We Drive Another Guest Insane, Theorise About the Color Blue, and Becoming a British Crime Drama: A Closer Look at the Japanese Trailer

We Drive Another Guest Insane, Theorise About the Color Blue, and Becoming a British Crime Drama: A Closer Look at the Japanese Trailer

Kitkatgirl200, LivelySparrow97, Rebecca King, and Stump_C discussed (before the movie release)  the Japanese Trailer for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. At the end, we would love to hear your opinion. If you wanted to, you could open up a word or notepad and take notes on your thoughts as you read the commentary. The picture numbers refer to the pictures from the trailer screen capture page. Also, view our new Commentaries page!

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Japanese Trailer Screen Captures (8)Picture 8 (Siren Coffee)

Rebecca King: Since we now know this is Siren Coffee, I am really curious to see what happens here! Will we get to see what Annabeth’s hubris is?

Kitkatgirl200: Maybe there is some kind of…Fortune telling…coffee? Or maybe she get’s lured to the back by the smell of cappuccinos. I assume this is both a replacement for the siren scene and Monster Donuts.

Stump_C: That’s pretty clever if they did do that, I find it funny that Sirens are actually the logo for Starbucks, maybe the writers are trying to say something? Also it seems nectar is for anyone.

Rebecca: I always think it is funny when writers take something popular and turn it into something “bad or evil.” Its kind of like in Doctor Who with the bluetooths, headsets (with the Cybermen). If you get what I’m saying.

Stump_C: you just found a relation between bluetooth and coffee…

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Japanese Trailer Screen Captures (11)Picture 11 (Thalia’s Tree Restored)

Kitkatgirl200: And now, behold, the genius of Sherlock, his princeliness of the french quarter of Mars.

(LivelySparrow97 enters)

Stump_C: Why is it that all movie force fields are blue?

Rebecca: Universal color of safe? Good question. In Clone Wars, I’m pretty sure the force field is blue. I know it is in the one movie.

LivelySparrow97: Well….Violet Incredible’s force fields are purple….which is close to blue I guess.

Stump_C: Maybe because her name is Violet? So are her force fields more violetty, then?

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Japanese Trailer Screen Captures (26)Picture 26 (Percy in the courtyard)

Rebecca: Did you notice the gate behind Percy has waves? Throughout Camp Half-Blood there is a water or Poseidon theme. This gate, the campers shields which have tridents, the picture in Mr. D’s office which is another trident.

Stump_C: That’s weird considering Mr. D hates Peter…

Rebecca: Technically there is nothing wrong with it. I’m sure the creators of the movie decided to do it for a Percy Jackson theme.

Young ThaliaPictures 29-42 (Young Thalia)

LivelySparrow97: Everything I’ve seen so far of Thalia has been spot on (in my humble opinion). The costumes, the actresses, and the fight (well I was hoping for furies and hellhounds…but whatevs!) all seem to come together quite well. The eerie mist adds quite the atmospheric touch to the scene.

Stump_C: I agree the setting is amazing and everything seems to be ON POINT! I think that’s a cyclops so the producers get the backstory of Annabeth’s hatred for cyclopes

Rebecca: I concur with, Sherlock! This scene is just amazing. I cannot wait to see it in theaters. Of what I have seen of Thalia so far she’s the closest to the book character out of anyone which is super cool!

Stump_C: Cause Kit is the cereal does that mean she’s also Watson?

Kitkatgirl200: Yes I am.

Stump_C: Oh gods a French Holmes and American Watson, Now I know Great Britain has fallen! I must take you down! I am now Moriarty

(Backstory! Kit and Louis are like milk and cereal, you can’t have one without the other! Although Stump does eat dry coco pops and Kit drinks milk all the time.)

(Tell me you guys know what Cocoa puffs are! -Watson)

(Of course I know what they are! -Sherlock)

(They don’t and it’s awful! -Watson)

(You and you’re American things, “you guys is CRAZY!” – Moriarty)

(No….we’re not crazy…just insane…there’s a difference. -Sherlock)

(There is. -Watson)

(A big difference! -Irene)

(Oh yeah cause that SO much better! – Moriarty)

(It is.-Sherlock)

*In a Poncy English Accent* (Be careful Mr Holmes, insanity might drive someone…off the edge – Moriarty)

(Been there….done that….and lived to tell the tale. -Sherlock)

(We’re turning into a british crime drama! -Watson)

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Japanese Trailer Screen Captures (46)Picture 46 (Chiron)

Rebecca: I’ve said it a million times, but I LOVE Anthony Head as Chiron!

LivelySparrow97: Rebecca, kind of like how I say Leven Rambin is perfect at Clarisse….all the time?

Stump_C: I just love Anthony Head. Fullstop. Also I can’t get over a hot Clarisse

Kitkatgirl200: I have nothing to say other than these guys talked about grocery stores for like… half an hour.

