Connor’s Final Fight

Connor’s Final Fight

This is Connor’s Final Fight for the Arena! Brace yourselves, its a good one!

Connor’s Final Fight

Written by Connor

Back in the shadows I stand. Waiting. Mentally preparing myself for what will be my fall or rise. The pitch-black room was as cold and eerie as always and nothing could be seen but the faint glow of my transporter button, no wait, ten transporter buttons, all pulsing a faint blue glow to show the shape of nine other fighters. A blinding light suddenly filled the room.

“Champions!” It was Chiron, or well at least his head, floating inside a giant Iris message in the centre of the room. “Well done too all of you for getting this far, as always the Hypnos cabin have put you all in a dream state that will prevent you from, well, actually dying in the match. Now to Mr. D with the rules.” Chiron stepped out of frame and Mr. D came in wearing his usual Hawaiian shirt and holding a glass of wine.

“Ok, listen close you brats ‘cause I’m only saying this once. This is a full on fight to the death, one life, one chance. Anything goes. Got it? Good. Now this arena was designed by Miss Shing here-”

“King, sir,” Rebecca corrected.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Anyway as I was saying, miss KING here created the arena so I could change the environment at will in the middle of the fight.” I couldn’t see Rebecca, but I know she would be looking smug at that comment. “However I’m don’t have the patience nor the effort to do that so I have changed the rules. There will be 6 different terrains and within those will be 5 portals that can take you to any other one of the places.”

“What are they?” Shouted out someone’s voice, Wendy? Musicluvr perhaps?

“Ah that’s when being games maker is fun. I’m not going too tell you! Enjoy!” Mr. D then disappeared in a wisp of mist and in his place was a massive counter down from 30.

I prepared my thoughts, checking my armour is working, making sure both my katana and crossbow were hung on my belt correctly. I pulled my scarf over my nose and mouth, that plus my armour it made me look like a badass samurai -steampunk-ninja-special ops guy, oh yeah. I was ready. The countdown was at 10 now, wait countdown? Games maker? Oh hell no! Whose bright idea was it to show Mr. D Catching Fire before the match? I bet it was Kit…no definitely Kit. Well I know whom I’m going for first! Then just like that the countdown hit 0 and the transporters grew as bright as the sun and I smacked it hard. My vision blurred, I felt like I was being tossed around at 10Gs then I felt wind on my face, I was in free-fall. I opened my legs and arms as wide as I could and tried to gain my bearings, or as much as you could if you were falling through the air at terminal velocity. Hold on, I can fly.

RiverAt the top of my lungs I shouted, “MAIA!” and wings sprouted from my shoes and I stopped just a metre from water, the wings then retracted and I landed face first into a river. I found a branch for me to latch onto and pulled myself up. This was the first time I could take in my surroundings, and by the gods it was astounding. Besides the river in front of me, on both sides were trees as tall as buildings; with vines hanging down and foliage so dense 5 metres away from the bank it was total darkness. I knew I was in a rainforest, now all I have to do was kill nine of my campmates to win. With that I shook myself as dry as possible and entered into the unknown. It didn’t take long for me to find trouble, or at least it found me, I thought I saw Musicluvr in a clearing, sitting down on her laptop. I unsheathed my katana and approached slowly, trying to not make a sound. Now behind her I plunged my sword through her back where her heart would be but then, she glitched out, I mean literally turned into pixels and back to normal again. I got freaked out and jumped back.

“What the Hades?!?” out of the corner of my eye I saw a figure jumping down from a tree towards me, with my speed I took out my crossbow and fired a few bolts in that direction. Hit! I got her in the leg and shoulder; Musicluvr lost herself in the air and came tumbling down smacking her head against a log. I ran over with katana in hand to see the damage. Her hair was covered in blood as her eyes rolled back into her head.

“Huh that was easy.” To her right lay the knife she was just holding. I pocketed it hoping it will serve me later on and carried on.

