This is part 67 of Demigod Celebrities! Let’s begin!

In honor of my brother’s birthday today: Brendan King, son of Ares!
Brendan King

RD: Edward Kenway son of Poseidon | Vlad Tepes son of Ares | Umberto Eco son of Athena ( I read Foucault’s Pendulum a few months ago and It’s an amazing book, I highly recommend it to anyone who likes history and is into conspiracy theories and that sort of stuff)

Fantastic Torch: Captain Crawfish (poptropica) son of Poseidon | Black Widow (poptropica) daughter of Ares
Captain Crawfish and Black Widow

wisegirl127: Brain from Hatchet (by Gary Paulsen) son of Hepheastus

Hannah: Amanda Lee (LeeandLie on Youtube) daughter of Apollo | Lizz (L i z z on Youtube) daughter of Apollo | Daniel Alvarez (shadowlink4321) son of Apollo