Stump_C: COSTCO! There’s a difference!

Kitkatgirl200: Fine, grocery stores, then Costco.

Stump_C: I’m a ASDA guy myself…someone will get that.

Rebecca: My grocery store has a British section. And Costco is awesome!

Stump_C: I bet Anthony Head is an ASDA person, actually he’s probably a Waitrose guy.

Kitkatgirl200: I honestly have no idea what you two are talking about. Better that way, I suppose.

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Japanese Trailer Screen Captures (50)Picture 50 (Campers)

Stump_C: Do you think the campers are cyclopist? Cause Tyson has sunglasses on?

Kitkatgirl200: I wonder if they’re in the amphitheater place. And I wonder if the campers know Tyson’s a cyclops.

Rebecca: I wonder if he is concealing it. That could be why they take him with them on the quest. Am I the only one who thinks they look like granny glasses?

Kitkatgirl200: Granny glasses?

Stump_C: You have a hip Granny.

Rebecca: Like the giant sunglasses that go over eyeglasses.

LivelySparrow97: My mother has those…

Stump_C: Look at Rebecca going around dissing peoples mothers

Kitkatgirl200: *ehem* Grannies.

LivelySparrow97: Well, my mother is soon to be a granny…and me an uncle!

Rebecca: Congrats!! (And sorry Louis’s mom!)

Stump_C: I…have nothing

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Japanese Trailer Screen Captures (64)Picture 64 (The Gray Sisters)

Stump_C: I just gotta nit-pick one thing. Movie Annabeth is kinda dumb. Not stupid-dumb but she knows as much a Percy…

Kitkatgirl200: She can’t constantly be babbling facts, she seems fine to me. If anything, slightly less bossy.

LivelySparrow97: My favorite sister is the one on the far left…just to put that out there. Her voice is really smooth and fun when she says “That’s our kind of fare…pricey!”.

Stump_C: The one in the middle will always be Helen to me (“That is not, my, job”)

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Japanese Trailer Screen Captures (87)Picture 87 (Kronos is crumbling… or so we think)

Rebecca: The question is, is Kronos forming or crumbling? I think he’s crumbling as in being destroyed. His legs are falling apart.

LivelySparrow97: I’m very intrigued as to how this plays out. If the fleece heals Kronos, then why is he crumbling? August 7th cannot get here fast enough…I need answers!!!

Rebecca: I was wondering if he is only going to be partially healed. That’s why he’s not fully formed.

LivelySparrow97: That’s a good theory.

Kitkatgirl200: That’s what I was thinking.

Stump_C: I personally think it’s kronos rising considering everyone is running away, and there’s that vortexy thing around him.

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Japanese Trailer Screen Captures (90)Picture 90 (Kronos)

Rebecca: Wouldn’t it just absolutely kill to be stepped on by Kronos!? Not only does he weigh tons, but he’s made of lava!

LivelySparrow97: All I can say is, “Yowza! That would seriously hurt!”

Kitkatgirl200: ‘Yowza’? *sigh* Wait…Rebecca was that a pun?!

Stump_C: Do you think Kronos’ foot smell? He’ll probably need a titan sized deodorant can!! Get it! Get it?

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Japanese Trailer Screen Captures (122)Picture 122 (Closing Thoughts)

Rebecca: What I loved most about the Japanese trailer was the scenes with young Thalia! To see that scenes are being set up to really capture the book is just amazing! As for this commentary, I believe it was our most random one yet! But at least no one died!

LivelySparrow97: Showing us Thalia really made this trailer stand out in the sea of trailers (pun intended) released. There’s not much else to say about this trailer, other than it gave us one of the funnest commentaries we’ve done!

Kitkatgirl200: I don’t have anything to add.

Stump_C: Ditto (one of fav pokemon by the way)

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  1. Skyler - January 15, 2015

    I didn’t really like the first movie it left out awesome parts from the book

  2. musicluvr (Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena) - August 7, 2013

    Haha….You guys ROCK at commentary!!!!!!….lol….. :D

  3. Hannah - August 7, 2013

    :’D X’D Okay…
    Speaking of Sherlock, have you guys seen the Season 3 teaser trailer!? WTH with John’s moustache o.O
    Anthony Head is probably a Waitrose guy – wonder if he gets the “essentials”? ;) (“Essential eaweed and kelp handwash” o.O who wants to smell like seaweed, apart from Percy? o.O)
    One of the Gray Sisters was an acctress as a child. That I can believe ;)
    Thalia looks amazing! <3

  4. Rebecca King - August 7, 2013

    (And we just might win an award for the longest post title known to man!)

  5. Kieran - August 7, 2013

    Movie force-fields are usually blue. Wonder why.

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