I’ve been living a lie… or maybe not. In an effort to find a good quiz of who is your god parent?, I have been taking several of them. And guess what? Each time I keep getting Ares. Does this really mean I’m not a daughter of Athena? I became a daughter of Athena for two reasons. 1, it was Jason’s idea and 2, I took the quiz we had posted a long, long time ago on PJM and I got Athena. Well… that quiz really isn’t reliable. The first time I took I got mortal and when I took it again today I got Poseidon. No way am I a daughter of Poseidon!

In all honesty, if Artemis had kids, I think I would be her daughter as I love (and I mean LOVE) the outdoors. So it got me thinking, am I a daughter of Athena or a daughter of Ares…? Sure, I’m smart, but definitely not Athena smart. And I’m tough like an Ares kid, but I’m not sure I’m quite Ares tough. If not Athena or Ares, then who else?

So someone, anyone, help me decide. I’ll be making the switch (or staying as is) for The Arena.