Grey Damon as Chris Rodriguez

Grey Damon as Chris Rodriguez

According to IMDB, Grey Damon is Chris Rodriguez in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. Chris is described as a big Hispanic teenage boy with greasy black hair and brown eyes. Grey Damon is not Hispanic as far as I can find and not exactly what I imagined.


In The Sea of Monsters, Chris joins Luke’s side and is on the Princess Andromeda. He later is found by Clarisse in the Labyrinth and she helps him get well. In The Sea of Monsters, it never says anything about Chris helping kidnap or take Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and Tyson to the cruise ship, but it could be possible. In some of the pictures he was seen at Camp Half-Blood, but for all we know he could have just been visiting just like the day Jake Abel came to the set to hang out and sign autographs.

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Pictures of Grey Damon


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  1. percyjackson1 - July 5, 2012

    I love Chris and he looks perfect for him!!!!!!!! i can’t wait for this movie!!!!!

  2. Armita Jahanshahi - June 30, 2012

    ohh, Clarisse and Chris, when i think about it, it will be so cute!

  3. Sky - June 30, 2012

    He may not be Hispanic, but I still think he would be a pretty awesome Chris :) Clarisse and him would be so cute!!! <33333

  4. RD - June 30, 2012

    He doesn’t fit the description at all, but at least he is a good actor, hopefully he’ll do a good job

  5. kaila - June 30, 2012

    finally!! well i guess most of us were right when we said he was one of luke’s henchmen…at least in this movie. i think he’ll be pretty good! plus, im glad that they’re putting more detail into it, i think that thor dude is awesome!

  6. Jason - June 30, 2012

    At least there in more detail now b/c in the first one they never really added all the people that really helped percy like the stoll bros and mr. d andpeople like that soo now we no that they are going in depth of the movie and, following the story hopefully

  7. Lucy - June 30, 2012

    yeah! Maybe he is not like what we imagined, but I think he will look good for this role. Actually I´m happy to see that Chris Rodriguez will be in this movie that will make this character more interesting. I really believe this movie will be much more like the book and for that I´m really really! excited, and all I can say is: Thanks Thor!!!!

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