Red Team

Capture the Flag is over and the winner is…. BLUE TEAM! Congrats! 

This is Red Team’s page! Wondering what Capture the Flag is? Head to to read about it!

The Team
Jason, Son of Hermes, Team Leader
Akshaya, Daughter of Poseidon
Andy, son of Poseidon
April, daughter of Hermes
Armita, Daughter of Hades
Ashe, Daughter of Ares
Atom, Son of Poseidon
Braeden, son of Poseidon
Cate, Daughter of Poseidon
Chloe, daughter of Ares
David, Son of Poseidon
Dilip, Son of Hades
Dimitris, Son of Poseidon
Erin, daughter of Hermes
Gabe, Son of Hades
Gavin, son of Hades
Geneviève, Daughter of Poseidon
James, son of Hades
Gary, son of Poseidon
L, son of Chronos
Louis, Son of Tyche
Rhea, daughter of Poseidon
Mark John, Son of Dionysus
Nate, son of Moros
Nathaniel, Son of Poseidon
Nicolas, son of Poseidon
Percy, Son of Poseidon
Raph, son of Ares
Sierra, Daughter of Poseidon
Silverfang, Son of Hades
Thuthu, Daughter of Poseidon
Yasmine, Daughter of Poseidon

Detailed List of Each Player of Red Team

Jason, Son of Hermes
*Team Leader
*Flying shoes
*Staff which turns into sword

Akshaya, Daughter of Poseidon
*Has a power of breathing underwater, creating storms and can purify water from salty to fresh

Andy, son of Poseidon
*Powers: Can somewhat control people by controlling the water inside of them, control water, turn into any sea creature, water can heal me, breathe underwater, can stay dry
*Magic items/weapons: pen/sword, watch/shield, clothes turn into armor, reds baseball cap/helmet

April, daughter of Hermes
*weapon= throwing knives
*”powers”= contortionist(can fit in very small places), escape artist(can get out of rope binds and handcuffs), pick locks, and, I can disable security systems(including lasers)
*magic items= watch that can retrieve all 6 of my throwing knives

Armita, Daughter of Hades
*Helm of Hades and the Sword of Hades

Ashe, Daughter Of Ares
*Weapons: Celestial Bronze Spear that shoots out flames and electricity, and a small knife (TAKEN BY KIERAN)
*Has the ability to fight well with any weapon she picks up (a child of Ares thing)
*Being the daughter of Ares, she was born for fighting
*Owns a MINI Cooper limousine that is souped-up for the next World War

Atom, Son of Poseidon

Braeden, son of Poseidon

Cate, Daughter of Poseidon

Chloe, daughter of Ares
*Bow and arrow, A sword which can convert into a skull ring

David, Son of Poseidon

Dilip, Son of Hades

Dimitris, Son of Poseidon

Erin, daughter of Hermes
*Weapons: Short Daggers, Bandanna (to blind people with), Rope (to tie or trip people with), Cards with Blades (like a shuriken)
*Magical Items: Whoopie Cushion, Flower Squirter, Shoelace Knotter, Flying Shoes
*Powers: Knack for tricking people, Can get anything I want, Can do magic (tricks), Can walk so quietly that no one can hear me, Super-fast at running.

Gabe, Son of Hades
*Bow and arrow (made of bone from the dead and harpie feathers)
*Ability to hide in shadows
*FBI Baseball cap from my Mom
*Loves Dragons (Alive or undead!)

James, son of Hades

Gavin, son of Hades
*Has a stygian iron shield that has half Imperial gold half steel daggers on the handle, A mechanical pencil that when clicked, turns into a Stygian Iron Sword called ἄρκτος (that means arctic)
*Can Summon & Control the dead, Can do any Hades child abilities such as shadow travel
*A bow made of bones and unlimited arrows made of river styx ice
*Has a dragon with crimson scales that gleam in the sun, and breathes green fire. On his chest has a diamond on it. Was saved from being killed, so Gavin got it. Name is ἀγωνία (agony!)

Geneviève, Daughter of Poseidon

Gary, son of Poseidon
*Powers: Water control and underwater breathing
*Weapons: Duel swords made of silver

L, son of Chronos
*Always have a golden chain watch hanging out of his pocket, and always wears a
*Can stop time for 5 seconds each battle
*Finishing move is usually “Time Warp” to send someone to a different time dimension, but it takes a very big toll on him and he can only do it once per 2 battles
*Uses a pair of machetes, and a knife for close combat
*Good with swords
*Specialty is kicking

Louis, Son of Tyche
*Blade playing cards (all Aces)

Rhea, Daughter of Poseidon
*Water can heal and relaxes her, Can talk to horses, Can create floods, Can control the water to attack, Can breathe underwater
*Has a sword, a dagger, a bracelet that transforms into a shield, armor
*Is not good with arrows
*Has a pet phoenix named Ruby that can breathe really hot fire, can’t die as it is immortal, has a secret distraction which only she knows, can shoot fire balls, can heal anyone with a tear, but the person it heals still feels a little pain and only has a little energy. When she whistles, it comes to her.

