A Letter to Alexandra Daddario from Vilma Santos

Vilma Santos wrote another letter, this time to the lovely Alexandra Daddario!

Logan Lerman and Alexandra Daddario (4)Dear Alexandra Daddario,

I am a huge fan of yours and you are such an amazing actress that I admire a lot. You are very talented and very pretty. I am so glad you got the part as Annabeth Chase. I love the movie Percy Jackson and my favorite character is Annabeth Chase. I would be so happy if you can give me some tips about acting because I love acting and I would love to try out. Sometimes I daydream that I’m acting with you and with Paloma Kwiatkowski. I love the movie Percy Jackson so much that I am hoping they will do the third movie of Percy Jackson.

I would really love to meet you one day if you come to New York and I would love to talk with you about acting and some questions I have for you. When I put on the first or second movie of Percy Jackson I always like to act as Annabeth Chase because she is my favorite character as well as Thalia Grace. I love to act like her because how she is so brave and cares for her friends at camp. The other reason why I like to act like her is because Thalia and Annabeth have a strong friendship that I really like about them because I have best friends as well. Annabeth and Thalia are my favorite characters not because they are best friends but because they are both brave and they will protect their friends from camp and each other.

Also the cast is amazing as well. And when I act like her I feel like I’m with the cast and with you as well. It feels like I’m having a lot of fun with all of you. I would also love to take a picture with you and have your autograph. It would make my dream and wish come true. When I daydream or dream I’m acting, I imagine we are acting in a school play or in the acting club I joined. I play Annabeth Chase and we act the first, second and third book of Percy Jackson and you are playing Thalia Grace and we take a picture together as our characters, also another picture as our self together.

If they do the third movie of Percy Jackson I will be happy because all of the cast are amazing and I believe them when they are playing their characters. Also if they do make the third movie of Percy Jackson I would love it if the producers can take some pictures of Annabeth and Thalia together, also another one with Percy, Thalia and Annabeth and that they can put it online on the Percy Jackson the movie website and I can print it out and hang it in my room. 🙂 <3, I would also love to act with you for another school play or a play in the acting club I join not just Percy Jackson. I would love to act with you so much about other books. And talk to you. When I watch the movie I feel that the gods and demigods are real. That`s how great the books and movies are.