Challenge Three: Defending Jason, Part 2

Challenge Three: Defending Jason, Part 2

In long anticpation, here is Part 2 of Defending Jason for Challenge Three! If you want to refresh on Part 1, you can read it here: CHALLENGE THREE: DEFENDING JASON, PART 1

Hannah, “…Oops? I think Hermes hates Blue Team, because we captured his son Jason ¬_¬ So he took his anger out on my laptop (that’s why it look so long :3 ) I hope you guys have as much fun reading this as I had writing it! :)”


Written by Hannah

To say things weren’t going well for Sub. One is an understatement. A big one. Once the miniature arrow had exploded into dust, the four members of the Blue team tightened their grip on their weapons. A twig snapped, and Louis came into view, Mark John close behind.

Rodrigo threw his knife like a boomerang, and hit Louis in the head. The son of Tyche crumpled to the ground, right next to a tiger trap. If he had been just a few feet to the right, Louis would have fallen in. Despite this, it didn’t look like he was going anywhere, for at least a few minutes. A knife-hilt shaped dent was forming in the head. Mark John was too far away to help. As soon as he had been close enough, Rebecca had pounced on him. They battled sword-on-sword, locked in combat. Mark John took a swipe at Rebecca’s face, but the daughter of Athena’s sharp reflexes kicked in. She dodged the blade and punched him in the nose, which promptly started bleeding.

Although they desperately wanted to help, Hannah and Ivy backed away, and hid in the shrubbery. Their orders were to protect the entrance, no matter how bad the battle got. But surely there had to be a limit on the battle-o-meter, right?

Rebecca fought the son of Dionysus, pushing him towards where his teammate had fallen. In the background, Rebecca could hear more battle cries. Their swords scraped against the other, making a horrible screeching sound. They all winced.

In the moment of pain-by-noise, Mark John put his hands to his ears – and dropped his sword. Realizing his mistake, he tried to grab it, but Rebecca pushed into him with such force, that not only did Mark John fall into the tiger trap, but Rebecca herself nearly did too. The only thing stopping her from doing so was a piece of rope wrapped around her ankle. The rope was hooked around a tree next to Hannah. In a millisecond, Rebecca understood what had happened – Hannah had seen what would happen from a distance, and so had shot a special arrow to support their team leader if the worst had happened. Which it had.

Rebecca shot Hannah a grateful smile, but neither Hannah nor Ivy were looking at her. In the midst of the Athena-versus-Dionysus battle, three more Reds had arrived. Rodrigo was battling all of them.

The forest guards glanced at each other, before nodding. Ivy drew her lethal double-edged blade out, and swiftly ran into the battle. The three new opponents were the three sons of Poseidon – Dimitris, Braeden and Atom.

Ivy launched herself into Braeden, sending them both flying. In a matter of seconds, Hannah was sending arrows in. Although archery wasn’t the best idea in close battle, her pin-point precision and accuracy dismissed this issue, instead making it an advantage. Ivy cornered Braeden against a thick oak tree, its nymph giggling from inside. Braeden tried to escape, but was stopped by a few throwing-knives – from Hannah – impaling themselves into the tree around him, making a head-shaped area. Inside, the nymph grumbled.

Ivy pulled out a jar of grey powder, and sprinkled some on each knife hilt. After she muttered something, and snapped her fingers, it shimmered, and rope materialized, wrapped around them. To a Blue team member, it was an illusion. Anyone else, specifically Red team members, it looked real. Even if it was a giant cupcake that spewed out squirt-able fruit and dancing cheese. (It had happened – long, long story.)

Meanwhile, Rebecca had pulled herself up and was trying to fight Atom with Rodrigo, but her right arm was blaring out pain. She glanced at it, and her heart sank. In her battle with the son of Dionysus, her wound from the Nemean lion had been re-opened. With the right treatment, it would heal. But that would take weeks, and they barely had seconds.

Rodrigo tried to cover for her as she backed out, but Dimitris slashed with his sword, narrowly missing her other arm. Rebecca yelped, and struggled to pull out some smashed-up ambrosia. Dimitris grabbed it and swallowed it – bag and all. He grinned, no doubt finding new strength, and raised his sword. The best Rebecca could do was stand there, trying to defend herself with her injured arm. Then the strangest thing happened. Dimitris’ body shuddered. His eyes widened. He reached up and pulled out a small needle-like object from his neck. Rebecca side-stepped as he fell to the ground, unconscious. At the edge of the trees, Ivy stood with a small archery bow. Rebecca picked up the needle and sniffed it. Sleeping powder was dusted all over.

