House of Hades Book Review *MAJOR SPOILERS*

House of Hades Book Review *MAJOR SPOILERS*


Now…the moment you’ve all been waiting for…DRUMROLL PLEASE!…….My review of the House of Hades! I have given my views on the main points of the book….so…without furtheradu……..LET’S BEGIN!!! (MAJOR SPOILERS!)

WOW!!!…all I can pretty much say is WOW!!!!!…..Uncle Rick certainly didn’t disappoint in the House of Hades. I absolutely LOVED it……plenty of Percabeth….monsters….life and death moments….and (dur) TARTARUS!!!!!!…….


PERCY AND ANNABETH ARE ALIVE (and cuter than ever)!!!!!!!!!…..I feel this book/scenario brought Percabeth closer together….they are really becoming a great couple….and hey who doesn’t love it when the make plans for the future?! *insert fangirl squeal here*…YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY (I knew Rick wouldn’t kill them…but u never know…..I have learned NVR to underestimate the power of Uncle Rick again)

Coach Hedge….a DADDY GOAT!?!?…and MARRIED?!?!……I was shocked and happy at the same time!!!…….WOWZERZ!!!….I hated Coach at first he has grown on me…and who knows…he may become a great dad….

Nico DiAngelo….well….um…unexpected……I didn’t think Rick could surprise me anymore after the fall to Tartarus in MoA but…..WOAH……I couldn’t believe it….a crush on Percy?!…and jealous of Annabeth?!…I was shocked….wait…still  am shocked……This book really let me see Nico for the first time…I learned a lot about him!

LEO….and Calypso?!?!?!….WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!…..they r sooooo cute ….I found that part in the book a little creepy at first because Percy had been there…(and was apparently cursed by her)…but I honestly thought it was vry cute and clever of Rick!!!!….hope Leo goes back to her… :D

Hazel and Frank/ Jason and Piper….cute as always…and awesomely adorable…I feel their relationships r growing and developing nicely I rly enjoy them……hope they don’t have as much trouble as Percabeth though!!!….

Enough AWWWWWS and Fangirl squeals……


The Turtle and Thief……wow….and Hazel controlling the mist….AWESOME AND COOL!!!!!!!! :D I loved the whole idea!

The city Monsters….creepy and poisonous!!…..all I could think was GOOOOOOO FRANK!…he is growing up…and I am starting to like his character even more!

The Fight at the House of Hades….WOW…..and…..HOW!?…..definitely one of those life or death situations where the fans are screaming “YOU CAN DO IT!” or thinking “How will they get themselves out of this one?!….another GOOOOO FRANK scene….lol…

Gods/ Godesses/ Giants/ Titans….and Tartarus

Hectate…a little creepy….I didn’t expect her to call on Hazel and show her to manipulate the mist!!!….that was extremely cool!!

Cupid…not your typical love god…..very creepy and very dangerous…..I guess you could say he brings out the “love” and “emotion” in everyone *cough* NICO *cough*

The one god in the city with the poison monsters…shucks…what was his name?!….oh well…..I thought it was a pretty typical god meeting…I don’t help you unless you do something for me…blah blah blah….we’ve all seen this before!!

BOB!!!!!!……can I just say…AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW………I love Bob….and Rick did an excellent job incorporating one of the smaller side stories in demigod diaries!!!….I was happy and sad when he found out who he was….changed his fate…and helped Percy and Annabeth leave!!…soooo clever to incorporate him and have him close the doors!!!!!!!

TARTARUS (the immortal)!!!!!…..OH MY GOSH….powerful and RLY RLY RLY crrepy!!!!!!…..I got the feeling that he is very powerful  and even more evil than Kronos ever was!!!!!

“NIGHT” Nyx…..loved how Annabeth used her wits and cleverness sooooo many times to escape death in Tartarus especially the scene with Nyx….the goddess seemed very…um…dark??….lol….

The Sorceress….not even gunna try and spell her name w/out the book in front of me….lol…anyway…she was creepy and I loved how Rick incorporated the Labyrinth…and Hazle’s AWESOME controlling of the Mist….WOW…..she is rly growing up as a character!!!…..and hey….THE LABYRINTH IS BACK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?…..DIDN’T EXPECT THAT ONE FROM RICK!!!!

LASTLY: TARTARUS (the place)!!!….”DUN DUN DUUUNNNN”!!!!!….can I just say how awesome it was to see where the “baddies” go when demigods kill them….and WOW….it was probably vry vry creepy and depressing walking on the body of evil and power while near death…..soooo many twists and points were made in this place….and added to the awesomeness!…one thing….those “Curses” (no doubt the flying things on the cover…) scared me sooo much and made me sooo sad…I did like how Rick incorporated Percy’s and Annabeth’s journey though…..(blinding of Polyphemus, shooting Geryon…etc…) WOW…WOW….just WOW!!!

All in all…Rick did not disappoint!…This was everything and more than what I expected from Rick!!…and if you haven’t read it…YOU R CRAZY!!!!!……DON”T EVEN KEEP READING THIS (U SHOULDN’T BE LOOKING FOR SPOILERS AYWAY!!!)!!…GO AND GET IT…NOW!….what r you waiting for!?

