Cocoa Puffs, Pigs, and Broken Ribs: Another Slightly In-Depth Look at Trailer #3

Cocoa Puffs, Pigs, and Broken Ribs: Another Slightly In-Depth Look at Trailer #3

Kitkatgirl200, LivelySparrow97, and Rebecca King discussed trailer #3 for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. At the end, we would love to hear your opinion. If you wanted to, you could open up a word or notepad and take notes on your thoughts as you read the commentary. The picture numbers refer to the pictures from the trailer screen capture page. Get ready to laugh! Again, this was a lot of fun to write and we hope you enjoy it just as much as we did…

Picture 15 (Camp Half-Blood Table)Picture 15 (Camp Half-Blood Table)

LivelySparrow97: I spy a Camp Half-Blood T-shirt! And I’m also taking note that the campers are a bit younger and less….. “warmongering”.

Kitkatgirl200: Is that a glass full of Cocoa Puffs? I wonder if that’s orange juice or nectar? Yes, I’m theorising about food.

Rebecca King: When I saw this on the trailer, I got giddy! I was wondering, will they do the tables the same in the book where each cabin has its own table? If so, which cabin’s table is this?

Picture 21 (Kronos’ Coffin)Picture 21 (Kronos’ Coffin)

Rebecca: I just wanted to cover this again. Based off how the side is cracking, it matches the coloring of the beast we keep seeing. It pretty much shows Kronos is the beast.

LivelySparrow97: Yeah its safe to say that the big monster thing is Kronos. The coffin is really neat looking.

Kitkatgirl200: It is a very…uh…I can’t call a coffin pretty, can I? I’ll just go with neat. Nice word choice, Louis. Here, have a golden…coffin.

Picture 24 (Percy fighting Luke)Picture 24 (Percy fighting Luke)

Kitkatgirl200: Finally I can claim the title of Sherlock! Okay I can’t, but Percy looks significantly more bloody in this trailer. At first, this looked a bit like a nice little chat, not so sure now.

LivelySparrow97: I noticed that too, Kit. I hope Percy and Luke have an epic sword fight here, but the wounds could be from the bulls.

Rebecca: Sherlock is right! Percy is a lot more bloodier. (Screen Capture from Trailer #2: Picture 13)Maybe they shot this scene twice. Once with blood, once without?

Kitkatgirl200: Looks a bit too similar to be a different shot, but it could be.

LivelySparrow97: So….CGI blood.

Kitkatgirl200: Yippy…

Rebecca: The blood makes it a more intense scene with Percy already being weak to fight Luke.

Picture 32 (Mr. D, ”Every demigod will be killed within days if not sooner.”)Picture 32 (Mr. D, “Every demigod will be killed within days if not sooner.”)

Kitkatgirl200: Is Mr. D dressing up as Santa Claus this year? Well no I take that back…twirly mustaches are always a sign a villainy. Or maybe he’s marketing for a salsa company.

LivelySparrow97: Loving his quote! Very apathetic. Kit, Salsa….as in the dance? Tango anyone?

Kitkatgirl200: I was referring to the chunky tomato stuff, but that works too. And yes, I would love a mango. Why do all dances sound like food? (Yes, I am asking the important questions!)

Rebecca: I don’t know what to say as all I can do is laugh!

Picture 38 (Fighter)Picture 38 (Fighter)

LivelySparrow97: Honestly, I’m really looking forward to seeing Annabeth fight. Maybe she takes down one the bulls! I seriously wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that glare. She looks like a natural born leader.

Rebecca: She looks so determined! Its so Annabeth! Focused, calm, and ready to fight.

Kitkatgirl200: Nothing to say, really. Although that looks rather sharp…Annabeth put that down you’re making me nervous!

Picture 51 (“Oh my gods”)Picture 51 (“Oh my gods”)

Rebecca: The fact that this quote is in the movie is awesome! Thank you for reading the books!!

Kitkatgirl200: In the back, there appears to be a dinosaur shaped shadow. (As you can see, my happiness has driven me to insanity. Quite literally, I’m riding shotgun.)

LivelySparrow97: Oh my gods! Annabeth said “Oh my gods!” My life is complete. I can die happy.

Picture 54 (Clarisse and Percy ready to fight with Grover helping Annabeth in the back)Picture 54 (Clarisse and Percy ready to fight with Grover helping Annabeth in the back)

Kitkatgirl200: Mad theory time! So I completely forgot about this, but didn’t Annabeth break her ribs at some point? Is this the movie equivalent of that? Because she seems rather hurt.

LivelySparrow97: Wait, when did she break her ribs?

Kitkatgirl200: Sometime during the fight with the cyclops. I don’t remember, that’s why I called it a mad theory.

LivelySparrow97: Ah, I understand now. And yeah, I agree!

Rebecca: I agree. She obviously is hurt. Could be what the burn marks on her shirt is from. I know she gets hit badly by Polyphemus in the book.