Hannah had jumped into the fight, and was attacking Atom with one of her knives – this one for one-on-one fighting, rather than throwing. She lunged at his right leg, but Atom dodged and jumped over her. He put his arms around her and placed his sword around her neck. Hannah struggled to break free. Ivy still stood by the tree where Braeden was. Ivy locked eyes with Hannah and nodded.

Atom’s hold wasn’t budging – which was absolutely perfect for Hannah’s next actions. She shut her eyes and thought about a place in the forest, far away from anywhere. A place where no one had been, and would never go again. At the same time, Ivy scooped up a handful of illusion powder. Ivy leapt over and held Hannah’s hand, while Hannah changed her location to an old oak tree in the woods.

The shadows of the surrounding trees gathered around the three. When they cleared, they were gone. This happened in less than a second.

Rebecca knew better than to wonder where they had gone. Although Hannah was a third-generation descendant of Hades, she was an excellent shadow-traveler, albeit she couldn’t travel very far. She and Rodrigo breathed heavily for a few minutes, trying to get their breath back. “Nice going, big sister.”

Rebecca grinned. “Back at ya, little brother.”

Rodrigo frowned at her injured arm. “You’ll need to get that seen to. I don’t think our ambrosia will work.” Rebecca couldn’t help feeling a little worried. Her arm was agony. But she tried to ignore the pain, at least for the rest of the challenge.

The two children of Athena collected the Reds’ weapons, and pulled the unconscious Reds to a tiger trap. Rebecca hid their weapons in tree holes and under rocks, after making the nymphs promise not to help the Red team. She turned around just as Rodrigo put Dimitris into the trap. Behind, Louis opened his eyes, and grasped his cards. Styx!

“Rodrigo, look-” A silent daughter of Hades ploughed into her. From the corner of her eye, Rebecca saw Dilip do the same for Rodrigo. Dilip pulled Louis up, before turning to the son of Athena.

Rebecca reached down for her sword and unsheathed it. Armita, however, was helping Dilip and Louis fight Rodrigo. She raised an eyebrow. Why would she-oh…oh no. Panic rose inside her. She swallowed it down. If a daughter of the death god had been prepared to fight an injured demigod, then left, their injury must have been fatal, or near to it. Keeping to the no-killing rule, said child of the death god had had no choice but to leave them.

One of the Reds called out, “Braeden! It’s fake rope!” Sure enough, when the son of Poseidon stepped forward, the ropes shimmered and disappeared. He grinned and joined the fight.

Meanwhile, Rodrigo was desperately trying to fight all four Reds at once; a task easier said than done. As one swung their weapon, he would dodge and swipe at another. Rebecca rose and tried to help her half-brother by slashing with her sword at random enemies, but she wasn’t much help. The best she could do was distract and irritate them.


As soon as the shadows cleared, Ivy leapt to balance on a low tree branch. She yanked out her whip and swung it like a cowboy would swing a lasso. Ivy glared threateningly at Atom, causing him to drop his sword from around Hannah, who promptly collapsed, and landed on her knees on the ground, coughing and wheezing.

Atom brandished his sword at his new opponent. He lunged at the branch, cleanly slicing it off. Ivy jumped over him and drew her own blade. The two dueled for a few minutes. Each time one had an advantage, the other either brought it back down or raised their own. They moved around the small clearing by an old oak tree, weaving in-between various other trees.

Then, after around 10 minutes of dueling, Ivy slipped up. Atom used a disarming technique, and her blade fell to the ground. It skidded and stopped fifteen feet away. Ivy backed up against a tree. She had dropped her whip when she had drawn her sword, and it was on the opposite side of the clearing. Ivy pulled out her bow and fired arrows on him. The Red team must have been experts on dodging arrows, as not one hit him. As soon as they went past Atom, the arrows dissolved and returned to Ivy’s quiver. The quiver was enchanted to turn into any weapon that the last person who touched it wanted.