What did you think of the House of Hades? What was your favorite part? Your Favorite character? What would you rate it?

Comment below and let me know!!

Hey! I'm Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena (also known as MUSICLUVR) and I love Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus because they help me escape everyday stress...and make me laugh...and cry too...I have been reading these books since I was in 4th grade (I'm in 11th this year) and reread and reread these books! I guess you could say I eat sleep and dream Percy Jackson! I recently found PJM and have loved it (so far) I try to comment on the new posts as soon as I can...but hey being busy is being busy...there's nothing you can do about it! Anyways I also love Gymnastics, school, reading (duh), art, music and learning new things!! I can't wait to begin be prepared to laugh and recognize yourselves in my posts!

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  1. paul - April 12, 2016

    Doas annabeth die

  2. cool dude 29 - February 23, 2014

    The best book so far… and

  3. TeamLeo35 - January 9, 2014

    This was a really good book! My favorite characters were bob and small bob. I almost cried at the calypso Leo part. I am so happy for Leo but sad for calypso cause she’s stuck on an island while everyone defeats Gaeas forces then Leo’s supposed to find her with a magical astrolabe. “Huff”.

  4. TeamLeo35 - January 9, 2014

    2nd best of all of them

  5. appjhfl12345 - November 12, 2013

    I know right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t believe Nico’s gay!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every fanfiction I see with Percy and Nico, I just want to sceam at them that will never happen!!!!!!!!!!
    (Please tell me you know what fanfiction is) Anyways, it was such a good book. I am so happy for Leo, I felt so bad for him not etting a girl.

    • DontBelieveInAngels - November 20, 2013

      Lol. I know what you mean. I started to have my suspicions(never thought Nico had a crush on Annabeth) when The West Wind talked about being gay(was surprised that Riordan actually decided to incorporate the Greeks homosexuality into the story) and mentioned his most precious or beloved or something like that had fallen into Tartarus, but kept doubting it since I didn’t think Riordan would actually go there. My first thoughts when I realized yes he did in fact go there was “my apologies fan girls everywhere”.

  6. PercyJacksonFan510 - November 2, 2013

    OK THANK YOU! I felt like I was the only person out there who was shocked, disappointed, and disapproving of Nico being gay!!! It was just so not in his character and I feel like Rick was being either a) pressured by Disney or b) trying to be politically correct or c) trying to gain support of major movements in the country right now. Or whatever his reasoning, it’s just wrong. Nico should not be gay… so sad to me :( I always rooted for Nico and felt bad for him, and felt like Percy needed to look out for him because of his promise and Bianca. Now its like… eeep!

    But other than that, the book was SOOOOO good!!!! :D and yes, go Leo for finally getting a nice girl! <3

    • Anastasia - April 4, 2014

      Preach!!!!!!!! Nico deserves a break, I mean come on! he has had an EXTREMELY hard life now he has this to deal with now and he does not know if he can trust Jason cause he barely knows him, my baby needs a break, I hate every single ‘Pico’ story on the world!!!!! I always thought of Percy as a brotherly figure towards Nico. :-(

  7. seaweedbrain123 - October 27, 2013

    the thing ’bout NICO was unusual ,creepy and strange. but i think that rick didn’t meant him as a homosexual but just a favorite hero crush!!!!!!

  8. Lauren - October 26, 2013

    I absolutely LOVED House of Hades, however, I am sad that it has come out. I know that sounds incredibly dumb, but the next book will be the last book and it will be another group of characters we have to say goodbye to forever. One part in HoH that surprised me was Percy;s anger. I knew he was loyal and that was his fatal flaw, but the extent that he would go to get revenge on these monsters was scary. I suppose maybe the Roman camp changed him or something like that. I actually, at the beginning of the Nico scene when whoever it was was talking about how they were in love with a guy thought, LOL what if Nico had a crush on Percy! And then, a few pages later, I just sat in my room in a state of shock at what had just happened. So that’s my opinion on The House of Hades.

  9. Claire - October 25, 2013

    Did anyone notice that Riordan mixed up his (very very minor) characters name?
    Piper’s dad’s old secretary was jane, but Riordan put her in as jessica. Obviously not a big deal, but it just caught my eye.

  10. James Junkers - October 25, 2013

    Great Review! Definetely touched on all of the key points!

    If you want to check out my review, read here:

  11. Names Have Power - October 25, 2013

    Ummm…I seriously think that all Riordan has bewitched all Percy Jackson fans into loving whatever he comes up with. I mean, I like Riordan, he seems to be a really nice guy, but really? Really, people? Not a one of you saw the obvious flaws and fallacies in House of Hades? Come ON!! Let me just list some of the problems in the story:

    1. Why was Poseidon not in the book? I mean, he throws a temper tantrum when Percy asks him to let Tyson fight in the first war, but when HIS FAVORITE SON IS THROWN INTO TARTARUS, he isn’t even brought up once? Sure, he might be having problems with Neptune, but Dionysus has showed up! Heck, even Athena showed up to give Annabeth a quest!! We could at least have a bonus chapter in which Poseidon shows up to give Athena crap about that thing with Ariadne.

