Delivery Demigod for a Day: Part One of the Jason Chronicles

Delivery Demigod for a Day: Part One of the Jason Chronicles

A year ago today, Jason joined our site. Out of appreciation, I have written a story with him as the main character! He chose specific events to happen and I made sure to include them all. He has been a big help to PJM with coming up with ideas (like Demigod Celebrities), being an awesome commenter, and leading the Red Team in Capture the Flag! I really appreciate each and every one of you! Thank you Jason for all your help! You have become an awesome friend!

Delivery Demigod for a Day
Part One of the Jason Chronicles

Written by Rebecca King

Shaking from his harrowing ride, Jason stepped out of the Gray Sisters’ Taxi cab. He pulled a drachma from his pocket and held it out to them through the window.

“Thanks for getting me here… in one piece,” Jason said.

The sister with the eye snatched the drachma and screeched, “ITS MINNEEE!!!”

The two sisters grabbed for the coin. The taxi shot off and disappeared among the rest of the traffic. Jason straightened up and looked at the building he was standing in front of. The Empire State Building, home to Olympus. He had seen Olympus before, so when his dad asked him to come, he hopped on the chance to see it again. Each time was just as amazing as the first. He entered the building, drinking in all of his surroundings. He went up to the security desk.

“I’m here to see my dad, Hermes,” Jason said.

“What’s your name?” he asked, looking at a computer in front of him.


He nodded and passed him a security key. “Very well. He is expecting you.”

Jason was loaded into an elevator with a tour group. They were whisked upstairs to the very top. Jason waited for the tourists to leave before walking to the rows of buttons. His hands were shaking with excitement. He inserted the key and a new button appeared. He pressed the button for the 600th Floor. The doors closed and the elevator went up again. Jason gripped his staff. His heart raced faster than he could ever run. The doors opened and there was… his dad.

Hermes was blocking his view of Olympus. He was on the phone. As he talked, he waved his arms around.

“Yes, I understand, Lord Zeus. I promise I’ll put it on rush delivery… Yes, yes… Very well… Goodbye.” Hermes hung up the phone. He jumped as he had not noticed Jason was standing there. “Jason! You made it. Thank you!”

“I got your message, but you didn’t say what you needed me for.”

“I am way behind on delivering. It seems everyone wants their packages instantly! It’s getting hard to compete with Amazon Prime. Hylla came up with a brilliant idea! Anyways, I want your help delivering the mail! I want you to pick up and deliver two packages.”

As Hermes talked, Jason tried to peer around his dad to see Olympus. Hermes stuck something in his face once again stopping him from getting a view. Hermes held a phone out to him.

“This isn’t just any mortal phone. I created it myself and it’s my gift to you.”

Jason took it from him. On the screen were four addresses. Pick-up and delivery locations.

“When you arrive at the location, it will highlight where you need to go next. GPS is built in which will help guide you. If you go to contacts, my number is listed there. I’m also on speed dial. Just hold number three. Any questions?” Hermes’s eyes lit up. “Oh and it also doesn’t attract monsters!”

Jason pressed the first location. A map popped up and navigated him to the pick-up spot. It went straight there instead of going on roads.

“How will I get there?”

“Oh! I almost forgot!” Hermes rummaged around in his pocket. He pulled out green shoelaces. “Put these on.”

Jason unlaced his current shoelaces then laced his flying shoes back up with the new ones. “What do these do?”

“They make you fly even faster. They give the shoes better control and assist you with landing. They are very cool.”

Jason bounced on the balls of his feet. He was ready to try out his new gear.

“Now get going, son! The faster the better! Call me if you need anything.”

“Bye, Jason,” George and Martha called from his pocket.

Hermes shot off and even Jason’s sharp eyes did not see where he went. With Hermes gone, Jason’s view was now undisturbed. He was blown away with what he took in. The enormous mountain rose from the tops of the clouds. The peak was covered in snow and looked like powder sugar had been sprinkled across it. The grand palaces stuck off from the side of the mountain. A Pegasus circled the peak. It was breathtaking!

“Stop gawking and let’s get flying,” a small, squeaky voice said.

Jason felt the phone move and almost jumped as a snake slithered out of the phone like an antenna.

“Woah! Dad forgot to tell me about you.”

The snake opened his mouth. Jason guessed it was a smile. “I am Phil.”

“Sweet! My own snake. Where’s the other one?”

“It’s just me, Master Jason.”

“Just call me Jason.” Then as an afterthought, he added, “Or Jason the cool.”

“Very well, Jason the cool. Our first location is in North Carolina, so we better get a move on it.”

Jason walked to the edge of the walkway. He looked out across New York City. He could spot the tall One World Trade Center from where he stood. Jason jumped off and kicked the shoes into high gear. Jason felt like his face was going to rip off as he was flying so fast. He thought he was going to lose all the water in his body because his eyes were watering so badly. But it was fun! There was nothing more exhilarating then the air rushing around him. Nothing more adrenaline-filled then dodging birds and planes.

