Field Guide to Percy Jackson in Sea of Monsters

Field Guide to Percy Jackson in Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters shared this awesome picture of Logan Lerman in Percy Jackson. Here is what they posted on their Facebook page:

Demigods, your field guide to the world of Percy Jackson is here!

The gods have handed down the Sea of Monsters Compendium, featuring characters, items, monsters and locations from Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters! The first compendium entry is none other than the Son of Poseidon, Perseus Jackson.

Thoughts? Add your comment below!

Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters with Riptide

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  1. Kieran - May 24, 2013

    LOL for the 20 thing!!

  2. Percy - May 22, 2013

    this is really hard and akward

  3. Kaden - May 22, 2013

    Hey, does everybody notice that is says “…AND a half blood of the eldest gods…” That means that something is being said beforehand, like this is the END or in the MIDDLE of a prophecy. Does anybody else think that is odd? :P

  4. Coco - May 21, 2013

    You guys alright? Percy is OBVIOUSLY 16/17 in the first film so they will have to BUMP IT UP. SERIOUSLY. Not meaning to snap or anything but this is logical and only fitting. AT LEAST THEY ADDED THE PROPHECY!

  5. LivelySparrow97 (Louis, Son of Tyche) - May 21, 2013

    Well, I’m overall very pleased with this. Even if there is an age change, I’m cool with it.

  6. RELYT - May 21, 2013


  7. musicluvr (Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena) - May 21, 2013

    Mixed emotions here….. 1st – YAY!!!!!!!!!….they have a prophesy!!!!!…….and 2nd – WHY!?!?……why must they change the little details?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….20??….rly?!16 is so much better…..i could relate to that age….and the ages leading up……but…..oh well…’s a movie…what can u do?!…i think it will turn out alright……they will b able to pull it off…considering Percy and Annabeth were driving in TLT……i’m interested to see how it all turns out…i will always luv the books….and the books will b 4EVA better….but as i said above…it’s a movie!!……What can u do?!……. :) :D :P

  8. Jojo - May 21, 2013

    shall reach 20? BY ALL ODDS? WHAT THE HECK?

  9. Kara (aka Mrs. Percy Jackson) - May 21, 2013

    Oh. My. Gods. He is SOO CUTE! I’ve been wondering what they were going to do with the prophecy and now I know! SO happy their including it in the books ^.^

  10. Kaden - May 21, 2013

    I’m SOO glad they put the prophecy in this movie! The series just wouldn’t flow without it. I hope they make all of the books into movies. :D

  11. Hannah - May 21, 2013

    So the prophecy has changed from 16 to 20. I get why, and I think it works well, I just prefer the sound of 16 – it flows better with it — but I get why it changed, and I’m pretty happy they have the prophecy!! :D

    • April - May 21, 2013

      Lol I was just so relieved that the prophecy was even included that I didn’t even notice the age difference… but you’re right, 16 does sound better! And I also miss 16, for sentimental reasons too… and 16 is way more relatable, considering this is a kids book!

    • Rebecca King - May 21, 2013

      That’s what seemed wrong about it, the age. lol For some odd reason I couldn’t put my finger on it.

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