Exclusive Interview with Katelyn Mager!

Last year on August 7th, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters was released and one of our favorite characters, Thalia Grace, came to life at the very beginning of the film! PercyJacksonMovies.com was lucky enough to interview the young and talented Katelyn Mager who plays Young Thalia Grace!

Katelyn Mager as Young Thalia GracePercyJacksonMovies.com: How did you get the part as Young Thalia Grace?

Katelyn Mager: I auditioned in Vancouver for the part. Then I had a meeting with the director.

PJM: Did you read the Percy Jackson books prior to getting the role or once you were cast?

Mager: I read the first book before the audition and saw the first movie about 10 times. Then read the rest of the books before I began filming the role.

PJM: Who is your favorite character?

Mager: Annabeth is my favourite character in the beginning of the series because she shows that girls can do anything. Of course I love Thalia too, she is fierce and loves her friends enough to sacrifice her life.

PJM: What was it like to work on the Percy Jackson set?

Mager: It was amazing, I had so much fun. Everyone was really nice and so great to work with. I would love to do it again. Logan, Alexandra, Brandon and Douglas were so nice to me and very supportive. I loved working with the director Thor.

Katelyn Mager and Logan Lerman on the set of Percy Jackson Sea of MonstersPJM: Any funny stories of onset?

Mager: When I was shooting the fight scene with the cyclopse, my mom overheard the one crew member talking about how awesome it was to see a 10 year old do a fight scene, and he continued to say the most fun thing he did when he was 10 was pick his nose.

PJM: In the movie, Thalia is attacked by Cyclops. Did you get to work with a live version of a Cyclops or was it all CG? What was that like?

Mager: I did work with a live person for the scene “Bruce” the cyclopse. It was really fun to work with him, he was super funny which made it easy to work together. I loved doing that scene because it had the most action in it.

PJM: You just were nominated for Kids Pick Flicks for Best Scene Stealer. How does that feel that your part made such a large impact in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters?

Mager: I feel honored to have been nominated, and for my scene to have made such a positive impact with fans. I just want to send a big shout out to all the Thalia and Percy Jackson fans, and thank them for all their support, they are the best.

Katelyn Mager as Young Thalia GracePJM: How did you first get started as an actress?

Mager: I was doing gymnastics when I was 4 and Fisher Price wanted to do a commercial with kids on a trampoline, so they put up a notice at our gym. I begged my mom to go to the audition and she finally agreed. I booked that commercial and have loved working in film and TV ever since.

PJM: When you’re not acting, are there things you like to do? Like a hobby?

Mager: I love dancing, singing, doing trampoline still and hanging with my friends and my cat, princess.

PJM: What other projects are you working on?

Katelyn Mager on When Calls the HeartMager: Currently I am working on the new Hallmark TV series When Calls The Heart, showing Saturday nights. I play Rachel Stonelake. The cast and crew are awesome and it is a fun show to work on.

PJM: As a young actress, do you have any advice for kids your age who are wanting to get into the acting business?

Mager: Yes, the acting business is hard. So be prepared. There is a lot of competition and you do not always book the role. So when this happens you have to keep trying and not give up. Take a lot of acting courses especially if you want to be in movies. Do not do it because you want to be famous or anything, do it only if you love acting and telling peoples stories. Work hard, because the harder you work the better you can become, and don’t forget it is supposed to be fun.

Katelyn sent us a shout out thanking all of the Percy Jackson fans! Make sure to Like her on Facebook and Follow her on Instagram! Make sure to watch Katelyn Mager in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters as she plays the cool and awesome Thalia Grace! You can view more pictures and information of Katelyn on our PJM page for her!