Walking was becoming very tiresome and slow. “MAIA!” I lifted up in to the air and was now gliding through the forest weaving in and out of trees and then it appeared in front of me. A glowing purple mist with nothing but an image of the void.

“This must be it,” I thought.

Sand Dunes“The portal” Mr. D had said it would take us to any of the other five terrains, so without hesitation I flew right in, not knowing where I would end up. The portals act like tunnels, you enter in one environment and exit in a completely different one, but no feeling of zero Gs, warped stomach or anything. As the bright light at the other end engulfed my vision I landed head first into sand. I got up and tried to get out what felt like buckets of sand in my ears. As I looked around I noticed this dessert was covered in giant dunes, rocks and, well, sand. I decided my best vantage point would be higher up, so I started my trek up a very daunting sand dune. At the top I looked all the way around not spotting anything, however it was hard to see anything in the intense heat and blinding sun. I then heard of fast rushing wind, which I knew had to only be from an arrow, I turned around and saw it land between my feet however it had a ball attached on to the end of it, a few more landed around me, I was confused, where they just a bad shot? Then all of the balls started too beep before I knew it I was coughing in a cloud of flour, not being able to make out anything. I unsheathed my sword and tried to be ready for any attack that might come. Unfortunately an arrow got me in the back of my leg and I buckled. Not being able to see where the edge was, I tumbled down the dune, rolling and snapping the arrow, which only made the injury worse. As I was coming to a stop I spotted two figures running towards me. I got up best I could with my leg and gripped my katana readying myself for a fight.

“Oh just give up Connor, you can’t fight with that leg.” That voice, the distinct hint of pride it was obvious it was Wendy.

“Yeah, and plus there’s two of us and only one of you.” They were close enough now for me to see them. That was Jojo. She held me at bow-point while Wendy’s sword and shield were by her side. I needed to buy time.

“Where did you guys even come from? I looked everywhere and didn’t see you!”

“May I present to you my friend, a daughter of Apollo, which comes with the ability to bend light in a certain way, enough to make us invisible,” explained Wendy,

“It was only a matter of time when an idiot like yourself went so high it was like shooting fish in a barrel, and by the stain on your pants-.”

“Trousers, I call them trousers,” I corrected

“Wow even in the face of death you can’t help but be ‘proper’, can you?” Jojo aimed her bow at me.

“Any last words?”

“Yeah I don’t think I’m the one who needs to be worried…” She lowered her bow.

“The Hades does that even mean?”

“He’s right Jojo,” said Wendy and with impressive speed Wendy’s shield went straight into Jojo’s face and with a fancy twirl her sword plunged into, and then through her stomach.

“Thanks for the assist, but I’ll take it from here.” Wendy retracted her sword from her and wiped the blood on her jacket. Jojo collapse onto the floor cursing until she was silent.

“Wow! That was cold even for me.”

“It’s about survival, Connor. You must understand, right?” Wendy started to walk towards me, weapons raised and ready to attack. I limped away as much as I could but I knew it would be a matter of time before she would reach me. The she stopped and her eyes widened. Behind her Jojo had crawled over to her and was holding an arrow in the back of her calf,

“Hydra blood from the city, looks like cheaters never prosper.” She then collapsed but this time with a smile on her face. Wendy looked back up at me and dropped her weapons, her veins started to turn black, blood was dripping from her mouth, nose and ears. She began to choke and just fell down, surrounding in sand mixed with her blood that was now as black as the night sky. I checked the pulse of both of them, nothing they were both gone. But no time to grieve, I spotted Wendy’s pack and looked through it,

“Come on!” I said. “Don’t let Athena smarts fail me now.” After rummaging around I found it, I flask containing the best thing drachmas can buy, nectar. I took a swig of it and pulled the arrow out of my leg, instantly I felt better. However no time for celebrating, as I stood up, I got tackled from the side and now felt the cold blade of a knife pressed against my neck. I looked up and saw Kit.