Kitkatgirl200: See, more evidence they’ve read the book! They remember more than we do! Maybe…

Rebecca: From the book, “The good news: he dropped Annabeth. The bad news: he dropped her head first onto the rocks, where she lay motionless as a rag doll.” Then when they get to safety, they put the fleece on Annabeth to heal her.

Kitkatgirl200: I stand corrected?

Rebecca: “She (Annabeth) tried, but her face turned pale again. “Ohh. Not fully healed.”
Clarisse dropped next to her and felt her chest, which made Annabeth gasp.
“Ribs broken,” Clarisse said. “They’re mending, but definitely broken.”” (Chapter 15: Nobody Gets the Fleece)

Kitkatgirl200: SUCCESS!

Rebecca: *takes a bow* We did it!

Pictures 56-61 (The Mist!! “It makes the mystical look normal.”)Pictures 56-61 (The Mist!! “It makes the mystical look normal.”)

Kitkatgirl200: Someone must be excited to talk about this. Two exclamation points! This was a really creative idea! I wonder if it comes in different scents?

LivelySparrow97: This is a clever idea! Mist in a can! Kind of like that air in a can stuff!

Rebecca: I was wondering how they were going to do the mist! Its a cool idea and I suppose easier to explain to the audience who hasn’t read the books.

Picture 78 (On Board the CSS Birmingham)Picture 78 (On Board the CSS Birmingham)

Kitkatgirl200: Oh look, it’s the undead! I’m so happy the crew are zombies!

LivelySparrow97: What do you call a zombie door-to-door salesman?……..A dead ringer!

Rebecca: LOL!

Kitktgirl200: Louis, do you have a joke book or something?

LivelySparrow97: No, I’m naturally clever.

Kitkatgirl200: Don’t you mean corny?

Rebecca: Ouch!

LivelySparrow97: I’m not even going to dignify that with a response.

Kitkatgirl200: I’m afraid you already have.

Pictures 87-89 (Inside Charybdis)Pictures 87-89 (Inside Charybdis)

LivelySparrow97: The effects on this shot are really cool! And I must say, I always wondered what Charybdis’ innards looked like…..just kidding! Ewww.

Rebecca: So the mouth, is that Charybdis or is that Scylla that is roaring at them?

Kitkatgirl200: Whenever I see this, I think of a completely different book series. When I realized what was going on, it was surprising how colorful it was. Unlike Louis, I find this shot rather beautiful. (At least the top one!)

Pictures 90-92 (CSS BirminghamPercy Shooting)Pictures 90-92 (CSS Birmingham/Percy Shooting)

Rebecca: I’m not going to fret about this one too much, but the gun Percy is shooting is wrong for an Ironclad. Ironclads have breech-loading cannons. The gun he is using looks more like a Mark 16 gun which is from World War II (1939). The Ironclad in SoM is a Confederate ship so probably from the 1860s.

LivelySparrow97: There is where I’m guessing Percy and company get on Clarisse’s ironclad. So….they blast their way out of Charybdis? Interesting approach.

Kitkatgirl200: This is quite a big departure from the book. Most of it I’m fine with, but I’ll have to wait until the movie to see with this one. And thanks for the history lesson, Rebecca.

Picture 94 (Circe’s Land)Picture 94 (Circe’s Land)

LivelySparrow97: Even though this scene is entirely uncanon I actually think it has an appropriate atmosphere for the movie. For some odd reason, abandoned creepy theme parks always intrigued me. I sincerely hope something jumps out at them (making the audience jump) and then an epic fight ensues. I also noticed that Grover is not present (presumably kidnapped) and Clarisse is with them.

Rebecca: It seems like it will be a fun/scary scene. It is a pretty creepy amusement park. I would love for something to randomly jump out! Do you think they will arrive at the park in Clarisse’s Ironclad?

Kitkatgirl200: Ooo, the obligatory creepy sunset! That wooden rollercoaster gives me the creeps more than anything else in this scene. I hate rollercoasters.

Rebecca: Wooden roller coasters, my mom would agree with you! She hates them! *flashback*

Picture 97 (Tyson gives the bull a hug)Picture 97 (Tyson gives the bull a hug)

LivelySparrow97: Is it Tyson?

Rebecca: Based off the hair, I would say yes. The scene cuts off, but it looks like he is going to destroy the bull with his hands, like in the book.

LivelySparrow97: Okay, awesome!

Picture 101 (Luke looks down upon Percy)Picture 101 (Luke looks down upon Percy)

LivelySparrow97: I wondering where this is at. Polyphemus’ cave perhaps? Its not in the theme park, but he’s talking to Percy (I think).

Rebecca: Its does appear to be in a cave. I was wondering who the other demigod is. Just a miscellaneous guy or actually a character from the book?

Picture 117 (Percy Surfing... Without a Surfboard!)Picture 117 (Percy Surfing… Without a Surfboard!)

Kitkatgirl200: Louis is having trouble find something to say, so I’m going to repeat the word pig several times. Pig. Pig. Pig. Pig. Pig. Pig. (Whispers: I’m writing this without copy and paste! I should get an award.) Pig. Pig. Pig. Pig. Pig. Pig. Pig. Pig. Pig. Pig. Pig. Pig. Pig. Pig. Pig. Pig. Pig. Pig. Pig. Pig. Pig.

