Capture the Flag: Mom! Dad!

“Mom! Dad! I need help!”

For Challenge Six, call down one of your parents to help. The other team must fight the god. It will be impossible to kill them, so you must trap or banish the god you face!

Blue Team‘s Parents: Athena, Aphrodite, Apollo, Hephaestus, Artemis, Zeus

Red Team‘s Parents: Hermes, Ares, Poseidon, Hades, Tyche, Dionysus, Athena

As a team, choose which god parent to call for help. Remember when you’re choosing that you won’t be the one to decide which environment the fight is taking place. Your team leader (Jason or Kieran) will make the final decision of which god. Do remember, Blue, from winning Challenge Four, you have a monster to use at your disposal so if the fighting gets tough, you can always call a monster to help. But make sure to use it wisely. Once you choose your god, let me know and I’ll notify the other teams.

Now for Challenge Six, who wants to write it for Blue Team? Who wants to write it for Red Team?

So far we have seen awesome writing from Louis, Jason, Kieran, Ashe, Hannah, Kitkatgirl200, and Ivy! I cannot wait to read more!

Any questions? Let me know.