I’ve had House of Hades since my birthday. I finished the book the next morning. I’ve been waiting to do a review but school has gotten in the way. So here it is:


Things I liked: the Tartarus scenes, Character development, BOB THE TITAN, and we finally see Grover even though its just a vision. We get to see Frank really become a more confident son of Mars; I guess all the arguing between Ares and Mars had calmed down in his head for now. Hazel gets the power to control the mist. I wish this was shown earlier on and not just a power that she learns towards the end of the series. Leo is shown to be a bit obsessed with the Archimedes sphere, but that’s half solved. Calypso and Leo. When they start arguing it was obvious they would form a strong bond. Leo swears on the River Styx to find Calypso again. Riptide can write as a pen


It was a nice surprise to see BOB in Tartarus to help out Percy and Annabeth. His character was almost perfect. He begins to regain his memory and still helps them for what Percy did.

Things I didn’t like: Piper barely got anything to do besides making Khione go away. I wish she got a bit more to do. Same thing with Jason. All he really does is fly Hazel to Sciron, has visions, and fights in the House of Hades. Annabeth loses her knife! I thought she would’ve had a breakdown, seeing as it has been with her since she was 7. She didn’t get sad but just accepted it. The drakon sword wasn’t able to match her knife.

Weird things: Nico. It was a surprise to see that Nico has feelings for Percy. This completely changes our perspective of him. I won’t say too much more than that. Sciron’s story was a bit strange but it was funny to see him get eaten by a giant turtle. Reyna puts Octavian in charge but still doesn’t realize that he plans on going to war anyway until she talks with the Argo II members.

Things I hope for BLOOD OF OLYMPUS: End of the second giant war, the prophecy will make sense for once, Calypso is released from Ogygia,  and Octavian will be shot out of a cannon. Will Storm or Fire will Gaea fall? Who’s promise will get them killed? Will Bob and Damasen return to help the 7?

We will find out next year in October.

Heroes of Olympus - The blood of Olympus

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  1. musicluvr - November 25, 2013

    Nice review!!!!!!!….although I think that it was good for Jason and Piper to be on the sidelines for a bit….it gave Hazel and Frank (and even Leo…but more so Frank and Hazel…) more character development that I felt was lacking in the previous books…..I learned to love Frank and Hazel in this book….even when I had never really cared or liked them in the previous books…I agree Bob was an excellent factor to include in the story!…Soooooo clever on Uncle Rick’s part!!!!!…Great review!….(sry sooooo late… :P)

    • musicluvr - November 25, 2013

      forgot to add……..Annabeth loosing her knife was kinda symbolic closure with Luke and the entrance into the new “life” with Percy… me……of course I may be searching way to deep into it…but….that’s what I got from it…

  2. April - November 20, 2013

    Wow I’m really late but nice review!! And YES the Annabeth loosing her knife thing… I feel like Rick Riordan was so preoccupied in this book working on the overall plot and stuff that he kinda didn’t spend enough time on the smaller details…

  3. mallika - November 15, 2013

    I loved it, as usual. The end bit where Bob sacrifices himself was really sad though. Jason didn’t have a too big role in the book, it was mostly based on Percy and Annabeth in Tartarus. Piper didn’t do anything special either. Each of the books kind of relate to a character like the Lost Hero; Jason, The Son of Neptune;Percy, The Mark of Athena; Annabeth and the House of Hades; Hazel (she made the most important and useful decisions, she played the biggest part in freeing Percy and Annabeth)

  4. Rebecca King - November 15, 2013

    That was cool with Riptide!
    Agree with you about Piper, Annabeth loosing her knife!

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