In just a few minutes he was out of the state of New York. In Maryland, he stopped by an auto parts store and picked up a pair of motorcycled goggles. It made flying ten times easier when his vision wasn’t blurry.

It took him roughly twenty minutes to reach North Carolina. He went right to where the phone directed him and landed.

“You have reached your destination,” Phil chimed.

Jason looked at the phone. He was to pick up a guitar for Apollo Sun.

“Wait a sec. Apollo, as in the sun god?”

“Yes, Mas- I mean Jason the cool. Lord Apollo had the famous Jay Lichty craft him a new guitar for the Summer Solstice.”

Best day EVER! Jason looked up from the phone. “But this can’t to be the right place.”

He was in a forest. There was not a building in sight.

“The GPS directed us here. It shouldn’t be wrong.”

“So this famous dude makes guitars in the middle of nowhere? There’s no way.”

“Jason!” His name was called out behind him, but it sounded like Phil had said it.

Only one monster could mimic that well. Jason wheeled around as a Cyclops charged out of the forest, pushing over trees whenever they were in his way. Jason shoved the phone in his pocket. In his hand, the staff transformed into his sword. He jumped into the air and took off. He thought of flying away as it would only delay him helping Hermes, but he couldn’t just leave a Cyclops to wander the woods. He would have to kill it even faster than normal.

CyclopsThe Cyclops swung its club, made from a trunk of a tree. Jason flew under it, stabbing the monster in the neck. The monster swatted him away. He was thrown back. He twisted around just in time to avoid hitting a tree. He flew a little farther away from the monster and landed.

“Jason,” the Cyclops called in a husky voice. “Come out, come out wherever you are!”

Jason pulled out the phone. Phil had gone back into the phone. He shook it. “Get out here!” he whispered. Phil poked his head out. “I want you to act like you’re me.”

“I can’t do that,” Phil hissed.

“You’ve got to.”

Jason set the phone down on the ground. He took off into the air, shooting straight into the sky. By the time he stopped, the trees looked tiny underneath him. He zoomed forward, feeling like Iron Man. When he knew he was past the Cyclops he returned to the trees.

“Where are yoooouuuu?” the Cyclops howled.

“I am right here,” Phil said in a very poor attempt to sound like him. For one, Jason would never sound that scared. “It is me, Jason the cool.”

“I’m coming to get you!”

The Cyclops tromped his way through the forest. Jason zoomed up behind him. The Cyclops came around the tree to where the phone was. Phil gave a blood curdling scream. Jason slammed into the back of the Cyclops. He drove his sword into the back of it right through its heart. The Cyclops roared. He swung his arms backward to try to knock Jason off his back. Jason twisted the sword. He realized the ground was coming up to meet him. The Cyclops was dissolving! Jason jumped off its back and landed on the ground.

The Cyclops swung its club at Jason again, but without legs the monster could not reach him. Jason grinned mischievously. He walked away and picked up his phone.

“How long did that take me?” Jason asked.

“Only seven minutes,” Phil said.

“Good.” Jason held down the number three, calling his dad.

To be continued…

Hey, I'm Rebecca! I'm a writer, an avid hiker, and rock climber. I love writing, from PJM posts to stories. Anything you want to know, just ask.

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  1. Caitlyn - February 22, 2015

    why is Jason son of Hermes??

  2. Percy - May 17, 2013

    i wonder if i could have a story like gavin,jojo,and jason.please rebecca could you consider doing one on me?

  3. musicluvr (Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena) - May 14, 2013

    OMG…Congrats Jason!!!!……GREAT story!!…..sooooooooooooooooooooooooo creative!!!…LUV THE SNAKE!!!!! sometimes wish i was a daughter of Hermes just so that i could meet Martha and George….Oh well……lol….can’t wait to read more… :P :) :D :P :) :D

  4. Jason - May 14, 2013

    :) :) :) thank u rebecca for doing this and creating this website :D , and awesome i have a little snake :P

  5. Hannah - May 14, 2013

    Wow! Great story Rebecca! Congrats to Jason! (Even though on Capture the Flag terms we’re enemies, lol)

    • Hannah - May 14, 2013

      And is that Sir Percival from Merlin I see? ;) (One of the only characters who doesn’t die :'( )

      • Rebecca King - May 14, 2013

        Yes it is. And THANKS HANNAH! I haven’t finished the last season. I’m halfway through.

        • Jason - May 14, 2013

          U girls abd ur merlin ;)

        • Hannah - May 14, 2013

          Sorry! :3 It was first broadcast on Xmas eve in the UK. “Merry Christmas! *kills hopes and dreams*”
          The killing wrath isn’t as bad as some books and shows *cough* Percy Jackson *cough* Harry Potter *cough* ;)
          (And yes Jason. We are.)

          • Rebecca King - May 14, 2013

            Its the second time you’ve done that to me! First with SJA and now with Merlin. :P I’ll let you know when I’ve finished watching Merlin. I’ve completed the SJA series.

            Jason: You’re missing out :D

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