First off, Thor Freudenthal tweeted this picture and said, “In the series “directors pointing at stuff” here is @LoganLerman and I on the Camp Halfblood set of #PercyJackson”.

Thor Freudenthal and Logan Lerman on the set of Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters

Secondly on the movie’s Tumblr page,, they are having a contest. Here is what was said:

Gate to Camp Half-Blood

Announcing the weekly Percy Jackson Tumblr Fan Art Contest!

For our first challenge: the hollowed gates of Camp Half-Blood. Use this transparent version to create your best edits to this image! Post your entry to Tumblr with the tag #CampHalfBlood or submit it directly to us, using the submit feature at the top of our Tumblr. We’ll show off the best edits on our Facebook and Twitter pages next Monday!

Official Rules:
If you don’t have a Tumblr but would like to enter, email it to me at and I will enter it under your name on our Tumblr page.