    2. NICO IS GAY???!!!! O.K., let’s get one thing straight here. I am not against gay relationships. I think that it’s okay for anyone to love each other sexually, even if they’re of the same gender. However, the fact remains that Riordan did not develop Nico as a gay character. You can’t just pop out of nowhere and say — okay, now that gay marriage is being legalized in some states, I’m going to make one of my characters gay in order to gain the support of my fans. No! It. Does. Not. Work. Like. THAT! Just the fact that you think you can create that a relationship that simply, without even really developing the character in that way, shows how little respect you have for that kind of relationship. Just choose a different character if you’re going to go down that route. I don’t really care which character you choose, just as long as its not one that you’ve already developed as a straight character. (One of the Stoll brothers for example, I don’t recall them being developed as straight characters.)

    3. I love Bob. Who doesn’t? He’s funny, he’s nice, and he used to be a blood-thirsty Titan. Awesome!! But really? You just…say his name in a conversation and he comes to you? How does that work exactly? What happened when you were telling the story of how Iapetus became Bob to Annabeth? Was Bob temporarily deaf at the time and wasn’t able to hear his name being said? I liked that Bob was in House of Hades, but I would’ve liked a better explanation for his appearance.

    4. What in the Nine Hells was up with the rest of the group’s reaction when Percy and Annabeth came out of Tartarus? They were all broken up when they Percy and Annabeth fell into Tartarus, but when they pop out of nowhere in an elevator, it was just like, “Oh, you’re back, now? Kill these monsters for us will you, and then we’re back on the quest to defeat Gaea.” No happy reunion, no tears of joy, no congratulations, no….nothing?? Very weird and disappointing.

    So, those were my four main problems with the book that I pretty much just flitted through. Honestly, I waited a year for this stinkin’ thing to come out, and, it sucked!!!!! I would give this two stars, max.

    • James Junkers - October 25, 2013

      Hi, I think you made really cool points, but I just want to talk against them for a little bit:

      1. Yes, this is true. I didn’t think about this one until you said it, but it definetely could be argued the other way. Poseidon is one of the big three. He has other problems. I doubt he has the power to make himself appear in Tartarus in order to give Percy a “good-luck.” Yes, he could have appeared to the others, but Riordan has made a big point of saying that the gods need to keep their interference with their demigod offspring at a minimum.

      2. This really annoys me. I personally DO NOT think that Riordan meant to make Nico appear gay. I think it was more of a crush. As in, Percy was his “hero,” Percy made his ideal fantasy world come true…I don’t think Nico is legitimately a homosexual, but rather just had a little man-crush on his hero. However, if I am interpreting this wrong, then yes, you are completely right in your analysis.

      3. No, it doesn’t make sense that Bob could just appear, but the example you gave is wrong. The fact that Percy was explaining how he became Bob to Annabeth was what made him appear…it just took him a while to get there (at least that’s how I see it)

      4. Well, think about it. There in the middle of the biggest war ever seen, on a strict deadline, knowing that their enemy wants two of them dead. Do they really have time for a happy reunion? I personally think that if they did have a reunion, it would make the book worse. Give them time. They are eventually going to have to get back to sailing the Argo II, that’s when they can have their “reunion,” not in the middle of battle.

      Anyways, this is what I thought…

      • April - October 26, 2013

        Actually he is actually gay according to Riordan:

        Q. How did you decide on Nico’s character development in House of Hades? (SPOILER)

        A. “… Nico’s sexual orientation became clear to me the longer I wrote about his character. It was not something I planned. I had no agenda. But when I realized this was a major part of his life experience and the reason for so many of his difficulties with the other characters, it would have been a disservice to his character, the plot of the books, and all my readers simply to sweep the issue under the rug and pretend it didn’t exist…”

        (Not full answer, which is found:

        But I totally agree that Nico wasn’t meant to be gay, and I don’t exactly see how “Nico’s sexual orientation became clear”, especially in the previous books, but… oh well.

    • Bianca - April 4, 2014

      OMG!!!!! YES!!!!!! especially the Nico problem, I was so freaking ticked off by that, I mean as much as I love Uncle Rick, he DID NOT develop my baby’s [Nico] character properly, YOU CAN NOT DO THAT, use some minor character, DO NOT/YOU CAN NOT use someone who is seen as one of the major characters in the book! I rest my case. Thank you James for understanding.

  12. Me - October 23, 2013

    CALEO FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

  13. Me - October 23, 2013

    *cough* NICO *cough* lol…….

  14. Cathay - October 21, 2013

    Nico…… erg….. so unexpected. And Calypso and Leo?? A little bit too much thrown at us..

  15. Armita - October 18, 2013

    OMG IM SO HAPPY!!! its a long time ago i was here

  16. athenagirl25 - October 17, 2013

    Totally agree about Nico. SO strange and unexpected.

  17. Ploy - October 15, 2013

    I read the book and yep, it was as awesome as you said it was :)

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