Mark John, Son of Dionysus

Nate, son of Moros
*Stygian iron knives and swords,Stygian iron shield that when I concentrate it the shield drives people mad with fear
*Can create fear or phobias and put them into people (fears appear as black fire in my hands)
*Can shadow travel
*Has a pet hellhound

Nathaniel, Son of Poseidon

Nicolas, son of Poseidon

Percy, Son of Poseidon

Raph, son of Ares
*Fight with a great sword
*A great fighter

Sierra, Daughter of Poseidon
*Weapons: Bow (is blue with ocean carvings) & endless blue arrows made of river styx ice, a bronze dagger in her belt (the handle is blue), and a knife made of river styx ice in her boot (handle is gray), Has a bronze shield that turns into a ring
*Can control water and breath underwater
*Has a black Pegasus named Lightning with lightning stripes

Silverfang, Son of Hades
*Powers: Able to control dead and dying people, form and change gems and other stones, Strong, Invisibility, Can’t die from poisons, bombs etc., Can’t die from man-made (anthrax etc.) and natural disasters (black plague, tornadoes etc.), Shadow Travel
*Weapons: Dagger (tip covered in a toxin that attacks the nervous system), Crossbow (both crossbow and long bow have unlimited ammo made from all the rivers from the underworld (Styx-metal, Archeron-fire, Lethe-Water, Phlegethon-Air, Cocytus-Wood/Mind), Longbow. Mace, Morning-star (tip covered in a toxin that attacks the nervous system), Spiked chain (tip covered in a toxin that attacks the nervous system), Great-sword (tip covered in a toxin that attacks the nervous system)
*Other: Stygian Iron and Gold plated Armour, Keeper of all things promised to the river Styx, Dragon named Torture (blood red scales no kinks in any part of the dragon, at night it turns undead and eats gems)

Thuthu, Daughter of Poseidon

Yasmine, Daughter of Poseidon



  1. sara nuta - November 28, 2013

    why are there so many poseidon childrens???? i thought percy is poseidons only son???

  2. Mary - November 24, 2013

    I know who will win…

  3. Rhea - November 19, 2013

    Can’t wait to see who wins

  4. Underworld Visitor - November 10, 2013

    …So, who wants to write challenge 8(final)?
    If no one responds…maybe me?

  5. Rebecca King - August 12, 2013

    Here is my part and the final part to the story! We’ll get it edited and posted soon!

    There was a deep laugh behind the team. Three other Laistrygonians appeared out of the shadows into the glow of their weapons.

    “Get ‘em, boys!”

    With nowhere to move, Sierra, Erin, Atom, and Andy were scooped up and thrown into a giant basket. Arrows and swords flashed, but with no escape in sight, all the demigods were captured and disarmed. All their weapons were thrown into a pile. One-by-one the cannibals took the demigods and strapped them to a pole until there were only seven left in the basket.

    From the basket, Louis watched as the poles were locked in place, their friends’ feet dangling a couple of feet above what looked to be a soccer field. The Laistrygonians stood on each side of the field and gripped two handles each.

    “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Rebecca said. “It’s a giant foosball table!”

    Stadium lights were turned on over the field and the basket. A ball was dropped onto the field. It wasn’t just a soccer ball. In usual monster fashion, it was on fire. The ball rolled across the field towards Raph’s feet. The cannibal flicked the handle and Raph along with Thuthu, Rhea, Nicolas, and Mark John went spinning around. Raph kicked the flaming ball. It passed between James and Gary to the spinning Jason. Jason kicked it on and April blocked it. She sent it towards Andy who caught the ball with his helmet, searing off his eyebrows. It flew back towards April which she missed the ball. The Laistrygonian tried to use L to deflect it, but the ball whizzed by and went into the goal.

    “Score!” the Laistrygonian thundered. He threw himself against his buddy and they smacked heads.

    “We need to escape,” Louis said. “If we can just make it to that door, they won’t be able to follow.”

    There was a door passed the field which was much too small for the Laistrygonians to pass through.

    “Can you shadow travel out?” Yasmine asked.

