell as he came for her again. Annabeth’s gray eyes narrowed, she would not be beat. She leapt high forward, using Brandon’s forward momentum to propel her over him. This gave her a chance to breathe. He came again, slowly, realizing he was facing a worthy opponent. His shirt was becoming shade darker with sweat.
“You’re good,” he said with grudging respect. He circled around her kicking like a whirlwind. Annabeth managed to dodge the first few kicks, then caught one. She heaved Brandon around letting him fly into the side of the ring. He groaned as he painfully stood. Percy noticed that he had a streak of blood across his face. Once again, Brandon attacked differently though. Now, he landed on his toes so as not to linger on the ground for more that a moment, more lithe and agile. Annabeth adapted a defensive strategy catching his strikes and trying to send them back to him. He swung a wide kick over her, a weird move as Percy saw it. As it passed over her, Annabeth tried to leap out its shadow but the return strike was too swift and powerful. It hit her side with bone-breaking force. Annabeth fell to her other side, panting heavily.

“Done?” Brandon asked through a suppressed smile.

“Done,” Annabeth said defeatedly. Brandon helped her up and called for a medic though Annabeth insisted she was fine. Nevertheless, a medic quickly checked her over as Percy managed to climb his way into the ring. The medic demigod declared that she was okay.

“Welcome to Cabin Seventeen! So what brings the head counselors of the Athena and Poseidon cabins here?” Brandon asked. “Cabin inspection perhaps?” He waved his hand at the multiple sports item strewn about the arena. He laughed, “As you can see we’re quite unprepared!”

“Not today,” Annabeth said as she glanced warily at a bruise that had just appeared on her arm, “To be frank, we want to make a temporary alliance with your cabin.”
“For Capture the Flag?”

“Yes,” she answered.

Brandon leaned back against the ring’s sides, no doubt wallowing in his victory. He responded, “You put up a good fight. As good as any child of Nike.” He opened a can of RedBull brought to him by a naiad. He took a sip then said, “But…we have already received an offer from the Ares cabin.”

Annabeth tilted her head, her eyes calculating at light speed. She spoke, “You didn’t accept, did you.”

Brandon also tilted his head quizzically. “No,” he affirmed, “We haven’t agreed to anything yet.”

The daughter of Athena smirked, “The children of Nike using wisdom to make a choice? Interesting.”

Brandon snorted, “We’ll use our wisdom,” he glanced at Annabeth, “and the wisdom of others…when it comes to winning. So far, you have a large advantage in battle skill among others.

A large scoreboard sounded, letting the entire cabin know the current scores of the many games in session. A cheer went up when the martial arts score said Michezo 15/Chase 12. Annabeth grimaced running her hand through her light blond hair.
Percy leaned forward expectantly, “So… you’ll accept our offer.”

Brandon grinned. “So, yes,” he said confidently.