You were asked if you were the great fan and we received a lot of awesome responses. Read the responses of the fans then vote on who you think is the greatest PJM fan!


I love Percy jackson!It has been a year since I started reading it.I saw the movie first last year and I loved it so I bought the lightning thief and started percy jackson series.I started learning greek and latin(I just know some words!!!)I love all the characters and when I found out that there is another series I was so happy!!!!
I check this site’s really one of the best websites ever.even though I don’t comment I always read the new posts.
I draw Percy jackson characters everyday and I’m somehow skilled in drawing them 🙂
I can even watch the lightning thief movie 4 or maybe 5 times in a day and not get bored!(can’t wait to buy the sea of monsters dvd in december to watch it a thousand times!!!)
love Percy 4ever!


I am the BIGGEST pj fan because pj means wayy more to me than I can describe. If i manage to survive over 5 days without pj I will officially award myself the greatest survivor of all time. Though I was introduced to pj later than most people as I live in London it still means more to me than it means to most people. I started reading the books when the first movie came out and I enjoyed them. In about 2 months I became a crazed fan and all my friends would call me ‘ the pj nerd’ (they still do when I yap on about pj). I still wish pj is real and I actually get to meet Percy and Annabeth (which I know isn’t possible)but I still hope…



I think I am the greatest PJM fan because even if I don’t have time to comment on the site I always look at the new posts every day. I was introduced to this site two years ago, and even though I have changed my screen name several times, I have been here the entire time. I have always wanted to be a writer on this site sense I discovered it on the back of my copy of Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Lightning Thief movie, and though I am not yet of age limit, as soon as I do, I can assure all of you that you will see some posts by me. I am always reading multiple books at once, and there is always a Rick Riordan book in my book bag. I have a giant countdown to The House of Hades on my wall. I am always careful to never miss a post on the site. I have even come up with the idea to write quests after Capture the Flag, which Rebecca thought was a great idea. I love everything about this site, and I always have. I can hardly believe all the good things about this site. I especially love that we can all share every part of our fandom with each other. I am SO excited for it to continue as I know it will!!!! I have also been reading Rick Riordan’s books sense I was in second grade.


I am, one of, the greatest PJ fans because….I have been reading and re-reading these books/ series since I was in 4th grade ( am in 11th grade now)…I have also followed Uncle Rick ever since!…..I love these book…they let me escape my everyday stress and let me become someone else…I am a daughter of Athena (clearly…I have straight A’s and am taking AP collage courses…) I am VERY competitive…..(Yeah…I’m talking to you opponents….you’re going DOWN!!!)…I SHIP PERCABETH!!!!!!…MAJORLY…..Overall I eat…sleep…and dream PJ!!!!….most of my thoughts connect to a PJ or HoO book….haha….and that’s pretty much all that covers my computer…and binders for school…I will be Annabeth Chase for Halloween, Yankees hat and all….and am counting down the days until HoH…( 1 WK!!!!!! 😀 )…I generally love connecting and talking with other fans and love to laugh…and well…I guess Uncle Rick make me cry a lot too….. 😛 I couldn’t survive w/out my PJ!!!!!….. DEMIGODS UNITE!!!!! 😀 Wow…just dawned on me…..I forgot to add…..that…..I am a huge supporter of PJM…and wish I could have been here from the start…but hey…I’m here now right!…lol…I would like to become a writer for PJM soon when my schedule allows me to….and can’t believe how much it has grown since I’ve been here……I was the 15,000th comment winner….lol….and post comments virtually evry day…haha pun not intended… 😛 !!…lol…..PJ is ALWAYS on my mind and I think some of my friends think I’m a little too obsessed…….and a little crazy…..but u can NVR b too obsessed when it comes to PJ!!!!!…lol…. 😀 if u r a demigod like me and you vote for me….. YAY YOU!!……if not…well 🙁 and that’s alright….only the gods know how much of a fan I am!!…lol… 🙂


i think i am a huge percy jackson fan because with henna i wrote aoe of my pinky annabeth on a finger be a hero on another one olympus with the omega sign on one and percy on the thumb and i wrote be wise like athena . When the first movie came i out my mom didnt have enough money for me to watch it so i did a bake sale all by myself and i went and watched the movie with sea of monsters i went 3 hours before so i can get the tickets …… i love percy jackson and i wont stop talking about it at school people think i’m crazy but i’m just a demi-god !!!!!!!!!!!!! i love percy jackson sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much