    Gavin and Silverfang stared at her grimly – or maybe that was just how they always looked. “Do you see a shadow around here?” Thanks to the stadium lights, there wasn’t a shadow in sight.

    “Based on our heights, I think if we stand on each other’s shoulders, one of us can escape,” Rebecca said.

    They proceeded to make a human ladder while their friends became increasingly dizzy and burned out on the field. Sierra climbed out of the top. She ran over to the weapons and retrieved a sword. She cut a hole out of the bottom of the basket. The seven demigods gathered their weapons and made a plan. Nathaniel took Jason’s shoes out of the pile and put them on. He would be the distraction.

    Nathaniel took off running and flew into the air. “Hey rat’s breath!” he taunted.

    He slashed at the first Laistrygonian he came to. He kicked it in the mouth then flew off down the hall. The Laistrygonians roared and chased after him. Yasmine charged out with the rest and went to work freeing the twenty-six demigods. They all had Jell-O legs. They collected their weapons.

    “Where’s my shoes?” Jason asked in a panic.

    “Nathaniel,” Sierra answered, jerking her head towards the echoing roars of the monsters.

    Wobbly legged, they ran for the door down the hall. Mark John, the son of Mr. D, seemed to be the only one unaffected.

    “Nathaniel, come on!” Louis yelled over his shoulder.

    Nathaniel caught up to them in a flash. They could hear the Laistrygonians thundering through the hall. The door was near and Jason knew they would make it…

  6. Rebecca King - August 11, 2013

    Since no one else wants to write the next part, I will write the next and make it the final part. Should be a great length then. :D

  7. chloe - August 6, 2013

    Hey guys. let me say so sorry that I haven’t sent in my part yet. my computer completely died and I have to get a new one and so right now I’m renting one. I will be posting my part in a bit one I’m done writing it and again sorry for the wait.

    • Rebecca King - August 6, 2013

      Bummer! Well, hopefully you can get it in soon. :) Kit gave us a deadline!

    • chloe - August 6, 2013

      Chloe’s part for challenge 7.

      As the team walk through the never ending maze they came a pond a three way corridor.
      “Great what now,” asked Silverfang. Rebecca walked up to the front of the group and look and the tunnels.

      “Um, Rebecca what are you doing,” asked Jason. Ignoring him Rebecca picked up some rocks from the ground and through one in the tunnel on her left. there was a clack from the rock then a roar from the creator that was inside. She did this two more time but with the other tunnels but both got the same results from the first one.

      “Wonderful, all three of them have monster that want to kill us,” Gavin sighed. “Well look at the bright side, we can guess the Blue team isn’t having a easy run either,” shrugged Louis.

      “Lets hope,” murdered Nate. Rebecca turned to everyone and sighed. “We need to choose one. I suggest one that sounds less menacing,” she told them. Everyone nodded in agreement.

      “The one on the right seem to be the safest,” Jason pointed out. The group team shrugged and muttered in uncertainty but decided to go with it. They began to walk pulling out there weapons as they did. the light from there weapons gave them little light but hardly enough to see 10 feet way from them. As they got deeper in to the tunnel the roars they heard earlier seemed to get louder. “Is it just me or is the roars get louder,” whispered Raph.

      “I think your hearings right,” whispered back Chloe. The roars stopped and so did the team. “I don’t like this one bit,” muttered Gray. The ground began to vibrate and there was a thud sound almost like huge feet hit the ground.

      “Okay guys get ready,” whispered Rebecca raising her sword. The unknown monsters eyes glowed yellow and seem to be 8 feet in the air.

      “DEMIGODS,” roared the beast. it walked in the light from there weapons. There stood a Laistrygonian. He raised his hand and in it appeared a Cristal bronze ball that was on fire. “Just in time for dinner,” growled the cannibal.

  8. Kitkatgirl200 - August 5, 2013


  9. Underworld Visitor - August 4, 2013

    lol ive been missing a lot.
    and louis is doing what??

  10. Artemis Huntress#51 - July 31, 2013


  11. L - July 30, 2013

    Where do I read the full battles? :O

  12. Rebecca King - July 30, 2013

    Let’s try to finish up Challenge 7, Part 1 soon!

  13. Kitkatgirl200 - July 26, 2013

    What’s this about Louis trying to kill everyone?

  14. Rebecca King - July 22, 2013

    Rhea’s part! Who will go next?

    “I don’t know…..maybe a-.” He was cut off when a giant roar/moan/yell echoed through the tunnel.

    Everyone took out their weapons. It was the Nemean lion, the one Hercules and Percy Jackson with the help of the hunters defeated. After everyone got out their arrows and swords, Jason started stabbing the monster in the face but that just made it angrier. Then Louis took out his deadly bladed cards and threw them into the monster’s mouth. Sadly the cards missed and stabbed Jason in the back leaving many deep cuts.

