Jazzy Hippy Music, Dying Chipmunks, and Music Snobs: We Analyze the Sea of Monsters Soundtrack

Jazzy Hippy Music, Dying Chipmunks, and Music Snobs: We Analyze the Sea of Monsters Soundtrack

Kitkatgirl200, LivelySparrow97, and Rebecca King analyzed the Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters soundtrack. At the end, we would love to hear your opinion. You can listen to the soundtrack samples as you read at Soundcloud.com.


(We see a green, shaded clearing in the middle of a forest. In the middle sits a squirrel eating a nut, bathed in a single beam of sunlight.)

*Documentary voice*

And now we see the squirrel in it’s natural habitat.

(Squirrel lifts its head, looking around)

It appears to be sensing a disturbance…

(BOOM. Mrs. O’Leary! The forest is chaos! Squirrels fly everywhere!)

OH NO! There is only one squirrel who can save the day!

(From the forest, a figure appears through the murky smoke. It’s KIT. Alive and well and perfectly human; aside from one thing – a squirrel tail.)

And thus Kit makes her triumphant return from the underworld, with one sole purpose in life…Which may or may not have anything to do with getting back at Louis. (I have a squirrel tail, I think a little bit of revenge is acceptable.) On with the music!

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Soundtrack

1. Thalia’s Story

LivelySparrow97: This song is tinged with so much emotion, its saddening and inspiring at the same time. You can nearly feel Thalia’s pain and her heroic effort to save her friends.

Rebecca: It sets the start of a journey with a sad tone.

Kitkatgirl200: This starts out with an ‘epic’ kind of sound then seems to descend to a darker note. I can almost see the title card, then a cut to a dark forest, and a girl running for her life… (Oooo dramatics!) Unlike Louis and Rebecca, I don’t think it sound particularly sad, more foreboding.

2. Percy At The Lake

Rebecca: Based off of the Half-Blood Network, we know Percy is at the lake trying to talk to his dad. I can really feel his sadness/disappoint of emotions in this song.

LivelySparrow97: You’re right Rebecca. There is a unique sadness in this song, like someone reaching out to distant person.

Kitkatgirl200: It has a very lonely feeling to it. The (what I suppose are) violins towards the end of the sample almost sound like a message, or an emotion, seeking someone out, but not finding them and coming back. Sorta like a…boomerang.

3. Colchis Bull

LivelySparrow97: The heart-pounding music really suggests this is going to be one very action-packed scene. The urgency is well depicted, seeing that its the first time the border has been breached.

Rebecca: I really liked the action feel to this. Its perfect for the scene! Music really helps set the scene and this will do great!

Kitkatgirl200: From what I’ve heard, this score seems to favor the strings. Drums in the background of this as well.

4. The Shield Is Gone

Rebecca: Its very ominous!

Kitkatgirl200: This track, always veering upwards then falling just as it’s about to reach greatness, not only sounds eerie, but mournful. A very dynamic piece.

LivelySparrow97: The soft feminine vocal sounds add a very mysterious and ethereal quality which gives the whole piece a sort of sound of “expectation”. The music builds in such a way as to suggest something is about to happen. I agree with Kit, the song also has a sort of mournful tone.

Rebecca: You two sound like music snobs and hear I am pretty much saying, “Pretty music!!” as if I’m Tyson.

Kitkatgirl200: We don’t sound like music snobs, we are music snobs.

5. The Oracle’s Prophecy

Rebecca: We’ve heard it with the clip off of the Half-Blood Network and it really goes well with the storytelling of how Kronos was defeated.

LivelySparrow97: This is one of my favorite tracks. The music builds in a threatening sinister way. And agreeing with Rebecca, the dark (nearly Lord of the Rings scale music) compliments the story of Kronos’ rise and defeat beautifully.

Kitkatgirl200: The beginning kinda sounds like…breathing. And there seems to be a clicking too, makes me think of bugs. *shivers*

6. Cursed Blade Shall Reap

Kitkatgirl200: Ooo, more strings! How surprising. Is that a flute? My mom plays the flute. It makes me think of a long montage of time passing. The steady rhythm of the violins sound like a ticking clock.

LivelySparrow97: The light fluttering flute really blends well with the strings. Also, the building of the music to louder, more epic sounds, seems to be a recurring theme in this soundtrack.

Rebecca: This is fun as it sounds like the beginning of an adventure!

7. Wild Taxi Ride

Rebecca: As crazy as this sounds, this reminds me of someone playing with pots and pans.

LivelySparrow97: This is the most scatterbrained track I have ever heard! I love the frenzied insanity!

Kitkatgirl200: This sounds like something from the Cat in the Hat ride at universal… It is definitely scatterbrained. Although unlike Louis, it just made me dizzy.

