Capture the Flag: More Announcements

Capture the Flag: More Announcements

I feel as if the quality of my titles have gone increasingly down hill in my last few posts.  Wah.

Anyways, I’m here to announce two things, the first being that Rebecca, captain of the Blue Team, won the one on one fight with the Red Team’s captain, Jason. I would LOVE to explain why I made this decisions, but I don’t really have a lot of time because I also have to announce the second thing. (I may share some thoughts later, if you all really want me to.)
That second thing would be the next challenge. I’m sure exactly how this is going to work, with the red team not having a captain and all, but the challenge is this:

Each Team (Don’t know why I capitalize that) will have to go into the Junkyard of the Gods, (The Titans Curse, remember guys?) retrieve an artifact from Greek Mythology, and get out alive.  Since Rebecca won the fight, she and her teammates will choose an item for each team to find. (One for themselves, the other for the Red Team.)  I want to mix it up a bit this time so you all will be judged in three different groups…I haven’t decided on yet. (Go crazy. Be imaginative. Have fun.) The deadline is next Friday. (Although it doesn’t matter that much. I just give you all a rough estimate so it actually gets done. I know I put everything off to the last minute.)

I think that is it. I think.

Oh, and for the Blue Team: If you can’t think of any items, I’ve always wondered how the Camp came to have Katoptris… (Hint hint)

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  1. MarkJohn - November 3, 2012

    junkyards of the gods?? hehe that’s nice.. :)

  2. MarkJohn - November 2, 2012

    Wow..It will be fun.. :)

    we won’t let blue team defeat us again

    RED TEAM!!

  3. Hannah - November 2, 2012

    …interesting. As my favourite book in the first series (PJO) and one of my personal favourite scenes, this will be a fun challenge.

  4. Jason - November 2, 2012


  5. Rebecca King - November 2, 2012

    At Jason: :P Say your goodbyes to your team.
    Kitkat: I would love to know all the reasons!
    Blue Team: We need a place to put Jason and figure out what items.

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