I think I might just be one of the biggest fans of all time Im not a big fan of reading but reading pjo and hoo something just hit me I read all five pjo books the files and the first of the hoo books in less then a mouth it go’s by so fast I thought it might get me though the highschool year bur one mouth down and over half the books read don’t know what i’ll do with out them my friends think im insane today I got to school and my friend saw something one my arms I put pj&ac on one arm and jg&pm on the other they said I should find the symbol for my godly parent and get a tattoo of it in a few years and I just might. I forgot to add im 16 and going as annabeth (the way she looked in the first movie) for Halloween this year or maybe a centar I described piper to my friends and they said I look just like her and act like her to if I have to dress nice its for something improtent other wise im in a t-shirt and soft pants or jeens if im not reading the books im teaching myself sword fighting with a broom handle and my sister’s shooting deer or riding yep I ride horse and im not that bad if they make movies about the heroes of Olympus hit me an addition lol haha


I think I have a shot at this.


I think I am (one of the) biggest PJM fan(s) as I am constantly checking the website, and it is the first thing on my home screen menu. I remember finding it in early summer 2012, and since then have watched it grow. I take part in the (amazing) Capture the Flag game, which is really great fun, as we can do creative writing about something we all love, yet use things different to the series (eg weapons, placed etc). Everyone is really supportive, and if there are haters I have yet to find them! One of the best parts is that it is run by fans for fans, and anyone can contribute info, on the books or movies. From all the different contests, and games, (especially round 4/the quiz round of CtF) I have learnt more about the fans, and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future! 🙂
(lol, super lame entry :3 )


I’m the greatest percy Jackson fan evur. See dyslexia. I have made a sword based on riptide. I convinced other people to read the series and I’m doing Titan day in preparation for the titans curse movie. I also have a Greek keyboard preference on my iPad.


Hello everyone, I am entering this contest, because I am a fan that went beyond. Umm ya, well 2 years ago, I wanted to be like their family, and speak Greek. Well that hobby has grown, and well I started to eat Greek food. Well it’s pretty good if I say so my self, but Ii admit i’m still not ready to eat goat, or anything crazy. I will soon will, because I eat crazy food in general. So a fan can work there way through dreams like Percy, or Annabeth did. I wanna thank everyone else, who else is a crazed fan, and who entered, but didn’t win. In general if you don’t try, how would you know. What if Percy didn’t know how to fight, because he never tried. Yea he would most likely be dead, but let’s stay positive. You got to learn how to fight your own fights , and some times your gonna lose. That’s the lesson I learned from their stories. that are more when you really take the time to really enjoy them. Like most kids are into more advanced things, where as I am a person who enjoys books, adventure, the out doors. So if you choose me GREAT, but if not at least I know I have tried. Thanks- Emily


I was first introduced to percy jackson not so long ago i think just at the begining of the year this year. I remember zooming through the books faster then zeuses lightning bolts. By the end of the month i had read every percy jackson book including the heros of olympus and the kane chronicles . I remeber wanting more and more. So i searched it up at that time i didnt even know they made movies . So when i stumbled upon this site i was amazed i thought this was like gold. From then on i checked this site everyday. I looked from the very begining of this site to the end from the very first post to the present post. Then when i found out fox was making another movie i thought things couldent get any better but then i became part of all of this but im still not an auther i would love to be one but im not 13 YET but i have a feeling that you will be seeing a lot more about me later on. Right now i stare i awe at what i have in front of me now at how big percy jackson movies has accomplished in just a few years.



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