LivelySparrow97: See, I like things of the “Alice in Wonderland” psychotically trippy vibe, especially in music…..even if it makes me dizzy. Sometimes its fun not to know which way is up and which way is down.

Kitkatgirl200: I do too, it still makes me dizzy though.

8. Hermes

LivelySparrow97: This song almost has a curious tone to it. Like a “Tom and Jerry” sort of feel (except for that random bit that sounds like soft jazzy hippy music).

Kitkatgirl200: The beginning sounds like a song you’d march too. Jazzy hippy music? It does have a bit of a calm swing after the military bit, but not hippy.

Rebecca: I agree with the “Tom and Jerry” feel to it! It reminds me of someone trying to sneak up.

9. Hippocampus

Kitkatgirl200: Oh does this take me back… It sounds like something from Seaworld!

LivelySparrow97: Seaworld? I’m getting Narnia-esque vibes from the beginning.

Kitkatgirl200: Louis, have you ever been to Seaworld?

Rebecca: Honestly, I’m getting neither Seaworld or Narnia. For some odd reason it reminds me of chipmunks!

Kitkatgirl200: Chipmunks? You two are just full of surprises.

Rebecca: I can just picture two of them running up a tree!

Kitkatgirl200: All I can picture is a chipmunk pulling one of those Titanic moves. Fur flying in the wind, going unwittingly to it’s death. *splash*

10. Onboard the Yacht

Kitkatgirl200: Definitely villain music. The use of shrill strings and horns are almost a movie score cliche. Some do it better than others, I can’t decide which one this is though.

LivelySparrow97: Gotta love the sounds of impending doom then the heart-thumping fast action sounds that follow.

Rebecca: And I agree with both of you!

11. Wave Conjuring

Kitkatgirl200: More Seaworld music! This entire score seems to have a very quirky sound to it, especially in the first few seconds of this track. Then it goes full out Shamu! I imagine that if this was a Seaworld track, the audience in the first couple rows would be very wet.

Rebecca: I agree with you on the Seaworld feel to it this time! It feels like you’re on a water ride.

LivelySparrow97: It does have an aquatic sound to it. Towards the end of the preview it even has some hints of The Lightning Thief’s score.

12. Sea Of Monsters

Kitkatgirl200: This is one of my favorite tracks, and stands out greatly. It has this sense of wonder and majesty to it. There is also a twinkle of relief to it. Like they’ve finally made it. I’m always so sad when it ends. I can’t wait to hear the whole thing!

Rebecca: Its kind of sad. I wonder if Tyson disappears…

LivelySparrow97: Here is another one of those emotional tracks with that inspiring sound. Some of it reminds me of Mulan’s soundtrack.

13. Belly Of The Beast

LivelySparrow97: Oh the horror of being pulled into Charybdis!

Rebecca: Kit, you know what it is like to be inside… Is it fitting?

Kitkatgirl200: The music hardly sounds horrifying. Which is exactly what it’s like in there. There’s too much hope in the track. We should feel like the rest of the movie will be them playing cards in the stomach of a massive beast.

Rebecca: The music snob strikes again!

14. New Coordinates

Kitkatgirl200: I assume this is the music that scores the moment we saw in the trailer, with the lines in the water. And the moments afterwards, probably journeying to the island of Polyphemus. It’s an interesting track, with the mix of styles of music. It has a bit more of an electronic feel at the beginning. Then the vocals cut in and it gets more…fluid.

LivelySparrow97: When I was listening to this for the first time and the drums came on, I was like “Woah, that sounds really out of place”. Then after the break in the music and vocals were added to the mix, I actually thought is sounded quite clever.

Rebecca: I liked it. Its very adventuresome.

15. Polyphemus

LivelySparrow97: The brass instruments in this really shine at the beginning, building to the action packed second part. It almost sounds like a chase sequence.

Rebecca: For being about Polyphemus, this one does seem to be a bit too happy even though I do like the fast beat to it.

Kitkatgirl200: It’s wedding music, Rebecca! It needs to be happy! Although whether a song is heart crushing and lonely or victoriously grand, sometimes depends on the scene it is associated with. Yes I’m thinking of a particular song. No, I’m not saying what it is.

16. Thank You Brother

Kitkatgirl200: This is not good. This song worries me, dang it!

LivelySparrow97: I have nothing to say that is worth saying.

Rebecca: Can I agree with Louis on this too? Or am I at my limit?

17. Kronos

LivelySparrow97: I’m very fond of the brass signalling in the more epic music. This almost sounds like a king’s entrance to his throne room with all his viziers watching him epically ascend the throne…..its not until the end of the preview that we begin to get darker, cloudier, more mysterious tones.