Ivy notched an arrow and aimed at Atom. He backed away, his hands up. “Okay. You win.” Ivy studied him for a moment, before lowering her bow. In a split-second, Atom grinned and raised his sword, cutting her quiver from her back. Ivy spun around, but was weapon less.

Atom thought of a sword that was light enough to throw, yet strong enough to hurt. Behind him, Atom heard a bow being drawn. “Stop. Right. There.” Atom turned and faced Hannah. The British blonde still looked pale from the shadow-travel, but could at least defend herself.

Atom grinned crazily and stepped away from Hannah – coincidently, he was also right next to Ivy’s fallen sword. He raised the magic quiver, its arrows falling out. “I’d like to see you try and get out of this one.” Atom threw the quiver like a javelin as it morphed into the sword of his thoughts. Hannah screamed and shadow-travelled back to Sub. One’s base. The sword embedded itself into the tree where she had been just milliseconds before.


Hannah fell onto the grass with a thump. Immediately, Rebecca spotted her and called out, but the words had no effect. Everything was fuzzy, and was growing darker.
Rebecca wanted nothing more than to help Hannah, who seemed to be in a daze, but she couldn’t leave Rodrigo. Besides, what could she do? Her ambrosia supplies had all but run out. Hannah’s eyes flickered shut, but Rebecca could still see her breathing.

Armita turned on Rebecca again. With a quick lunge at her injured arm followed by a blow to the legs, Armita towered over Rebecca. Rodrigo shouted out a curse in Ancient Greek as Louis knocked him down. Armita grabbed the key from around Rebecca’s neck. The daughter of Hades held it up in triumph.

“Not so fast!” An arrow whizzed across the clearing, sliding through the keyhole, pulling it from Armita’s grip. Everyone watched as Sub. Two ran into view; Kaila with her silly band sword, Nyssa with her fire, Jk with his Nemean Lion Jacket, and Sky, who had fired the arrow and her weather powers.

Sub. Two immediately ran in different directions – Sky ran, then jumped straight into the air and continued running. Maybe to search for Ivy and Atom? Kaila knelt down by Hannah, trying to give her some nectar. Nyssa and Jk ran to Rebecca and Rodrigo, fighting the Reds with new found power.

Within seconds, the Reds were unconscious, prisoners, or almost pleading with surrender.

Nyssa gave Rebecca some of her own ambrosia and nectar – it would have to do until the challenge was over. Jk and Rodrigo pulled the rest of the Red team into the tiger trap, identified by the owl safety-pin. Kaila helped Hannah hobble over. She still looked weak, but better than half-dead.

“I think it’s fair to say we’ve won this challenge,” Rodrigo said as Jk retrieved the stolen key. He handed back to the team leader, Rebecca, who smiled her thanks.

“Where are Sky and Ivy?” Hannah asked. Rebecca cursed under her breath. How could she have forgotten?

“Still with Atom…at wherever you went.” Rebecca studied Hannah. “Do you think you could lead us there?” She nodded.

“I’ll need your tracking skills, but yes, I think so.”

“Then let’s go finish off this challenge. Blue Team FOR THE WIN!” They repeated it with good spirit.


Sky ran across the treetops, wind blowing through her hair, and joy flowing through her, despite the danger her fellow teammate could be in. She skidded to a halt as her heard a familiar voice yell, “That could have killed her!” followed by a slightly crazy laugh. Sky snapped her fingers, and felt the air form invisible steps. She raced down them, taking two at a time. When she reached the bottom, Sky found herself at the edge of a smaller clearing, next to a huge oak tree. Ivy was ducking and dodging blows from…her own sword. Her quiver was impaled into a tree. Sky dashed over and desperately tried to pull it free. Ivy noticed her, eyes widening. Sky gave her a look, like Don’t let him know!

Ivy did a flip onto a low tree branch, as the quiver finally became free. Sky had some idea of how it worked. She tested her theory by imagining a simple knife. Sure enough, the quiver transformed into said knife. Then several throwing knives.

Sky summoned a miniature lightning bolt, and soon her knives became electric. Atom hadn’t noticed this – how? His back was still turned to her, his attention on Ivy.
Sky sparked, and Atom spun around. “Wha-but, but-”

“Save it, Atom.” She threw three knives, making sure they were blunt enough so not to draw blood. Atom yelped in surprise as her received a small shock. And another. And another. And yet another.

