Filming at Lake Pontchartrain

Filming at Lake Pontchartrain

The cast and crew of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is filming at Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana. The cast has a beautiful view from where they sit. Here’s some pictures the cast put up. Lake Pontchartrain is a brackish estuary located in southeastern Louisiana. As an estuary, Pontchartrain is not a true lake. It is, however, part of one of the largest wetlands in North America, and the world.

Alexandra Daddario said about the alligator, “Told you there were alligators” and “It’s hungry”. Its a little cutie. She also put up the picture of Douglas Smith who had a birthday yesterday!

Jake Abel put up a picture of him relaxing, tweeting, “View of me not being impressed…5 days ago…” He also put up a picture of the view from his trailer saying, “Filming at beautiful Lake Pontchartrain today. The view from my trailer…..@AADaddario ‘s trailer…”

Thanks, Mark John, for the heads up.

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  1. Jason - June 24, 2012


  2. kaila - June 24, 2012

    hurricane debby hit new orleans!! i hope they’re ok!

  3. Mark John - June 23, 2012

    told you!!!! hehe…you’re always welcome..

    i’m looking for more photos from set..hehe

  4. Jason - June 23, 2012

    Soo wats there is it suppise to be halfblood lake

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