Capture the Flag: In Which I Finally Stop Being Lazy. (Sorta)

Capture the Flag: In Which I Finally Stop Being Lazy. (Sorta)

Hello everyone! I’m back again to announce the winner of challenge two. (I’m not being biased I swear!) I’ll also apologies for being lazy. (Oh my gosh. My computer just made the most horrendous sound imaginable. This is what I get for dropping you. I thought the world was ending. Zombies.)

I thought, this time, instead of picking out things to judge on, I’ll just say who won (Rebecca pointed out that it was “obvious”)

So without further rambling the winner is…THE RED TEAM (Again)

Seriously, Ya’ll have got to stop being so awesome, we’ll get bored, then have a party when you actually loose. (The spell checker is saying I spelled ya’ll wrong. I’m from the hillbilly state; I think I know how to spell ya’ll. If I’m wrong I will forever be ashamed.)

(Ugh it made that noise again. I will also forever be startled by that noise. Why such a temper, laptop?)

I’ll start off by saying: those pictures? I was laughing. Hysterically. For at least three minutes. Once again, amazing job with the demigod powers. The Blue Team’s problem isn’t really that they don’t have cool powers, (I mean you all have a daughter of Zeus!) they just don’t seem to showcase their talents as much. Also, the Red Team manages to add things to this world that seem completely and totally cannon. (Hello, 560 Pegasuspower.) And might I add, I absolutely loved this- “Spears bristling, swords gleaming, cards bluffing, and all other unusual weapons pointed towards Talos.” The cards seem so out of place. It’s perfect.

As for why they actually won, at least one of the reasons, is the same reason Rebecca won the round with Jason. They both seemed to have to go through a lot more to reach their goal. (And might I add that Jason had direct help from the rest of the Red Team? ((With the net)) All the Blue team did was keep the Red Team busy. I’d say that’s indirect.)
They also took into account how long it took to find this giant car, and the Blue Team found their much smaller item quicker. (Or did I forget something. Bad judge.)

I also loved the dialogue between everyone. (I keep on wanting to say ‘characters’. My inner fantasy freak is showing. This should totally be made into fanfiction when we are done. :D )

Okay, I’m rambling now. I could go on longer, but I won’t.

The next challenge should be announced soon. And I have no idea what it is. ; )  (Really, I don’t.)

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  1. jk - November 14, 2012

    Nice job!! (WE´L GET YOU)

  2. Kieran - November 14, 2012

    Good job… But I’m annoyed.

  3. Hannah - November 14, 2012

    Congrats Reds. We will win the one on one.

  4. Jason - November 14, 2012

    *in cage laughing hysterically*

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