I’m going to be honest with you all, I’m really, really tired. Which means I’m going to ramble. It is fact.

Purely from a fangirls perspective, this movie is kinda awesome. (I do have some problems with it, but I’ll get to that later. Right now, we must party.) It’s about as close to the book as The Lightning Thief was, only the changes are executed with more respect and understanding of the source material.

The entire movie is classic Percy Jackson:

Everything goes to Hades
Percy does something stupid
They miraculously survive
Rinse and repeat. (Quite literally)
From a slightly more… professional angle, the movie occasionally falls flat. It’s peppered with quiet moments that attempt to give it some emotional weight. Occasionally, those scenes work. Other times, they don’t. (I’m looking at you, unnecessary and eye roll worthy Tyson back story) Both The Sea of Monsters and Annabeth’s character would have greatly benefited from something like the Siren scene. (So yeah, the Siren scene.) (They have a habit of taking out the best and most character reveling parts of the book.) (St. Louis Arch, anyone?)

Percy is much more Percy-ish this time around. (A particular scene with a bull comes to mind.) He’s still not as snarky as he is in the books, but it’s better. (If Percy has said yes to becoming a god I swear he’d be the god of snark.) (Wait, is that a spoiler?) (Dang it, it is!) (sorry) (I got wa-a-ay ahead of myself there)

Leven Rambin plays a great, if not slightly less fierce, Clarisse. Both Stanley Tucci and Nathan Fillion shine, bringing their respective characters to life believably (Well, as believable as you can get when playing a god), and have some great one-liners. (I choked on popcorn at the Firefly reference) Douglas Smith does a brilliant job with Tyson, who had the potential to be the down fall of this movie. Thankfully, they toned him down a bit and I came out of the movie liking Tyson better than I had before. I’m still bothered by how the handle Luke’s character. However, I’m not going to go there today. I’ll save it for another post.

I want to say something about the movie’s climax… but I feel like I’d go on forever. We put together what was going to happen a long time ago, and I enjoyed it for what it was. It’s going to annoy a lot of people, though. (Nitpick: Way too much teasing about the prophecy. They also changed something other than the age. *hump*)

Fans will be happy to know the final scene is taken strait from the book. (That’s one of my nitpicks: *Spoilers for non book readers* After all the chess imagery throughout the movie, I was annoyed Percy’s final narration did not include the line about ‘bringing another chess piece into play. I also wish it had been right before Thalia’s final line, not after. Oh well.)

Well, I need to go take a nap, so this review must come to an end. So, should you watch it? If you’re a big fan of Percy Jackson, sure. Can I promise you’ll like it? No.


(I totally stole that from my first capture the flag post…OH, speaking of capture the flag: New deadline for challenge 7: September 1st! Hurry!)