He backed away cautiously, momentarily forgetting about Ivy. Sky noticed something glittering in the grass. An owl pin! She did a mini-Mexican-wave with her fingers. “Ivy; you may want to find something to hang onto.” Ivy saw the trick coming and leapt back onto the branch, hugging the tree. Atom stared back, confused. Wind blew so strong it could have been a tornado or hurricane. Atom fell into the hidden tiger-trap, and the gas knocked him out. Ivy clambered down from the tree wearily.

Sky handed back the quiver, in archery form. They collected their weapons, and started to head back to the base, which turned out to be about a thousand feet away.
When they arrived, the group were speaking in urgent tones. Once again, Sky sparked for attention. They looked around, and delight filled their faces. “Sky! Ivy!”

After a mini-hugging-fest, Rodrigo cleared his throat. “So it looks like we’ve won, with all of the Red team knocked out in a tiger trap.”

Sub. Two smiled slyly. “Not all of the Red team…but no one will come and help for a while yet.” The two Subs retold their tales. As they finished, a bright light filled the sky. The half-blood diverted their eyes.

“Congratulations, young demigods.” A woman with black hair stood before them. Hovering above the ground, her bronze armor gleamed. Blue team all knelt before the goddess of wisdom, Athena. “Rise.”

“You have done well, despite your injuries. As you suspected, you have won this challenge. Jason, son of Hermes, will remain prisoner. As reward…” The goddess smiled, and beckoned from behind her. Two girls walked forward. One had a knife strapped to her belt. The other had a quiver on her back.

“Becca, daughter of Aphrodite, and Emily, daughter of Apollo.” Athena snapped her fingers, and Florence, their other new teammate came forward. “You already know Florence, though.”

Becca’s eyes widened. “Hannah? Florence? What…so that’s why you’re obsessed with Percy Jackson!” Both girl face-palmed.

“Hi!” Emily spoke up.

“Emily?” Kieran came up from behind the group. “I won against Ashe, by the way. So I guess we have a few new teammates?”

Athena smiled and gestured for them to look away. With a flash, she was gone.

Everyone stared at each other in awe for a few moments, before grinning and shouting upbeat things, like “We won!” or “Blue team rules!” and even “From now on, the logo of Blue team is Blue Cheese!” They paused, confusion on their faces, then laughed.

Hannah and Florence walked up to Becca. “Hey dudes!” Her blue eyes shone. “I can’t believe you’re a part of this!”

“Well, Bekikah, now you are too.” She glared at her nickname (long story…)

“This calls for a celebration!” They cheered in response, before heading to the Mess Hall to celebrate their well-earned victory.


Hey, I'm Rebecca! I'm a writer, an avid hiker, and rock climber. I love writing, from PJM posts to stories. Anything you want to know, just ask.

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  1. Kitkatgirl200 - January 4, 2013

    Wow. Really good. (Yes I’m JUST getting around to reading this.) I’m working on the judge-y thing this very second. (What to call it has completely escaped my mind) Since you all are getting to have all the fun, I thought I’d do something a little different this time around. Might take a little bit longer than originally planned. Not much, though.

  2. Florence - December 30, 2012

    Did you really have to put something in there about cheese I know you’re obsessed but really. Great story by the way really enjoyed it!:D

  3. RD - December 29, 2012

    Blue Team Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Miya - December 28, 2012

    I’m new on this website so can someone please tell me what’s going on? Love the story btw :)

  5. Hannah - December 28, 2012

    (This probably makes Me a hypocrite but) Hurry up Kitkatgirl200!

  6. LivelySparrow97 (Louis, Son of Tyche) - December 28, 2012

    Amazing job Hanna….I’m speechless…*applause*

  7. Kieran - December 28, 2012

    Sorry Luise but I think that Hannah’s was the best.

  8. Kieran - December 28, 2012

    BLUE TEAM! BLUE TEAM! WE TOTALLY WON! Have you guys ever met Mom/Mum before that? I haven’t. Wow! That was amazing guys!

  9. jason - December 28, 2012

    good story , now for the judging :D

  10. jk - December 28, 2012

    GO BLUE TEAM !! (nice job ,by the way)

  11. Rebecca King - December 28, 2012

    I loved it!!! BLUE TEAM! BLUE TEAM!

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