“Hello brother dear, what a pleasant surprise.” A smug smile grew across her face as she pressed the blade ever so closer, when I looked more clearly I saw that she was covered in blood.

“Oh yeah? Really? Someone has seemed to left something on you.” I nodded at a massive patch of dried blood in her hair.

“Oh this? Yeah-well poor David never saw me coming, but oh well I did get this great knife from him though. It cuts well.”

I knew I had to get out of this but any sudden move and I’ll be slit, then I remembered, I closed my eyes and concentrated, I teleported just behind her, now my sword to her back, she smiled and turned hitting down my sword. We were now locked in combat sword to knife, me slicing at her only for her to teleport away and slice my back. I yelled in pain and stabbed my sword behind her, only to find she had teleported above me trying to jump on me, however I saw this coming and kicked as high as I could knocking her to the side, she got up in frustration and started to teleport away, now arrows were flying at me from every direction, I blocked as many as I could but some managed to graze me, one even cut my cheek.

“Give in, Connor. You know you don’t have enough energy to teleport as much as me.” Arrows kept firing and I kept blocking however I was getting tired.

“Just remember who taught you how to teleport.”

As a flurry of arrows came towards me I butterfly twisted between them and fired a bolt to the side. Kit had done exactly what I expected her to do and appeared right in the path of it. She now had a bolt through her heart; she kept blinking like a ghost. But eventually she dropped down, dead. I had to get out of there; the barren land of the dessert makes me an easy target. I lifted up on my shoes and concentrated hard, the tug in my gut told me it was working, I flew straight and the sand below me was trailing, with my super speed and flight I flew around the dessert, flying over the dead body of David and not soon after spotting a portal on the ground below. I landed and jumped through.

I landed in a dark and cold place; I could hear drips of water and felt the wall was made out of rough rock. I think I was in a cave system however it was hard to tell since I couldn’t see anything. I unsheathed my sword; the faint glow of the celestial bronze gave me enough light to guide myself through the emptiness of the tunnels. After what seemed like an eternity, I heard voices and explosions up ahead, as I got closer blinding light started to flash in the tunnels. I walked into a massive cavern; easily the size of a football stadium, in the middle was drop that looked like it led down to Tartarus…uh, sorry Percy. Anyway, in the middle of this was a floating island, and on it two people, Sarianna and Rachel battling it out, arrows versus spells, Sarianna was glowing in her armour, I suppose the light always finds a child of Apollo, even miles underground. Rachel then casted an army of mistforms to attack Sarianna all at once, she then collapsed onto a chair that appeared out of thin air and panted heavily, I wasn’t surprised magic looked tiring beyond belief, It was a matter of time before Rachel spotted me across the darkness, she then waved her staff and something tugged at me and I flew across the cavern and landed by Sarianna’s feet.

“Nice of you to join the party,” she said.

“Yeah, well I thought this looked so fun so why now join.” Sarcasm seemed to come out of me at the worst times. We stood back to back with swords raise, surrounded my mistforms,

“What do you want left or right?” Sarianna asked, I could feel the tiredness radiating of her, how long have those two been at it?

“I have a better idea, but I need a distraction.”

“Pleasure, is this now an alliance?” she asked grinning back at me.

“No, think of it more of a temporary coalition,” with that I charged towards Rachel, sitting in her chair. With my speed I got to her before she could stand up and reach her staff, I tackled her and we went flying back over the edge of the island. I let Rachel go and shouted “MA-” Something stopped me and with a jolt I hung over an empty abyss. Sarianna had caught my hand and hooked her bow onto a bit of rock sticking out.

“What are you doing?!” I shouted

“I’m saving your butt, do you want to fall to your death?” I could see the strain in her face trying to keep us both up, was I really that heavy?

“I can fly you idiot!” The anger exploded in my voice, my plan was flawless. Trust someone else to ruin it for me. Then the worst thing started to happen, the sound of string breaking, we both looked up.

“That’s impossible! It should be strong enough to hold 2 people!”

