Round 1 begins now!

Kronos’ Scythe was created by his mother to kill his father. His own son, Zeus, used it to chop him up into pieces and send him into the depths of Tartarus. It is not only a scythe, but can also turn into a sword also known as Backbiter owned by Luke. It’s made of steel and Celestial Bronze to be able to kill mortals and immortals. Luke used it in The Lightning Thief to rip a portal open and vanish. One hit with it can release lots of energy into a person to severe their soul from their body. Pretty harsh!

Darth Vader’s lightsaber was constructed in the shadow of the Death Star, with Palpatine providing the synthetic lightsaber crystal for the weapon, as well as his own lightsaber to serve as a model. Vader created it to his own fit for his mechanical hand. A lightsaber is very similar to the sword in design. A lightsaber can cut through metal and can be thrown across a room to severe an enemy in half. Vader, however, has never been known to throw his lightsaber even though I believe he would have the power to do so. A lightsaber can deflect lasers when being fired upon. A sword that can cut through metal and be somewhat used as a shield, now that’s a cool weapon!

Now to the fight! This is solely weapon versus weapon without Kronos’ or Darth Vader’s extra powers, the force, or immorality effects.

First we will start them off at a distance… Kronos and Darth Vader are forty feet apart. Kronos stares the masked Vader down with his seemingly glowing gold eyes. Darth Vader twitches for a fight. He breathes in and out. Hal-per. Hal-per. Ready? 3… 2… 1… FIGHT! Darth Vader throws his lightsaber. The red light flashes through the air. Kronos springs forward to run the Sith Lord through. Kronos dodges the lightsaber, missing being sliced in half by only a few centimeters. The lightsaber arcs back around. With Kronos back turned, he doesn’t see it coming and… the lightsaber cuts poor Kronos in half!

It looks like Darth Vader easily won that one! But since Vader has never thrown his lightsaber before and it’s unsure if it requires the force to do so, we’ll give Kronos another chance.

Close combat! This time the two lords are only a few feet apart. This will all come down to skill, no throwing tricks this time. Before we begin, let me back up a bit. We will assume Celestial Bronze can withstand the searing hit of a lightsaber. As mentioned in The Last Olympian, during the battle the sword, Backbiter (also known as Kronos’ scythe), is knocked into Hestia’s hearth. It doesn’t get destroyed inside the hearth even though it gets superheated. It only gets destroyed when Kronos dies. It’s unclear if it was destroyed because he was dead or if Hestia destroyed it with her flames. For the sake of this fight, we’ll go with Celestial Bronze can withstand a lightsaber and won’t be simply cut in half at the touch of the saber. Hopefully, we can all agree on it. If not, leave a comment below.

Okay, let’s fight! Darth Vader strikes first, but with decades and decades of skill behind him, Kronos easily parries it. This continues for a while, with each striking back and forth. It all comes down to skill and since Kronos has been around longer, he defeats Darth Vader! But the fight was hard, even for the Lord of Time!

Kronos wins the close combat! It brings this round to a tie! (See Update) Both villains are equally amazing when it comes to fighting with their weapons. But what about their powers? Come back next Saturday to see them face off their powers!

UPDATE: Due to some disagreements on whether a lightsaber could cut through Celestial Bronze, we had a vote on it. The lightsaber was deemed the winner meaning Darth Vader’s lightsaber can cut through Kronos’ Scythe. Thus it means, Darth Vader wins Round 1!