Hey, Here is an Update & Christmas Ideas for Percy Jackson Fans

Hey, Here is an Update & Christmas Ideas for Percy Jackson Fans

So, usually with an update it means I have news, but I’m really, really, really sorry, but I have no update regarding Titan’s Curse and if it will become a movie. My hope is still up, I really want to keep the Percy Jackson world alive. But, seriously, there is zero word from FOX.

In other news, Christmas is approaching! Here is suggestions for Percy Jackson fans:

If not already owned, buy both Percy Jackson movies!


The new edition of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians

Linked Percy Jackson Covers

Heroes of Olympus series

The Blood of Olympus - Square

Shirts and more created for PercyJacksonMovies.com which can be purchased through the STORE.

Percy Jackson Movies' Trident Shirt

If you already own all that above and want to dive into a new series similar to Percy Jackson, I suggest you take a look at The Ranger’s Apprentice series. I really love it!

Ranger’s Apprentice

If you have any other suggestions, post them below in the comments.

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  1. neigesthesnowgod - December 10, 2014

    The PJ graphic novels :) they’re awesome!

  2. iLikeTheUDK - December 10, 2014

    Pat told me that he should have a treatment complete around Christmas. He’ll send it to Fox soon, too.

    • Patrick J. McKenna - December 13, 2014

      Hey I got your tweet! Treatments going good, been doing A LOT of PJ research the last few days, and am doing some now while I write this! I will get down to writing it soon, giving myself a deadline of around Dec 20 or so for me to post it! Just been busy with another project of sorts concerning a particular franchise in a similar situation as Percy,But rest assured, Percy is a definite priority of mine and I WILL get it to you guys before Xmas, if not DEFINITELY before the New Year!

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