    He was surprised so he didn’t move out the way when the Nemean lion was about to grab him and throw him against the walls. That’s when Ashe got out her celestial bronze spear and shot two fireballs aimed at the monster’s eyes. He roared and was blinded for a little bit so Sierra, Gavin, and Silverfang got the chance to throw a whole bunch of arrows at his mouth. This injured him a lot but he was still alive. This time Nate tried to scare the lion. He thought it might get him to open his mouth and roar. The monster did roar but many arrows didn’t go in his mouth because it was a quick roar.

    Suddenly an idea struck Louis. He thought maybe everyone should try to attack the monster’s face. It wouldn’t hurt him but it would make him mad. Louis asked everyone to attack the face and told Sierra, Gavin, and Silverfang to be ready when the lion opened his mouth. After many sword stabs and arrows the Nemean lion finally opened his mouth and a whole bunch of arrows came flying into the lion’s mouth and he disintegrated into dust.

    Everyone was so relieved that they forgot about Jason. Thankfully Rebecca pointed it out. Louis and Ashe rushed to Jason who was now unconscious.

    “Does anyone have any water and cloth?” asked Rebecca regretting she didn’t bring any nectar or ambrosia with her.

    Almost every Poseidon kid gave her their water bottle but she still needed cloth to wipe the blood so she ripped a tiny piece of her sleeve and got to work. After the blood wound was clean, she splashed water in his face trying desperately to get him to wake up. After four, maybe five minutes he finally woke up asking questions like where the Nemean lion was. Rebecca filled him in while the Hades kids took lead again.

    “You were so lost in thought that I could swear you looked like a Athena kid,” Gavin told Gary laughing a lot because of the earlier situation.

    It was when everyone was walking they suddenly stopped and Gary wasn’t paying attention so she bumped into Chloe who bumped into Ashe who bumped into Rhea and that kept happening until everyone was on the ground. If looks could kill, Gary would be dead because the Ares kids were giving him a really scary death glare.

    When everyone got back on their feet Gavin and Gary soon realized why everyone stopped suddenly. There was a Hydra two meters ahead of them who had tried to spit acid on James. Thankfully it missed. They couldn’t risk anymore injured kids because they didn’t have any ambrosia or nectar.

    Everyone got their weapons out and attacked. Jason told them to try to cut its head quickly so Ashe could shoot fireballs from her spear. Nathaniel and Raph were the first ones to cut the heads then Ashe shot the fireballs.

    “Three down, four to go,” yelled Jason who just cut a head.

    Then Andy, Armita, L, and Rebecca cut the other heads and Ashe shot her fireballs. Everyone was tired after fighting the monster so Jason suggested they should all sit down for a couple minutes after that the Hades kids took lead again and they continued walking.

  15. Rhea - July 21, 2013

    I’m finally finished my part of challenge 7 yay!!!!:D

  16. Rebecca King - July 19, 2013

    Rhea, how’s your part going? Remember, it just needs to be short. Let’s try to spend only a few days on each of our sections so we can get it together quickly.

    • Rhea - July 21, 2013

      It’s going good sorry I took long I was REALLY sick for a couple of days but now I’m better so I’ll finish it really quickly.

  17. jason - July 12, 2013

    Challenge 7 beginning :

    once in the labyrinth’s long , jagged ,dark, and damp tunnel the red team took the opportunity to go into a battle strategy and prepare themselves for whatever was going to happen. Jason began to talk ,

    “ok everybody we have to get to those doors before the blue team no matter what!”

    “sounds like a good Idea but first we need to see”, said Gavin , who was standing in the behind Jason.

    “yeah he is right” , said ashe twirling her staff and feeling the wall. As soon as she finish twirling her sword a really bright light lit up the whole tunnel , blinding the whole team.

    “so I guess we go that way” , said Louis shuffling his cards and looking slightly nervous.

    “thanks Sherlock” , said Rebecca smiling at Louis. On the walls of the labyrinths were chiseled stories from Greek myths like , the first war amongst the gods and titans, Hercules and his 12 trials , Perseus defeating medusa and riding the first Pegasus , Hermes tricking Apollo , even Tantalus banishment from Olympus was sketched into the wall , soo many stories all carved in. As the team walked on further down there lit path , vines started to appear on the walls . L was the first to notice the appearance , when he looked down and saw the vines wrap around his ankle tightly,

    “ah guys!..” , as he yelled april saw what was going on and acted fast , she activates her watch and it fires 3 knives at the vines, slicing them to shreds , she doesn’t notice the vines coming from the behind wrapping both her arms and legs raising her in the air. Rebecca and sliverfang exchange looks and nodded , he cupped his hands getting ready send Rebecca in the air , she ran with tremendous speed towards sliverfang and he raised in the air sending her towards april , who by now was able to get her right arm out . while in the air Rebecca took out her dagger and slashed the vines that wrapping around her and april and cut themselves free. Jason started to act fast and flew up and grabbed the girls, once on the ground Louis had his cards out , all of them glowing different colors , he was fighting side by ashe and mark john and gary.