“Count again darling.” The voice came from below. Horror as I saw Rachel grabbing onto my ankle.

Snow“If I go down you are all coming with me!” With the wave of her staff a mistform appeared at the top and with it’s sword cut the bowstring in half. Letting all three of us fall to our doom. However the familiar noise of a portal started to sound and we all fell through landing in what felt like snow. The sounds of four people groaning and complaining filled the air, wait? Four? I looked too my left and saw a trail in the snow as if someone had slid along the floor, I looked further up and ahead I saw Rebecca struggling to get up, she must’ve been running super sonic and we tripped her up, she regained herself and came storming over, I got up as quick as I could and pointed my sword at her, Sarianna and Rachel did the same.

“You idiots! You’ve doomed us all!!” She looked angrier for us than at us.

“What are you talking about?” Rachel demanded.

“Turns out Mr. D didn’t tell us about everything in the arena, turns out he’s put a monster in each terrain hoping some unlucky demigod will cross its path.” There was a chill in the already cold air.

“Who told you this?” Rachel demanded raising her staff higher,

“Hannah.” Rebecca then turned to me, “We met up in the rainforest together, she was running away from Stymphalian Birds and we jumped through a portal. Ended up finding Kit in the mountains who said she saw Chimera on the other side, we all went through different portals.”

“That’s stupid! The birds and a Chimera? C’mon!” Rachel lowered her staff in disbelief.

“No, it makes sense,” Sarianna said, I nodded too “In the caves I spotted a scorpion’s tail the size of a spear.”

“Manticore?” Rebecca asked.

“Possibly, I met David before and he said in the dessert there’s scrap metal from a Colchis bull just lying there.”

“Yeah,” I chimed in. “Jojo said she got Hydra blood from someplace called ‘the city’.”

“What happened to her?” asked Sarianna,

“She died. She died saving me from Wendy.” I’d never of thought of that before but I owed my life to her and she hadn’t even crossed my mind since what felt like eons ago, suddenly a ferocious squeal erupted through the air.

“Holy Hera! What was that?” cried Rachel.

“That will be death if we don’t reach somewhere out of sight soon,” Rebecca answered.

“We?” Rachel asked.

“Well if we go our separate ways, we’ll never survive, now come on, night’s coming, it’s cold and if we stay out here any longer it’ll tear us to shreds.” Rebecca started to walk ahead, trudging through the snow looking around for danger, me and Sarianna followed suit.

“And just what are we running away from?” Rachel seemed very impatient at this stage that she didn’t know all the answers. Rebecca turned around to face her,

“The Erymanthian Boar.”

With that all of us seemed to be hurrying into a shelter. After around half an hour of endless searching in the cold, we came across a cave that went into the side of a cliff, the entrance was small enough so the boar wouldn’t be able to get through but still big enough to allow the four of us to climb in for the night. Everyone took their own corner of the cave, Rachel setting up a fire in the middle with some magic, Sarianna looked weary of her and sat down, back to the wall, sharpening her sword since she had lost her bow. I scooted over as Rebecca came to sit next to me.

“What were you guys doing when you fell through that portal?” she asked still poking the fire with her club.

“We were fighting, actually we were falling into an abyss but fighting before that.”

“Huh? Lucky that portal appeared, innit?” She looked at me as if trying to read my thoughts.

“So what happened to Hannah?” I asked, trying to change the subject.

“Dunno,” she shrugged, “after the mountains, I never saw her again.”

“Well, let’s say worst thing happened, that mean it’s only us four left,” a spooky feeling entered the room, as if the air pressure had just dropped. “Get some rest, you’re gonna need your strength for tomorrow” Rebecca then gave me the dirtiest look, I sighed. “Don’t worry I’m not going to kill you in your sleep, I swear.” She raised an eyebrow. “I swear on the styx.” She smiled and went to her corner to get ready for bed. Everyone was now asleep; I sat there in the silence staring into the fire.

“Connor, CONNOR! Wake up!” I opened my eyes and saw Sarianna shaking me.

