Daughter of Death

By: Nevaeh

“Aeron come back!” Jaron yelled as he tried to get a grip on my shoulder. I turned around.

“I dare you son of Apollo to touch me one more time, I dare you!” I yelled jabbing my finger into his chest. Jaron raised his hands above his head and backed off. I grabbed my sword that had fallen to the ground and put it back in the pouch that hung from my belt. The dust gathered up behind me as I stormed away from the creek.

The door of cabin thirteenth slammed behind me. I threw myself onto my bunk and laid rubbing my head. Outside someone was approaching the door of Cabin Hades. A gentle knock came from behind the door.

“Aeron can I come in? It’s Calder,” a soft voice asked.

“ Come on in,” I answered. Calder came in his smile was perfect and his eyes were the color of worn denim. His dirty blonde hair sat on his head covering his forehead. When ever he is around I feel on top of the world.

“ You okay?” Calder questioned. His voice as soothing as ocean waves probably because, his dad is Poseidon, mighty god of the seas.

“ Yeah i’m good,” I told him. Calder sat down next to me on my messy bed.

“ What did Jaron do?”

“ Nothing, it’s okay.”

“ Come on.”

“Fine.” I sighed.” He told me that I should just go and swim in The Lethe so I would just forget that my father is Hades and that I have all these cruddy friends.” Calders eyes stormed over leaving the comfort out to die.

“That dirty weasel!” Calder yelled. His hands formed into fists. He grabbed my hand and yanked me up off the bed. He rammed open my cabin door and to cabin seven we stormed.

Calder thrashed his fist on the Apollo cabin’s door. A young girl came to answer it. She looked like this was her first year.

“Get. Jaron. Now.” Calder growled through clenched teeth. The girl scampered away and got Jaron.

“ What do you want Salty?” Jaron mocked.

That was it Calder couldn’t let this shmuck walk over us anymore. In one second I saw Calder throwing his fist at Jaron and a second after that I saw Jaron fall to the floor.

I looked up holding back a smile. Finally that jerk got what he deserved. The other kids that were in the cabin turned to see Jaron’s unconscious body fall to the ground.

Calder sat on his bed holding his head.

“What did I just do?” He muttered over and over. I sat and leaned on his shoulder trying to comfort him.

“ Lets go get dinner,” I told him. I pushed myself off his bed and walked to the door. Calder followed. We walked to the dining pavilion that rested next to the climbing wall and the beach. I sat down at my table which had only one other kid, Nico Di Angelo. Sure he is only my half brother but he has always treated me like i’m his real sister. He has looked over me since I got to Camp Half-Blood. Nico always tells me about how he went to the Underworld and how he met a daughter of Pluto. Calder sat at his table which also only had one kid, Percy Jackson. Percy is like a old friend he always comforts you and supports you. After we filled our goblets and got a huge amount of food we walked up and sacrificed a portion of the food to the gods. I always ask my dad to let me go on a quest or something. I have always wanted to go on a quest with Calder.

After our food had vanished I left with Nico to go to our cabin. I changed into my fuzzy “Old Navy” pajama shorts and a old CHB T-shirt.

That night was quiet, really quiet something was going to happen soon maybe tonight maybe tomorrow but I just knew it. I looked at Nico to see if he was awake. It looked like he was getting out of bed. I walked over to him.

“What are you doing?” I hissed.

“ Going out,” he replied.


“Just going to the beach.”

“Bring me.” I told him.

“Fine.” He agreed. I ran and changed into a pair of jean shorts and a skull tanktop. Nico and I walked carefully toward the beach.

“I’m getting Calder,” I informed Nico.

“Quickly,” Nico said. I ran swiftly to cabin three. I opened the door and walked in. I shook Calder till he woke up.

“Hurry,” I told him. “We’re going to the beach.” Calder nodded and got out of bed.

Together we ran down to the beach. I kicked off my black flipflops and walked into the grainy sand. Calder did the same. All three of us sat on the beach with our toes in the water and our eyes watching the deep blue horizon. Calder smirked and flicked his finger at Nico and I. A wave of water rushed over us. Leaving Nico with seaweed in his mouth and hair.

