Jason vs. Rebecca

Jason vs. Rebecca

To make Capture the Flag that more interesting, we are also having individual fights. If you want to participate in one of these, let your team leader know on your team’s page. We will pair you up with someone on the other team then you will each write a fight where you win. Then Kitkatgirl200 will be the judge of which story wins. The losing opponent can either flee or be captured. But be careful capturing an enemy. They may escape and capture the flag!

For the first individual fight, it will be me versus Jason! Here’s some info on us.

Rebecca, Daughter of Athena
Sword,Knife, Greek Armor
Older than competitor
Left handed
Right arm is injured

Jason, Son of Hermes
Winged shoes, Greek Armor, Replica of Hermes Sword
Younger than competitor
Right handed

Jason vs. Rebecca

Written by: Jason

Both the monster battles were intense. The winning team was living it up on the beach. The mood was perfect, it was a little after sunset so the sun was warm and fuzzy. There where fireworks going off in the distance and Jason could hear Chiron inspecting the fireworks and giving a long speech about how he got them from Olympus back in the seventies. They had a weird smell to them, which made some of the campers wonder what was he doing in the seventies. The Red Team was scattered all over the beach talking to the other cabin members- same with the Blue Team. Jason was sitting by the fire telling memories to some of the new members while the Hermes cabin was pranking the newbies’ beds. Jason was telling them about Tantalus and the marshmallow incident.

“Ok, so he was sitting right where you are sitting,” said Jason, pointing to the new Athena cabin member, “and he had fifty little marshmallows on his stick and he tried to catch all of them at the same time.” Acting it out, Jason may have gone too far with it because he fell in the fire. He only burned his shirt so he was ok… kinda. Everyone laughed hard. Even Jason thought it was super funny.

After Jason got a new shirt, he saw some of the Blue Team giving him weird looks and laughing, he figured it was because of the fire. Once he got back to fire, Rebecca was there trying to figure out what happened to the fire. She was wearing battle armor and her sword was away, but she had her hand on the hilt. That’s when he told her everything.

“Ummm well my shirt was killed in the battle of fire vs. marshmallow war but my shoes are ok!!”

Her face expression was, ‘this was going to be easy’. That’s when she blurted out, “Want to go sparing?”

He decided to go with her. Jason was dressed in his armor. He had his staff and his winged shoes (same as his dad’s shoes and the staff turned into a sword just like his dad’s too). As they were walking, he saw Louis and Ashe and gave them a wink. Rebecca was talking about wars, fencing, mountains, her bad arm and her favorite spot to hang out at in Camo Half-Blood. A cliff. Sadly, Jason wasn’t listening. He was playing with his staff which he almost cut himself with because it turned into a sword at the wrong moment. He decided to put it away and that’s when he looked up and got punched in the face.

He was in such a bewilderment he didn’t feel the pain until a few seconds later. “OOOOWWWWWWEEE!”

Jason drew his staff. Rebecca was gone. It was just him and the cliff. His staff turned into a sword. There were noises in the wood next to him, so he decided to run to that spot where he heard it. Since he did the super run he caught Rebecca off guard and appeared next to her.

“BOO!!!!!!!!” screamed Jason. (Side note; never do that to a child of Athena!)

She smiled wickedly as if she knew he would do that. She pulled a string that seemed to seep through a bush she was crouching next too. A log came to hit him. Jason decided to fly up in the sky and think how to beat her. From above, he saw Rebecca come out of the woods and he floated down, but didn’t let his feet touch the ground. This time he was ready. He sliced at her bad arm. Good move, Jason thought because of that she almost dropped her sword, but she caught it and tried to parry him. Fail! So she tried to get Jason on the ground. She jumped on his back and flung him into the ground which hurt his wrist. She landed on top of him and pulled a dagger out at his throat and said, breathing heavily, “You-give-up?”

Jason smiled and said, “Nope and your hair is going to get messed up.”

She stopped smiling and said, “What are yo-?”

Boom! Jason and Rebecca flew sooooooo fast and far into the air like how a catapult sent a boulder in the air. They were roughly one-hundred and seventy feet in the air. You know those rides like the tower of doom where they go up then drop? Jason decided to do that to Rebecca so she could loosen out of her armor and all her weapons where on the ground floor. that’s when Jason descended to fifty feet off the ground and let go of Rebecca and she landed into a net surrounded by the red team.

“Tie her up make sure she doesn’t contact the Blue Team…GUYS WE JUST CAUGHT THE BLUE TEAM’S LEADER.”

Rebecca vs. Jason

Written by: Rebecca

It was the night after Challenge One. Chiron had created a different kind of Capture the Flag with a challenge every day. He said it would teach them patience with reaching their goals of capturing the flag. Being patient was always hard for Rebecca, so maybe it would help her. In the meantime, she had plans for capturing Red Team’s leader. She had read the rules carefully and there was nothing to say she couldn’t do it even at night when the game wasn’t going on. She had let her team in on the plan. All they needed to do was keep Jason’s team distracted. She could handle him on her own even with an injured arm. His speed and those darn shoes were her only problem. She had to get him to take them off.

Rebecca spotted him down the beach, laughing with several other campers. He was telling some story and then unexpectedly fell into the fire. He quickly jumped out, his shirt on fire. Atom shot a wave of ocean water at him and doused him down. They all kept laughing, the fire now gone, and Jason’s skin burned. He said he would be right back to the group then ran off towards the cabins.