LivelySparrow97: Well its no secret now how the trio escapes the yacht. Some people didn’t like the idea of Percy having that much control over water, but I think its a neat idea.

Kitkatgirl200: *Holds up sign that says 9 1/2*

Rebecca: All I can say is I agree with Louis. It is a cool way from him to use his powers. Hang ten, Percy!

LivelySparrow97: Haha, I just thought of the turtles on Finding Nemo because Rebecca said, “Hang ten.”

Kitkatgirl200: *Hums just keep swimming, just keep swimming….*

Closing Thoughts (Spoiler Kit dies at the end)Closing Thoughts (Spoiler: Kit dies at the end)

Rebecca: This was my second favorite of the trailers. I liked all the new scenes shown. My favorite moment from the trailer was Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson ending up inside of Charybdis. I’m curious how many people think the three of us need to be committed due to our insanity.

LivelySparrow97: This is probably my favorite trailer. The combination of Mr.D’s quote, Annabeth with a spear, being inside Charybdis, and seeing a bloodied Percy all make this trailer really great. I wish we would see more of Clarisse in the trailers, but maybe they’re keeping her a surprise. Time is running down as we have a month (and counting) till we see Percy. With each trailer released I can honestly say I’m getting more and more excited to see this movie!

Kitkatgirl200: I’m not going to comment on the trailer as a whole, because both the people above me have much more interesting things to say. Instead, I’m going to say this: From now on, we should really avoid the word pig. Even though it was my idea. All my ideas end in disaster. Hmm, that doesn’t sound as clever as usual. LOUIS, I think your sense of humor is rubbing off on me. Oh no!

LivelySparrow97: *tosses Kit into Charybdis* Send me a postcard!!!

Kitkatgirl200: Postcard? I’ll make sure to send a joke book along as well. *Falls to slimy death*

Rebecca: Next up, writing Kit’s obituary! is the best place to find the latest and greatest news on the Percy Jackson movies along with anything to do with the world of demigods and monsters.

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  1. Sparklegem_Olympus - July 10, 2013

    Cool! :)

  2. musicluvr (Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena) - July 9, 2013

    Nice Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……I LOVED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……. :) there’s a lot of little details I didn’t notice until now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……haha…

  3. Kitkatgirl200 - July 9, 2013

    I appreciate the concern, guys…

  4. Hannah - July 9, 2013

    #101 – Could be Chris!!
    #117 – *to Nico in Titan’s Curse* Percy can surf.
    Ending: I died. Best trailer yet! Thor is a great director; and I know I shouldn’t judge him from the trailers, but I am. This looks pretty freaking awesome!
    (And for the SoM graphic novel, apparently only 2 scenes from the book were missing – the whole of the book was in it otherwise. The scened were the Monstet Doughnut* and the letter scenes.
    *(British way of spelling Doughnut :P )
    *I think this means they cut out the actual shop, not the whole scene including the safe house and the hydra.)

  5. jason - July 9, 2013

    wow :) this is getting better and better :), hmm I always had some bugging questions though like awhile ago when we would get set pictures and we would see the green screen in the back and camera crew and the actors chairs and on those chairs was the sea monsters logo and tentacles wrapping around it . so im thinking “why is the kraken being mention” but now theres no mentioning….strange :( ….ANYWAY mr.d with the handle bar mustache is soo cool , it makes him look more evil I guess or grumpy it really adds to his character which will pull the audience in the movie , and percy with the bloody face shows that the movie is more less kid-ish if that makes sense , ummm oh and Tantalus ; no mention yet , I am still crossing my fingers that bill nighy is playing that role , but we haven’t seen him in any trailers, I love the mist idea too btw

  6. amara1016 - July 9, 2013

    so the other demigod is probably ethan or chris

    • Percabeth - July 9, 2013

      I agree and the things I’m looking forward 2 most is Annabeth’s flashback(the cast says that there is a young Annabeth,Grover,Thalia,and Luke,so I’m sure they’re doing the flashback),seeing Luke again(for reasons,I have no idea why),seeing the monster that we’re assuming is Kronos,and seeing Thalia come back to life! :)

      • amara1016 - July 9, 2013

        yea totally but i loved Luke in the books even if he was evil he was still awesome. Well if they do go acording to the book which im not sure they r then the monster wouldnt be kronos it would be something else becaus.. well never mind i wont say why

      • Matt - July 9, 2013

        I’m very excited to see the flashbacks! It’d be so cool! I’m also excited to see more of Thalia!

    • Rebecca King - July 9, 2013

      Could be Ethan! Its not Chris as he is played by Grey Damon and that’s not Grey Damon.

      • amara1016 - July 9, 2013

        makes since but i dont remeber ethan being in the books till the battle of the labyrinth but they could have changed that

      • amara1016 - July 9, 2013

        it could be but i dont remeber ethan being in the books till the battle of the labyrinth but they could have changed it since they have done that with a lot of things

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