Demigods! Disney XD just announced a new TV series called Camp Half-Blood, a spin-off from the Percy Jackson series! It will take place before Percy’s arrival to Camp Half-Blood and will star Annabeth as the main character. Here is the synopsis:

Annabeth Chase is not a normal girl. She fights monsters, is trained by a centaur, and is the daughter of the Greek goddess, Athena! Annabeth is a demigod – half human and half god – who is trying to survive in New York while fighting terrifying monsters with her friends Grover Underwood and Charles Beckendorf. She trains at a magical camp for demigods called Camp Half-Blood. She must avoid the camp bully, Clarisse La Rue, while figuring out her place in her not-so-normal world! Will she ever be able to survive?

Camp Half-Blood is a spin-off series from The New York Times Bestseller, Percy Jackson & the Olympians written by Rick Riordan! The Greek world will be coming your way in Spring 2015 only on Disney XD!
Can you believe it???! For people who are internationally I’ll have to check in to see what channels it will be playing on in your country. Disney XD also released a picture showing the logo! Click here to see it!