Kitkatgirl200: I hear growling in the background. More frantic strings. Drums. Bad guy music. There’s no doubt this’ll be a good one though. It kinda scared me the first time I heard it.

Rebecca: The beginning remind me of “The Mummy” then it goes back to the similar tone of “Cursed Blade Shall Reap”. For being titled Kronos its not very dark nor urgent.

18. Annabeth and the Fleece

Rebecca: I was so happy to see this was on the track as it does mean Annabeth gets injured!

LivelySparrow97: This seems to be hopeful yet sad simultaneously (if that’s possible).

Kitkatgirl200: This is another one of my favorites. The single, long note at the beginning reminds me of waiting for something miraculous to happen. That deep breath in the long moment when the scale could tip either way. Then the music picks up and I can almost see the lines of gold floating around and healing Annabeth. (I know it doesn’t work like that in the book, but who could resist glowing tendrils of golden light?)

19. Resurrection

LivelySparrow97: IAMEVE’s vocals add such a unique ethereal quality to this already beautiful song. I can almost see the triumphant moment when Thalia returns to the land of the living (even though she wasn’t really dead).

Rebecca: I’m assuming this is when the tree is healed. Its a beautiful ending. The threat has past and camp is restored!

Kitkatgirl200: I’m going to assume Louis is right about the vocals. It really is gorgeous. It makes me wonder what the scene itself will look like. I’m really hoping for some lightning. (Woah, self, how poetic) I was going to describe lightning scientifically, but I’m too lazy.

20. Percy Jackson Sea Of Monsters

Rebecca: The whole theme of SoM is an adventure and the song fits the theme perfectly in my opinion, but listen to Kit, she’s a music genius. (Kit denies this, but we all know the truth.)

LivelySparrow97: Rebecca took the words right out of my mouth, so obviously, I completely agree.

Kitkatgirl200: This seems to have shades of many of the different themes. I’m sure that drum at the beginning is when the title shows up. Is there a chorus in the background of this? I think there is. It melds together quite well. It’s another one that I don’t like to end. :(

21. To Feel Alive – IAMEVE

Kitkatgirl200: They should have named this song ‘Haha You’re Dead Because Those are ANGELS Singing’. I suppose it’s no secret that I’m totally in love with this song now, so I’m just gonna say it: I am totally in love with this song. The lyrics are perfect for Thalia’s story. I really love the “A thousand night’s before I wake” part. IAMEVE is an amazing singer, but I’m really ashamed at how long it took me to figure out her name.

LivelySparrow97: The otherworldly feel of this song reminds me of Florence and the Machine. The magical tone of this song is a perfect complement to Thalia’s awakening.

Rebecca: I believe Thalia would love her own song! Its mystical sounding…

Our Favorites/Final Thoughts

Rebecca: My favorite is Colchis Bull. Always my favorite songs have a faster beat to it and this fits it. As an overall for the soundtrack, I did like it and am interested to see how it all fits into a movie. Music really sets the mood for a scene. I’m never a fan of the scenes in movies where there is no music to the action as its dull. Music really helps make scenes 10x better!

LivelySparrow97: My favorites are Colchis Bull, The Oracle’s Prophecy, Wild Taxi Ride, and Resurrection. Sometimes Lockington’s mixes of instruments, vocals, and sounds are really ingenious and really add the right touch to The Sea of Monsters. Overall, I think each song is well fitted to its scene. That’s about it! Cheerio!

Kitkatgirl200: My favorites are Sea of Monsters, Annabeth and the Fleece, and To Feel Alive! I have nothing left to say. Squirrel out.

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  1. seaweedbrainatom - August 10, 2013

    The soundtrack is good. They really are fit for the scenes in the movie. And the movie was a superb! They managed to create their own plot without removing some important scenes from the book. Anyway, do you know the title of the song playing during Percy and Clarisse’s fight in the beginning of the film? My friend tells it is Light ‘Em Up by Fall Out Boy. Thank you. :)))

  2. RELYT - August 1, 2013

    I thought I saw something come out Charybdis

  3. musicluvr (Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena) - July 31, 2013

    The Commentary Trio strikes again!!!!!!!…..Glad to see Kit…er…squirrelgirl back….You Guys (er…Squirrels too) ROCK!!!!!!!!!……I love all these songs!!!!!!!….My fav is To Feel Alive….I totally agree w/ all the comments!!! :D :)

  4. Hannah - July 31, 2013

    My faves are probably Sea of Monsters, Thalia’s Story and To Feel Alive, although I adore them all <3

  5. jason - July 31, 2013

    *looks at kitkats tail* it looks soo real (O_O)

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