Jake Abel’s Last Day on Set

Jake Abel’s Last Day on Set

Jake Abel put up a picture of his last day on set for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, tweeting, “Last day of school…” Also Leven Rambin posted a picture of her with a Sundek surf board (it appears to be a company popular with celebrities) for movie, Chasing Mavericks.


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  1. Jason - July 23, 2012

    Oh ok and I meant like in the book the last we saw of luke was in new orleans and he was fighting percy and he tricked luke into revealing his plan to mr.d so did he leave after they got shooting that scene is my Q; also since filming is done who is tantulas and beckendorf!!??!

  2. Jason - July 22, 2012

    hes leaving the last day of shooting?

  3. Daughter-of-Athena - July 22, 2012

    Huh? Is Jake leaving the whole movie series? Or is it just his last day of filming scenes thats he’s in? O_O

  4. Jason - July 22, 2012

    wait which Q Did u not understand the after the credits thing? Or at wat point did jake leave?

  5. Jason - July 22, 2012

    I wounder if there is gonna be a after credit film shoot? And at wat point did he leave in the movie?

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