Demigod Celebs, Part 5

Demigod Celebs, Part 5

Here is part 5 of Demigod Celebrities! We’ll post them every Friday until you all run out of ideas! This week’s was pretty random!

From our writer, Dilip: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, sons of Zeus!

Its all about Percy: Jennifer Lopez, daughter of Apollo (as she can sing very good, and Terpsichore (the Muse of Dance) as she can dance good as well)

Daughter-of-Athena: Tom Daley, son of Poseidon

Jason: Mila Kunis, daughter of Aphrodite

Lastly, here is mine: Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb, daughters of Dionysus 

Hey, I'm Rebecca! I'm a writer, an avid hiker, and rock climber. I love writing, from PJM posts to stories. Anything you want to know, just ask.

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  1. OMGITSPEETAMELLARK - September 16, 2012

    AnnaSophia Robb – Daughter of Aphrodite
    because she is Pretty and can speak French like Piper

  2. seaweedbrainatom - September 16, 2012

    Steve Jobs: son of Hermes (Remember the Internet? Hermes invented it. Now, Steve Jobs created many apps. Haha.)
    Harry Houdini: son of Hecate (No more questions about the magic he had done.)

  3. Jason - September 15, 2012

    Bam magera son of ares ; have u not seen what he had

  4. Jason - September 15, 2012

    Johnny knoxville son of hermes b/c he is a crafty one

  5. Its all about Percy - September 14, 2012

    Nice :) What about Ian James Thorpe, son of Poseidon?

  6. jason - September 14, 2012

    goooooooooooooooooooooods (god not good) MILA KUNIS IS SOOO HOT an i like rebeccas post on the too ladies trying to be fancy drinking wine -i do tip my hat to u ladies- an can i join in :)

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