“What? I’m up, I’m up.” I must’ve fallen asleep sometime in the middle of my watch.

“Morning sunshine.” I saw Rachel adjusting her clothes getting ready for battle.

“What’s happening?” Just then, as if the gods were answering the cave shook and rocks started to fall from the ceiling.

“It found us.” Rebecca was holding her club, ready to kill. “Everyone come close, I have a plan.” I got up and we all huddled around the now burnt out campfire. After Rebecca explained what we were going to do we all stepped out, the shaking stopped, as I looked around I heard Rachel shout.

“Over there!” To our right, we saw the 30-foot monster come running straight towards us. Everyone scattered out of the way, I shouted “MAIA” and flew as high as I could to avoid the huge tusks of the beast. As I looked down I had a sigh of relief when the Erymanthian Boar flattened nobody but then I heard the someone scream, I turned around to see Sarianna trapped against a tree, curled up and petrified on the floor, but because of the boars huge tusks getting stuck on things, Sarianna was just out of reach. I created a snowball and threw it.

“Hey! Bacon!” admittedly not my best cuss, “Over here!”

It worked the boar now had its attention on me…oh dam it had its attention on me. I flew up as high up the cliff I could carrying Sarianna with me and near the top hid behind a rock next to Rebecca and Rachel hoping the boar would follow me, luckily boars apparently can hold a grudge and it climbed all the way to the top, confused not to spot us, however for our plan to work we needed the boar to be in a certain place.

“Ok Sarianna, you’re up,” Rebecca said, Sarianna nodded and jumped out from behind the rock, the boar spotted her and with a murderous look in it’s eyes, started to charge full pelt at her.

“Now!” Rebecca shouted, Rachel blasted a great big blast of green energy at the boar which flew sideways, as it was getting up me and Rebecca circled the top of the cliff and pelted towards the boar at great speeds, we collided like a speeding lorry and the boar lost it’s balance and toppled over the edge of the cliff, we all looked over the side, and saw a puff of snow at the bottom of the drop.

“Is it gone?” Sarianna asked,

“I think so, not a lot can survive that fall,” Rebecca said, we all looked at each other in silence, just the harsh wind in the background.

“What happen now?” I said.


“We get back to the game,” said Rachel as she blasted a yellow beam towards Sarianna, she lost her balance and fell over.

“No!” I tried to dive for her hand, but it was too late, Sarianna already lay, dead, in the snow below. With her speed Rebecca grabbed my crossbow and shot Rachel in the arm, making her drop her staff, she then whipped behind her and grabbed her in a headlock.

“You dirty witch.” With a squeeze and a tug, SNAP! Rachel then lay limp and as lifeless as the boar on the snowy ground. I looked up at Rebecca in shock.

“Like she said, back to the game.”

She lunged for me but I dodged out of the way and dove off, back first into the air, I smiled at Rebecca as I fell off the cliff, “MAIA” wings sprouted from my shoes once more and I pulled up just missing tops of trees, my jacket brushing against snow. I flew as far away from the cliff as I could, looking back I was feeling safer as the cliff was now disappearing into the distance, however something beneath the trees was coming towards me, and it was coming fast. BOOM! A sound so loud just exploded out of nowhere and trees started to part ways, Rebecca had gone supersonic. I then tried to fly as fast as I could but nothing could stop me from what was about to come. I glance behind me to see if she was getting closer and to my horror, Rebecca had run up a tree and had jumped, now flying towards me with two knives in hand. I prepared for impact. Her knives dug into a part of my jacket that was flapping behind me in the wind, as we wrestled to cut, stab, and generally maim each other.

Grassy PlainAs we tumbled through the air falling into the treetops, a portal appeared just below us and still brawling through the tunnel, we rolled onto a grassy plain landing over 3 metres apart, knives and sword landing somewhere out of reach. I tried to come to and regain myself, but before I could get to my sword from behind me, Rebecca used her speed to pick me up and slam me against the side of a hill, my back felt like every bone was just broken in that instance, then punches left and right, to my face, stomach, ribs. Everything was hurting. I felt the taste of blood in my mouth and spat it out on the floor.