    ” hey mark john u control vines, cant u speak to them?!? ” , yelled Jason with a smile, who was fighting some off with his staff.

    ” very funny Jason ” , said mark john who was controlling his own vines.

    More and more vines started to appear from the ceiling , bigger and with thorns.

    ” TEAM! WE NEED TO MOVE ” ,said Jason screaming and waving his team to run. As the rest of the team catches up. Mark john crushed 4 grapes and his eyes went a hue of purple and a wall of vines came rushing out the ground separating them from the killer vines. the whole redteam was catching there breath , till ashe said , ” THAT WAS SOO FUN!!! , lets do it again ” , she was grinning from ear to ear.

    ” Ares kids are so weird ” , said Jason shaking his head , ” is everyone ok ?” , looking at the team they all nodded , showing they are fine . they be began walking , passing weird noises and sketches on the walls. The kids of hades were in the front leading the way , they could sense the path through there powers . They walked up a slope , then down a very steep slope that was cluttered with burrito wrappers. Jason and Louis stopped to examine the wrappers, some were slightly warm others had some kind of hair on them.

    ” what is eating these” , Louis said to Jason , with a cautious look.

    ” I don’t know…..maybe a “, he was cut off when a giant roar/moan/yell echoed through

    end of the beginning

  18. Michael - July 11, 2013

    Hey red team ;) i’m the blue team’s new member Michael, Son of Hecate would anyone like to battle?

  19. SILVERFANG - July 9, 2013

    Can I also write a part?

  20. Kitkatgirl200 - July 9, 2013

    The idea of everyone writing a part is great! (Yes I stalk the team pages) One thing I’d suggest is that you get someone to edit the entire thing, so it has a sorta solid, common voice.

  21. annabeth jackson - July 9, 2013

    how do I join the team

  22. Jason - July 8, 2013

    I will do the beginning of our adventure and post it here

  23. Rebecca King - July 8, 2013

    So what we are going to do is, Jason will write his part first then the next person can read his and expand on it, writing their part. They’ll post it and so on until we reach the door. Who wants to write? I will write a part!

    • Rebecca King - July 6, 2013

      Its up to you since you’re the team leader, but I was thinking several people could write it of writing different sections all ending at entering a different hall so that way they can be stringed together the stories to make one. And the last person’s story can end at the door. Then they don’t have to be really long. If there are three people doing it and write 500 word sections then it makes it a good length. Thoughts?

  24. Rebecca King - July 1, 2013

    New teammate! Silverfang, Son of Hades

  25. Rhea - June 28, 2013

    yay I changed my name

  26. Maria - June 25, 2013

    Did I just post that twice

  27. Chloe - June 24, 2013

    Hey guys I’m sorry that I’v been gone. I’v been in the hospital but I’m fine and excited to join the game finally after what? 4 months? I don’t remember but I promise that I will make up for abscesses and I see i have a lot to make up for.

  28. Chloe - June 24, 2013

    Who do you think would win in a fight? A hydra or cerberus? I cant decide.

  29. Maria - June 23, 2013

    Would you side with Zeus or Poseidon if they were in a war I would side with Poseidon.

  30. Jason - June 20, 2013

    Sooo any ideas on what challenge 7 will be and did anyone move up on the map, if not im cool with moving up ? :) :P

  31. Aidan (Aidan son of hepheaphtus) - June 13, 2013

    Well maybe a sword automatically teleporting into you could defeat you (smiles creepily)

  32. Andrew - June 13, 2013

    anybody want to battle? :)

  33. Andrew meyer - June 13, 2013

    hi. i am new here. i will be happy to battle anybody.

  34. Rebecca King - June 13, 2013

    New Teammate! Geneviève, Daughter of Poseidon

  35. Jason - June 13, 2013


  36. Aidan - June 12, 2013

    Does anybody want to battle with me?

  37. L - June 8, 2013

    Done school, so anyone wanna battle? I kinda wanna try to write, haven’t written anything in a long time! Can I do like a practice battle against anyone? :)

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