“Its going to be like that, is it?” I asked Calder. I pushed his back so he face planted into the water.

“Fine,” Calder said. He chased me into the water and splashed me. I put my arms in front of my face to keep the water away. I scooped up water and splashed him. Leaving his blonde hair brown. Calder grabbed me and slung me over his back then he dropped me. I came up laughing.

After the fun was done we walked back to our cabins. Calder smiled at me and walked to his cabin. Nico and I walked to our gloomy cabin.

We got up when the sun was still shining. Have I ever mentioned us children of Hades are not morning people. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and changed into a pair of black jeans, a CHB t-shirt and a leather jacket. I pulled my hair into braid and slung it over my shoulder. I walked to the mess hall for some breakfast. I sat down next to Calder even though it was against the rules.

“How did you sleep?” I asked Calder.

“Like a log,” he replied. We got our food and started to eat. I looked at the Aphrodite table and saw them snickering and pointing at me and Calder. My fists really itched to take out one of their perfect teeth.

“What are you doing first today?” Calder asked.

“ Archery. than combat, than Nico wanted to teach me shadow traveling,” I answered.

After a while I left for archery. Chiron was waiting at the shooting range. I marched down there with my bow in my hand and a quiver over my shoulder.

“Try to shoot the bulls eye,” Chiron instructed without looking at me. I pulled an arrow from my quiver and pulled back my bow then I let go. The arrow spiraled to the target and pierced the center circle.

“Bulls eye!” I yelled. Chiron nodded. He taught me a bunch of techniques and gave me a bunch of arrows such as, the explosive arrow, the regular arrow, or the hydra blood arrow. After he finished with the session he gave me a silver bracelet. It had a picture of two arrows crossing.

“Tap it,” Chiron told me. I gave the bracelet a firm tap and instead of having the bracelet on my arm there was a black bow in my hand. The top had a falcon feather hanging downwards.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Get your move on to combat,”Chiron ushered. I ran to the arena where Clarisse La Rue sat surrounded by a group of other kids.

“Okay. Okay,” Clarisse yelled. “Todays fighting partners are Lue and Steve, Hope and Piper, Percy and Connor, Jaron and Aeron, Annabeth and Drew. First Jaron And Aeron.” I walked into the center of the arena. I unsheathed Deathbringer, my sword, pulled down my helmet and held up my shield. Jaron did the same. I saw that his face was battered with bruises, he had a black eye, and he was missing two or three teeth from yesterday.

“READY, FIGHT!” Clarisse yelled. I swung my sword and cut off a part of the plume on his helmet. He swung his sword and it hit my shield. The sword went flying out of his hand. I lunged at him knocking him off his feet. I placed my foot on his chest plate and held Deathbringer up in victory.

“Good job,” Clarisse congratulated me. I took off my helmet and held it under my arm as I walked out of arena.

Nico was waiting by the forest.

“Just focus on melting into the shadows and picture where you want to go,” Nico instructed me. “ Focus on going to the lake.” I closed my eyes and imagined me melting into the shadows. I imagined popping up at the lake. I opened my eyes to see the lake. Nico sat beside me and gave a short applause.

“Good job,” Nico told me.

“Thanks,” I returned. Nico showed me how to summon Mrs.O’leary when I need her and how to appear in people’s dreams.

“Okay, that’s it for todays lesson,” Nico said. I walked up to Calder who had been leaning on a dark pine.

“Chiron needed you,” Calder informed me.

“Thanks, I never knew you were a son of Hermes giving messages,” I joked. I walked over to the Big House where Chiron was waiting.

“Go to the Oracle,” Chiron instructed. I nodded and walked through the door. I walked up the stairs and into the attic where a mortal girl sat her hair was frizzy and red but her eyes glowed a abnormal green.

“Come forth, Aeron Tylers,” the hollow voice commanded. I hesitated but, took a step forward.

“ You must travel past the Sea of Monsters to Greece find the object of the past that will stop your father from starting war,” the Oracles voice hissed. I nodded. The message was short but very important. The green mist disappeared from the room.

I walked down stairs and opened the door to see Calder, Nico, and Percy standing there.