“Sorry Connor, a win’s, a win. No matter what you do.” She then stopped pelting me with punches and actually looked sad, regretful maybe?

“Unfortunately, Hannah found that out too late…” I looked up in disbelief.

“You…? What happened to honour among friends?”

“What happened?! Real life happened!! Honour is dead, survival is now key.” An apocalyptic sensation came over me, how can she just thrown away friends like that? How can she just betray trust like that?

“Did you know?” I asked with hate in my voice.

“Know what?”

“About Sarianna and Rachel? Their deaths?” Rebecca let go of me.

“They did that to themselves…” She might have had herself fooled but by the way she turned around, I knew she was lying. She had planned for Sarianna to die, someone who risked her life just to help us, to help her. My eyes filled in a metaphorical red mist, rage had overcome me and I couldn’t help but do something. I picked Rebecca up by the scruff of her neck and flew as fast as I could, I slammed her back first into the grass, still flying at sonic speed dragging her along while trying to punch the soul out of her body,

“THEY. WERE. YOUR. FRIENDS!” Each punch I felt more and more powerful, even with my cracked ribs I didn’t care, this fight has gone on for too long, enough was enough. I then finished my punching and with all the speed and power, I threw Rebecca up into the air, speeding after her I grabbed her at what seemed like a mile high, I did a triple somersault and released her straight down back towards earth. I reached into my pocket and to my surprise found the knife I had taken off Musicluvr was still there, I threw the knife down towards Rebecca and a kick made sure it went down on target. As my adrenaline settled I could start to feel a searing pain in my chest as my ribs felt like they were crumbling in my chest, the blood in my mouth had started to dry and I touched my eye and flinched at the bruising. I landed with a stumble back on the floor looking over to find Rebecca, she lay on the floor, her arm and leg in a position that looked more painful than the knife that stuck out of her chest,

“Congrats. Winner.” With her last breath, Rebecca closed her eyes and her body went limp. Just as quick as it started, in a flash of blue I woke up in the middle of the amphitheatre to a cheering crowd, one of my brothers in Hermes cabin helped me up as my friends, Mr. D and Chiron came over to me.

“Well done Mr. Woon,” Mr. D said with no enthusiasm what so ever.

“Umm it’s actually Wan- thanks sir.” I smiled back, even though Mr. D hates all of us, and doesn’t care about us. Praise is praise and he doesn’t hand them out everyday, or week, or even month to be honest. Chiron patted my back and commented on how well I used my surrounding in a fight, we generally chatted about the fight and he mentioned how I need so extra training in battlefield tactics. With pride in a smile, Chiron trotted away as more people came down towards me.

“Bloody hell, that was tense. Turns out war really does bring out the worst in people.” I hugged all my friends, bro-hugged the guys and actual hugs for girls. Smiles and congrats were all around, but just like for any demigod, a good thing can only last for so long. A deathly scream came from just over the crowd and everyone ran, it was a girl with ginger hair lying over Hannah, she must’ve been a friend or something because the worry in her face was unbelievable.

“What happened? Are you ok?” I crouched down next to her, trying to calm her down from the obvious shaking, she looked up at me, her eyes red from crying,

“She’s not waking up!” I was in shock, I went down to check her pulse and it was hardly there, Hannah was alive but barely. I then stood up and looked around, none of the other fighters had come too yet, they were all still lying there, asleep.

“This is wrong,” I said. “Something’s not right.”

Hey, I'm Rebecca! I'm a writer, an avid hiker, and rock climber. I love writing, from PJM posts to stories. Anything you want to know, just ask.

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  1. Rebecca King - April 27, 2014

    1: Wow, you blew my mind!
    2: Seriously? You end it in a cliffhanger!!!
    3: I’m evil…. :'( lol
    4: Amazing job!

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