A Letter to Paloma Kwiatkowski from Vilma Santos

A Letter to Paloma Kwiatkowski from Vilma Santos

Vilma Santos wrote a letter to Paloma Kwiatkowski and here it is!

Paloma Kwiatkowski plays Thalia Grace in the Percy Jackson: Sea of MonstersDear Paloma Kwiatkowski,

I am a huge fan of yours, I love how you act, You are so pretty and very talented I would really love to meet you one day and you are such an amazing actress that I admire a lot. When I saw you at the end of the movie of Percy Jackson and the sea of Monsters, I was so happy because I knew you will make Thalia come to life. She is so brave and cares for her friends that she would sacrifice herself to save them. When I heard you were going to be in the second season of Bates Motel I was excited because I wanted to see you act and when I saw the first trailer of season 2 of Bates Motel, I was so happy, I would really love to meet you one day in New York and ask you questions I have and I was also hoping if you can give me some tips about acting.

I am a huge fan of Percy Jackson books and the movies, the whole cast are amazing. I`m hoping they will make the third movie of Percy Jackson because I would love to see the book come to life and I would love to see how Thalia and Annabeth friendship is strong and they are my favorite character not because of their friendship but because they are both brave and protect their friends no matter what and they care for each other. Also I would love if the producer can take some pictures of Thalia and Annabeth together, also with Percy, Thalia and Annabeth and post it on the Percy Jackson the movie website if they are going to make the movie, and I can printed it out and put it up in my room.

Sometimes I imagine I`m acting with you and Alexandra Daddario, I like to put on the movie and act as if I was Annabeth and when I feel like I`m in there with the amazing cast and I feel that I`m hanging out with you guys. Alexandra Daddario does an amazing job as Annabeth Chase and I am so happy they chose the best cast to bring the books of Percy Jackson to life. I am so glad you got the part of Thalia Grace. When you responded to my tweet, I was so happy and excited that I couldn`t believe it. I would love it if I can take a picture with you and have your autograph. It would make my dream and wish come true. When I daydream or dream I`m acting with you, I imagine it that we are doing a school play or where I joined the acting club. We are acting the first, second and third book of Percy Jackson and you are playing Thalia Grace.

I would love it if they do the third movie of Percy Jackson because all of the cast are amazing and I believe them when they are playing their characters :) <3 I imagine you are dressed up as Thalia and I`m dressed as Annabeth and we take a picture together and we also take another picture as our self. I would also love to act with you for another school play or a play in the acting club I join and not just Percy Jackson. I would love to act with you so much. And talk to you. When I watch the movie I feel that the gods and demigods are real that`s how great the books and movies are.

From: Vilma Santos: @annabethrules

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