With the fire gone, the group moved to another fire ring and mingled with other campers. It was Rebecca’s perfect opportunity. She looked towards Rodrigo and gave him the signal. He nodded understandingly then moved towards where Hannah and Nyssa were sitting.

Rebecca walked over to where Jason had been and took a seat in the wet sand. Ugh, wet sand. There really was nothing worse. She heard footsteps running towards her. Faster than anyone who wasn’t a son of Hermes could possibly go. She placed her hand on the hilt of her sword for comfort. Her plan had to work. She looked up at him seeing what he had with him. Staff which turned into a sword, armor, and those darn winged shoes. He also was wearing a new shirt.

Jason hesitated of whether he should sit or not. Normally they were friends, but he knew her well enough to know to be careful of her even when they were enemies while playing a game. Knowing her well was going to be her challenge here. It would have been easier to try and catch someone else, but it had to be the captain. Red Team could become weak without a leader.

Jason didn’t take a seat, but explained what happened at the fire. “Ummm, well my shirt was killed in the battle of fire vs. marshmallow war, but my shoes are ok!!”

She smiled at that, but inside she hoped his shoes had burned to pieces. “I’ll race you to the cliffs,” Rebecca challenged. “But no shoes. We can race barefoot. It will make it fair.”

“But these are my babies. I promise I won’t fly.”

He held out his hand and she took it to shake in agreement. She would have to get them off another way. Keeping their weapons and armor on, they took off into the forest. Jason was way out ahead of her in just a few steps. She never saw him cheat, but it didn’t matter. He was fast! She finally made it to the cliffs. It was one of her favorite places. She could see across the whole valley. It was a good place to relax. It wasn’t anything like home, but in ways it reminded her of where she came from. Jason waited by the edge of the cliff. He wasn’t out of breath at all.

“About time. I’ve been waiting here forever!”

He didn’t turn towards her which was perfect. Rebecca pulled out her knife and placed it to the back of his neck.

“Don’t move, city boy.”

All he did was laugh! He lunged forward to jump off the cliff. She didn’t want to actually hurt him with the knife, so she dropped it and tackled him instead. Together they dropped off the edge of the cliff. Jason’s shoes kicked into high gear and they shot upwards towards the heavens. She gripped his armor and prayed the strap holding it on wouldn’t suddenly decide to snap. Jason changed his course so he was heading back towards the main part of the camp.

“If you dare drop me,” she warned, but left the threat empty open. He only laughed like this had been all part of the plan.

She looked over his shoulder and saw they were approaching the lake. A plan formed in her mind. Right before they were about to go over the lake, she dropped down. She grabbed onto his leg and her hands slipped down to his foot. She grabbed the lace and untied his left shoe. Jason kicked with his other foot. He hit into her injured arm and it felt like fire. He had kicked off a scab and she could feel it bleeding again. She tugged on the winged shoe and it slipped off his foot.

Rebecca dropped into the lake sinking below for a few seconds. She struggled to the surface just in time to see Jason spiraling out of control. He crashed into the shallow water by the shore. At first he just laid there in the water then he began struggling to climb ashore. Rebecca swam towards him with some difficulty from the weight of her weapons and armor. She kept the shoe with her. It had tucked its wings and had stopped fighting her.

Jason was waiting for her at the beach. He looked irritated which only made her smile. “Give me my shoe back.”

“Surrender first then I will.”

The staff in his hand changed to a sword. She reached for hers and that’s when the shoe went wild. Wings spurted from the sides and it tried to fly out of her hand back to its owner. She tugged it backwards, but for a shoe it was strong. Jason charged her and turned his sword to hit her with the flat of the blade. If she wanted to keep ahold of the shoe, she would have to get hit. Otherwise, she had to let go.

As much as she didn’t want to do it, Rebecca released the shoe where it zoomed away. She drew her sword just in time to block Jason. She pushed him away. He backed off to give her some space. Her arm ached and she knew sword fighting wouldn’t help her. Tricking was the only way and trying to trick a son of Hermes was hard. Jason’s shoe came flying back to him and landed by his foot. He slipped it on and tied the laces, but his brown eyes never left watching her.

“How about we call it truce?” Rebecca offered.

“You know I can beat you any day.”

Jason took off into the air and disappeared from sight. Either he really was running away or he was going to trick her. Probably try to capture her himself. She decided to go with another plan that entered her mind.

She took off her sword and armor and left them on the beach. She headed into the forest with only her knife. She headed back towards the cliff feeling very prone from behind. She listened intently. Any moment now… There was the sound of tiny wings heading her way. She waited until he got closer and closer then… she dropped flat to the ground, rolling over onto her back. She slipped her foot under a root to use for holding her in place. Jason swooped down to pick her up, but she was ready. As he grabbed her arm, she grabbed his and yanked. Using the root to keep her in place, she pulled him right out of the air, flinging him onto his back, and knocking the air right out of him. He groaned in pain. Rebecca moved quickly over to him and took off his shoes first. She placed the knife under his chin.

“Surrender now?”

Jason groaned in annoyance then raised his hands finally giving up.


Depending on whose story Kitkatgirl200 chooses, a team captain is being captured. Your team can place that person on the map by your flag to be guarded or in Blue Team’s case, you can move the ‘prisoner’ with you to Line 1. It’s all up to you. Just let me know after a story is chosen and I’ll update the map.
Do not worry! After the next challenge, the team will get a chance to either rescue their captain or the captain will get a chance to escape! They will have zero contact with their team. Good luck!

Hey, I'm Rebecca! I'm a writer, an avid hiker, and rock climber. I love writing, from PJM posts to stories. Anything you want to know, just ask.

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